Sunday, January 24, 2010

Campo De Fiore Sweaterdress on a Saturday and a (Twinned) Striped Sunday!!!

I promised Cate all the way in last week that I would wear my Campo de Fiore Sweaterdress for her on Wednesday, this blog-o-versary week. Well, I couldn't because of a MISERABLE migraine, so I decided I would extend the blog-o-versary celebrations into this weekend, and wear the sweaterdress yesterday, January 23, 2010. I also put a poll out there...which outfit of the sweaterdress did you prefer, the lighter, white and grey based outfit, or the darker, black-centered outfit? Well, in a MAJOR landslide (worse than the landslide that the OTHER Emma outfit won by in the polyvore contest that I sent a set into) the black outfit won. And so it was to under the sweaterdress on a Saturday. :)

And here is the polyvore of what I wore. I did not wear the Metropolitan Ankle Boots, because, well, you all know I am not crazy, right? We were going to take the kids to the National Mall to go to the Natural History Museum and honestly, after and hour, my feet would have been killing me had I not worn my pretty (almost as nice) Naturalizer boots instead.

Dress: Size Medium.
Top: Size Medium.
Tights: Size Medium-Tall.
Shoes: Size 9.
Necklace: Scattered Glass Necklace. I LOVE this necklace. I find a reason to wear it at least three times a month. J. Crew should bring it back.

The black under the dress worked so well. What a great outfit. I was hesitant, but as HeidiG. pointed out, this would be a catsuit like effect under the dress, so it wouldn't look weird. And it didn't. Some sweet old man said that I was very colorful, and I think he meant it as a compliment. He also said that CW was colorful and you don't usually run around mocking people you don't know, right, especially babies???

And here is the fam at the museum. Although this pic looks serene and sweet, it is deceptive. I only broke down two or three times over my kids' behavior, but in my opinion, once is more than enough. Plus, the people. SO MANY PEOPLE. For an anthropology major, I sure am a dedicated misanthrope. :P

And today...I twinned it up with CW. And this time it wasn't even on purpose, really! Mr. Dina bought CW a whole bunch of clothes at Target last week, and one of the items, her top today, matches one of my tops almost exactly. A top I bought over a year ago. Great minds and all, I suppose.

Oh, and in the annals of Polyvore, I have never had such an easy time finding items on-line to clip. Every item I was wearing today was ridiculously easy to find on the Internet, including the year old short turtleneck AND the Lofli jeans from TWO years ago. I wish it was always this easy!!! :)

Top: Junior's Size Large.
Jeans: Size 30 Long.
Shoes: Size 10.

Oh, my goodness, the pic is too sweet. Just matchy enough, but not enough to make anyone (except the most jaded of you--and if this is the case--why are you even looking at my blog?) puke. ;)

And one more. BTW, I got these jeans for a SONG at Anthro about two years ago...something like $40. From what I understand, that is a pretty good price.

Oh, and because I do so enjoy beating a dead horse with a stick...and will continue to do so until my quest is complete...if any of you in my world have a size 8, 10, or 12 of this wonderful Liberty top from J. Crew, would you please consider selling it to me??? I SO LOVE THIS BLOUSE. And persistence does pay off, supposedly.

P.S. I have commented back on the last few posts, so please do look if you have left me a comment lately!


GingerSnap said...

Awww! I love the Campo on you! I can't wait to wear mine too :) I definitely agree that the black worked well underneath...I will probably pair mine with black too. You look great and I'm so happy to see you wear this pretty pretty dress :)

HeidiG said...

Love the Campo - the all black underneath is very sleek. And from an old guy - colorful is definitely a compliment - my grandmother always loved it when we wore "yummy" colors - I think it's a generational thing.

You and CW are just too darn cute with the matchy stripes. How fun!!

Must catch up soon!!!

Summerilla said...

Love the Campo dress on you! It's very close to how I styled mine when I went to see hair in NYC - I'm not surprised the black won by a land slide because I think this is really the best way to style it. I worn mine with thick leggings though and I think a thick tight is much better. Do you remember how it was styled in the catalog? I just wish it wasn't see through so it could be worn along in the spring without the layers.

Heidi was right it does give the cat suit look so it goes very nicely.

Glad you had a great weekend - you and CW look adorable in your matchy shirts.

Kathy said...

I love seeing you and CW match! Seashell and I *used* to dress in matching Lilly! No more, so enjoy it while it lasts, no matter what anyone says!

The Campo is beautiful!

Debye said...

Like evryone else, I just love that dress on you and the all black underneath works perfectly!

p.s. The coordinating stripes mother/daughter look is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love the matching outfits. You baby is so cute! I love her hair style.


The Chic Chauffeur said...

There is a liberty print jacket on sale at JC for over 1/2 off.... enter 14902 item #...... Sorry I can't help you with the shirt.....

Meme said...

You looked great in the Campo and I loved the necklace that you paired with.

Still have not pulled the trigger on the Tangled Treasure Necklace. Need $150 in sale items and I am having trouble getting there. I grabbed a couple of things early in the sale and there hasn't been much else I've been coveting.

Cate said...

so cute! Love the black under the dress. you and CW are so cute!

dinagideon said...

Hi, everyone!

Gingersnap: I am so looking forward to you wearing the Campo. I know it is going to be amazing on you!

HeidiG.: You know what? My Great-aunt loves me in colors, too. She is who initially turned me onto colors way back in 1994. (I was the neutral queen back joke.)

Summerilla: I linked to the post of you wearing it in the post I did yesterday (1/26/10). I feel like such a heel for forgetting to put it in this post. I LOVED how this was styled in the catalog. Just the dress, some vachetta sandals in brown, and the cabachon necklace. I plan on doing that look when it warms up. (And I will wear a slip!)

Kathy: I am going to milk this mommy-daughter matchy thing until she is too old and starts fussing with me. ;) I don't give one patooty if other people think it is "out of touch" or "hopelessly unfashionable." To them I say "LOOSEN UP."

Debye: Thank you. The outfits felt great!

S.: Yes, baby CW is at the unfortunate "mullet" stage which, when combined with the current 80s fads in children's clothing, seems to work well together. Ah, my little Joan Jett. :)

The Chic Chauffeur: Oh, you are such a doll for finding that for me. I actually bought that back in May. For almost full price. Sigh. That jacket is one of the reasons I wait a while to wear some things...I do not want to see something I paid a lot of money for go down in price by nearly 2/3ds. Tees and pants? No big deal. Everything else, I wait...if after a three week period it hasn't gone down, I will wear it, and if it has gone down, I reorder and then bring back the original. Now I am even holding off on many things because of this!!!

The jacket, for all my angst, is great, and at that price is a steal!!!

Meme: I got the necklace last night and I adore it. I paired it with a U-neck tank in black and the way the necklace sits on my chest is wonderful. Less mess and more interesting that it would appear. If you can get the cart to the right amount, definitely try the necklace. Hope that helps!

Cate: And thank you for suggesting the Campo for me to wear!!!