Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blushed Tweed Pencil Skirt and a Frances on a Friday!!!

First, before I go into my tale of debauchery (not really, but it felt like that to me), I want to remind you that I have a list of links on my sidebar to "Help Haiti." I have received extra links to add, so keep looking, and if you can help in any way possible, I thank you!

Second, I have one of my Polyvore sets in a contest over at the very fab blog "What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?" Emma Pillsbury is the guidance counselor over at the show Glee who is very likely to show up for work in pencil skirts and frilly blouses, i.e. the very epitome of lady-like. Since Emma is a character who reminds me a bit of my alter-ego (very much neglected of late...sigh) Mid-Century Mom, it was obvious that I needed to send a few of my polyvores over to this other blog to be in the game of "What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?" Well, sadly for my polyvore set, it is against a set with a skirt that has a bow. And if you know Emma Pillsbury you know she loves herself a good bow!!! So head on over and vote in this fun contest, better yet, become a follower of that blog so you can join in future frivolity (including the time in the future when my set won't go down in's actually okay, I think the other set is REALLY EMMA)!!!

Onto my outfit (and debauchery) from last night. In this post I said I would wear the blushed tweed pencil skirt for Chanel Fashionista and the Frances Cami for Debye on Friday. And that is exactly what I did. I had a ladies night out, so I wanted to splash out, even though all I would be doing is chilling with some of Mr. Dina's co-workers and wives of Mr. Dina's co-workers (who are all amazing ladies, and when told of this blog, and of all the other awesome JCA/Boden centered blogs, were very,very intrigued). Regardless, I was insanely excited to go out in this outfit. And what made this outfit even more fun? Wearing it while drinking really great red wine. Thank you, Megan, awesome tasting South African wine. (And thank you, Miss Leigh, for providing us a perfect place to drink said wine!) (And by now you have guessed why I didn't post this last night, right??? I was definitely a bit "drunk" Dina. Mr. Dina was kind enough to drive me there and back...)

The polyvore is accurate. I even will do a tiny, itsy-bitsy review of the tangled treasure bracelet (which is in final sale and is the reason I bought it).

Cardigan: Size Medium.
Top: Size Petite 8.
Skirt: Size 6.
Belt: Size Small-Medium.
Shoes: Size 10.

I like the play on proportion...with the tight pencil skirt, the shorter ruffly cami, and the l-o-n-g forever cardigan. It feels feminine, but not too over the top. I think heels would have been too much, as well. The flats feel better for a ladies night out at a house. :)

Here is my little lady. She did not have a ladies night out, but her shoes are very cute, no?

The tangled treasure bracelet is not nearly as scary in real life as you would imagine it would be. Based on the photos on (which I can't find because it appears sold-out; if the pics come back, I will update this post). I was a bit nervous, but figured I could work it somehow. The dangly bits are definitely "dangly," but I love the beads and mix of chains and pearls. I have also ordered the tangled treasure necklace (hello 30% off final sale--awesome), and have a feeling I will love it, but I imagine that will be a harder sell than the bracelet. I love a great statement necklace, but the tangled treasure necklace may be too much for 98% of JCAs out there.

My action shot. HeidiG. mentioned to me that it is hard to pose with an open cardigan, and she is right, so I looked on-line and saw that in all the photos of models wearing an open cardigan, they had one hand on their hip holding back part of the placket on one side of the cardigan. I think this flatters a woman's shape nicely. I may have to do more of these "action shots" in the future.

Ta-Ta, all. Tomorrow is the Campo dress (equals success--black looked GREAT under it) and maybe some Boden try-ons??? We'll see!!!


Janiece said...

want that top and now that skirt so bad! super cute!!

Eleanor said...

You look great Dina!!!
Love that tweed skirt - and the color of the ruffle top is such a great color for you!

DEA said...

What a cute picture of you and your daughter, so adorable!! The outfit - divine!!

MMM said...

Lookin' good Dina! ;)
Sounds like you had a fantastic time!!

HeidiG said...

Love the outfit. The reason the hand on the hip shots work with an open cardi is that it shows off the waistline, creating a smaller silhouette. I can't believe Miss Defined-Waist didn't get that on her own, but whatever...I live to serve. :)

Can't wait to see the tangled treasures necklace when you get it - I'm sure it will be fab on you!

And can't wait to see the campo tomorrow!

Elizabeth in MO said...

The outfit is fabulous on you and what a fabulous night you had!

Meme said...

You look great! And you've ordered the Tangled Treasures Necklace! Can't wait to hear what you think of it. I've been hovering over that necklace like a moth to a flame for a couple of weeks. Price plus uncertainty has kept me from checking out with it in my basket.

Then again maybe I ought to just take the plunge ... its not going to get any less risky!

JulieStyles said...

Hey Dina,
Can you tell me if you have a pic of you wearing the micro sequin cardi. I'm on the fence - how many shiny sweaters can one girl have....thanks,

Debye said...

I love that skirt with the frances top and the long cardigan.....perfection! Thanks for modeling my two picks this week, it was fun to see you style them!

Glad to hear you had such a great time!

Erin said...

Great colors! They're really flattering on you.

BTW, got my Boden spring order (well, most of it). Have you got yours yet? Going to post on it? Sizing seems fine, by the way. All UK 14, which is what I normally order. So I guess now you order U.S. sizes, but the garments still have U.K. sizes on them.

Anonymous said...

Love the skirt! I read your blog everyday but first time to comment. Will you be doing a review for the Ravine Wool Dress?



Cleo26 said...

I like this outfit Dina. Love the shoes and belt. Are they JCrew?

dinagideon said...

Hi, all! It was a really fun time, and I am so glad I got to share it with you...

Chinese Food is almost here, and the Saints are commencing play, so I will keep this brief...

HeidiG.: Yes, (smacks head), that is what it does!!!

Meme: Maybe I will get the package early enough to help you all out? The sale is over on the 27th, so I can try to post a quick pic or two if I can (J. Crew--L'burg isn't that far away--let's move it for Meme). :)

JulieStyles: I wore it with the Carly a few weeks ago. The link is here:
I think I will add a search feature (a la JCA) soon, that could help you all out... :)

Erin: I have received most of it and yep, the sizing is pretty much the same, and you bet I am going to post pics and more of it all. ;) Wouldn't be a Boden Aficionada if I didn't!

S.: Your wish is my command (did it today, Sunday 1/24/10).

Cleo26: They are...they are the Lulu flats from last fall? I bought them on ebay just a few weeks ago. :) Belt is also J. Crew, last winter, root, wide patent?

Summerilla said...

Love this outfit you look amazing - sounds like you had a great time out. I might have over indulged with some wine last night myself!

I bought the same bracelet a couple of weeks ago - I've been wearing it a lot this week. I love it. I considered the necklace but was worried it might be too much - do you have the necklace?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be down... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please answer to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at could post it.


dinagideon said...

Which link are you looking for? Let me know and I will do what I can to find it! :) Thanks!