Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Subbing Mom Monday (in Red) and SAHM Tuesday (in Green)...

Kind of a boring post today. The first two photos are of the outfit I wore on Monday to go substitute teach. I was also walking home, which is why the pants and shoes are so. darn. practical. Plus it was "winter warm" on Monday (high was near 70), so I didn't want to be too hot on my walk home. All mindful and practical...the Sartorialist would have kicked my butt.

He wouldn't have even bothered to look at me on Tuesday, which was yesterday, and the day I decided that shades of green, grey, and black were for me. Now, I was taking Rex to preschool, and I was going to be switching into yoga pants for my yoga class, so I can't be expected to have completely brought it, right? Or am I just kidding myself, and I should have been full-on pencil skirt, heels, pretty blouse, cardigan, belt, earrings, etc.? Ha. Not a chance.

So without further discussion, I bring you...

Subbing Mommy in Red...

Sweater Jacket: Size Medium. This is from the September 2007 Paris Catalog, page 15 (yes, I have memorized the page). Swoon over the original catalog image here.
Tee: Size Small. Discussed here.
Pants: Size 8.
Shoes: Size 10.

Baby CW is all sleepy. We hadn't even changed here into her outfit for the day yet. Gah, babies who are sleepy-looking always do me in...especially when they rub their eyes, TOO PRECIOUS.

Outfit with just the tee. I love this tee. The abstract floral in neon is just awesome. I know some of you don't like the color, but this is just the right amount of "ping" for me. Especially when dealing with Monday morning 7th-graders, they will be drawn like moths to the brightness.

(I know all you middle-school teachers know what I am talking about. Grade school teachers also have the same experience. I think it is once you get to high school when what you wear to teach doesn't really matter--the kids are less looking at you and much more looking at each other...hormones and all. Although 8th-graders probably do the same thing...don't have much experience with them.)

SAHM in Green...

Cardigan: Size Small. Any styling ideas for this Talbot's cardi? I am leaning to buttoning it up and wearing it with a pencil skirt, but I am looking for other ideas. Thank you for any help you can give!!!
Top: Size X-Small (J. Crew's cotton-modal tops run HUGE).
Pants: Size 8. BTW, the other button fell off these pants. So glad I sewed the original one that fell off back on...needed that one when the second of two fell off. If I didn't love these pants as much as I do, they would so be going back.

Shoes are the same as above.

Lastly...I received the Tangled Treasure Necklace and even though it looks like it would be a HOT MESS, it is not. I love it. I plan on wearing it tonight with a sequined tank from Target and the watercolor leopard cardigan. It looked wonderful with the tank (which is black). The necklace isn't so avant-garde that people will come up to me and go, "my goodness, woman, what is that THING around your neck?" I anticipate it will be right at home with my collection of statement necklaces (which I think J. Crew does incredibly well). So you all know, almost all of my jewelry from J. Crew is bought on super-sale. If you can wait for a good price, I would say their jewelry is worth the plunge. Having said that, slight jewelry (single chain necklaces with pendants, thin bracelets, etc.) get lost on me. I do wear them, and do love the ones I own, but I find that the larger pieces that J. Crew and Banana Republic make suit my frame very nicely.

Okay, that's all. Have a fantastic afternoon.


amy kelinda said...

Aww, I've always loved that little sweater jacket! You look so adorable in it too! As for the comfy shoes and comfy pants, if you were walking a lot, then NO, I should hope that no one expects you to be in full "going out for a day in the town" gear! And I've totally worn my gym clothes to run errands right before I hit the gym, haha! It only makes sense, right?

I agree with you on "lighter" jewelry getting lost. I have the same problem, so I love big rings and big necklaces! I can't wait to see some IRL pictures of your new necklace!

DaniBP said...

I think you are doing very well dressing for your many responsibilities! I really like that green cardi, it would be great with navy and white?
I agree completely re JC statement necklaces. I have a couple I bought cheapie and they have become very essential to my daily outfits.
Can't wait to see the Tangled Treasure, if I wasn't banning myself I would have bought it this past week, so I'm looking forward to living vicariously!! ;)

AppGal said...

Pretty Talbot's sweater. I think it would look good with a dark denim pencil skirt, but I do like the way you styled it.

Agreed that sleepy babies are the absolute cutest. Especially when they look all confused and grumpy. Come to think of it, my husband looks that way STILL when he wakes up...haha.

Meme said...

Argh, I so envy you for getting the Tangled Trearsure necklace. I went to order it after my last post and it was sold out in the crystal! (That's the color I assumed you got ... .) Now I am sitting on the fence about the "black" version that looks more "cola" than black.

So glad you are pleased with it. I bet you get a ton of wear out of it.

dinagideon said...

Agh, quickly, before I leave. Meme...I bought the black version. It is more "cola," but I prefer the darker beads. :) Just my two cents. I think the darker beads are great for winter!

Okay, gotta go!!!

Emily said...

I LOVE the red sweater jacket on you! Cute, cute, cute. Re JC statement necklaces- they are always the pieces that I don't think I would like but I some how manage to talk myself into buying and then they become my go to pieces. Funny how that happens.

Slastena said...

Dina- Sophie in red is so becoming on you! And that burst of colors from peeking tee- delightful! As usual- beautiful set and beautiful babe at hand!:)

Slastena said...

Dina- Sophie in red is so becoming on you! And that burst of colors from peeking tee- delightful! As usual- beautiful set and beautiful babe at hand!:)

Anonymous said...

Oh look at little CW, she is cute and adorable, just like her momma!
I cannot wait to see the Tangled Treasure Necklace in action. I am a bit of a control freak so this necklace would drive me nuts but I think it is a pretty piece of jewelry. And I do agree with you, I love how you can carry some of the statement pieces that JCrew or Banana Republic make. You always look fabulous when you were these wonderful necklaces.

Meme said...

So the beads are brownish, not black. That's helpful The color description was throwing me for a loop. Black but I thought I was seeing brown.

Thanks for being so sweet about providing info!

Real Working Mom of OC said...

I would love to see some IRL pics of the tangled treasure necklace and how you will style it. I bought one, too (crystal color). I do love it, but am debating about keeping it only because I'm wondering if it is too much gold for me. Please show us yours! :)

dinagideon said...

Hi, all! Great ideas and thoughts, as always...I need them for sure! :)

Rosa: I am such a control freak about sequins and the exact right fit, I am surprised I am cool with such ridiculous, over the top necklaces!!! Weird, huh???