Monday, January 18, 2010

So, Guess What I Get to Wear This Week...Plus, We Have a Winner...

A Week's Worth of Items I MUST Wear...
A Week's Worth of Items I MUST Wear... by dinagideon featuring J Crew

If you see your item, it means that you were most likely a "winner," even if that only means that I will wear the clothing item you chose when I had the giveaway post a few days ago. (Although many people chose the blushed tweed that will remain a mystery on who chose it until you read the results.)

But first, who gets to wear the warm, J. Crew Collection cashmere hat??? That would be--CAROL!!! #14 was picked randomly of the 31 entries, and that was you!!! I will e-mail you soon to get your address. Congratulations!!!

Onto the 2nd place through 6th place "winners."

2nd--#5, Janiece...her item of choice, the Anthropologie Tutu top which I am going to wear tonight...already have the polyvore created.
3rd--#31, Tiffany Rose (I included you, although not EST, PST is fine)...her item of choice, J. Crew's Winnie Coat which I will wear will be warm tomorrow, but eh, it's fine, I'll just wear it with a cami. :)
4th--#2, Cate...her item of choice, the Campo de Fiore dress which I will wear Wednesday...this should be interesting...I don't know if I am even leaving the house that day, but this should be fun being all dressed up, maybe I can do a mid-century mom chore that day by bending the rules to include the 70s in the mid-century time period, I will channel Carol Brady that day.
5th--#12, Debye...her items of choice, the Fresco tunic and the Frances cami...I will wear the tunic on Thursday and the Frances in rose on Friday because it pairs perfectly with...
6th--#15, Chanel Fashionista...her item of choice, the blushed tweed pencil skirt...will be worn on Friday, have evening plans, would be fun to get dressed up for my movie night with the girls.

That is all. Thank you all for humoring me!!! This will be a lot of fun, I am sure! :)


HeidiG said...

Fine...whatever...keep avoiding the lame outfit.... ;)

Em said...

I can't wait to see the Campo di Fiore dress. I loooove it but have never actually seen it on anyone.

Carol Elizabeth said...

Dina -

Thanks so much! I look forward to wearing it. It's even getting cold here in L.A. Well, cold to us.

I love your blog, and can't wait to see your readers' choice outfits!

Carol Elizabeth
(Got the Google name working again!)

Chanel Fashionista said...

nice choice
I think I am going to wear mine this week as well!

GingerSnap said...

Oh the Campo Dress! I have it too, but I haven't busted it out this season yet :) I can't wait to see how you style it!

tiffany rose said...

Oops, meant to keep you from freezing your tutu off when I picked the Winnie ;) thanks for including me, even if I'm in the wrong time zone. Can't wait to see what you come up with this week!

dinagideon said...

Hi, all!!!

HeidiG.: Lame or Lame'? JK. ;)

Em: Ooh, I have a pic of me wearing it in March, I think...I bet it will fit better tomorrow (which I am super-excited about it)!

Carol Elizabeth: YAY! No worries on the anon. posting thing, I love 99.95% of my anon. commenters, so I was more than happy if an anon. won...but good to know you have a blogger profile! :)

Chanel Fashionista: Ooh, will you post pics if you do??? :)

GingerSnap: Well, teehee, snap to it! Maybe casual friday with a pair of skinny trousers underneath? I could see that being precious on you!

Tiffany rose: Oh, I see, well, it's okay...the AM temps were a bit chilly, but by noon the temps had risen to 61, so I had to take it off...I knew you would understand...I got a lot of compliments on in some way, I was okay with wearing it!!! :)

Summerilla said...

I'm excited to see how you style the campo dress - I have mine and I've only worn it once. It's quite see through so it definitely needs layering and every time I layer things underneath it, it just doesn't look right.