Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Tale of a Tunic, a Top, and a Swan Butt Skirt...

First thing...I FORGOT to add links to my last few posts, and I just feel terrible. Both of these lovely ladies have worn outfits or pieces that I had in the posts, and I really want you to go check them out. They looked amazing, of course. :)

Debye reviewed the Boden Knitted Dress and the Textured Cotton Shift here. Summerilla wore the Campo de Fiore sweaterdress here.

Second...I have a great Boden story to tell. I was shopping at Springfield Mall a week or so ago and I was picking up my statement necklace (Boden's from the winter roll-out that I blogged about here) from the repair shop (a minor repair, a connection was broken between two of the bits). We then head to Gymboree to buy CW some winter clothing, and in the midst of me trying to prevent her from shoplifting some tees (they are so sneaky at this age), I threw my bag and envelope (with the necklace in it) on the floor and ran out to grab her and the fifteen tees she five-finger discounted. In the process of all of this, my Campo bag was remembered but not the necklace I had come to the mall for in the first place. :P

The ladies at the store saw the envelope (after we were long gone), saw the Boden info, and called their customer service number, and reported to them that my necklace was at their store. I remembered about fifty minutes later that I had left the envelope in the store and grabbed it...obviously with a million thanks to them, and was on my merry way.

Well imagine my surprise when I get home and Mr. Dina says there was a message from Boden, calling to let us know that our necklace was at the Springfield Mall and that we should go and get it!!! This is AWESOME. I always love J. Crew's customer service, but this is the BEST example of customer service I have ever encountered. Amazing. (Now, if I could just get them to send me the boyfriend cardi I ordered in their sale over 21 days ago, I would be the happiest camper with Johnnie and co. Although knowing Boden, Johnnie himself will go to the FedEx depot here in Alexandria and chew them out for making me wait for my package.) :)

Third...today is a day of three reviews...two are Boden, and one is Urban Outfitters. (I know, Urban Outfitters...it is NOT a typo.) In fact the only thing in any of these photos that is J. Crew is the starfish printed cardigan in the last photo that I bought recently from Mint Condition.

Tunic: UK Size 10R, US Size 6R. I chose to go with a regular as opposed to a long because I don't want the empire seam to hit me at my waist. That would just ruin this tunic for me. I know this is S-H-O-R-T, but I am not planning on wearing this as a dress, this is either a cover-up for my bathing suit this summer or as a tunic this spring.

I think this was the VERY FIRST thing I fell in love with when I saw the Boden Spring Preview all the way back in October. I said it looked very Lilly Pulitzer then, and I stand by my estimation. What a gorgeous print. Does anyone else see the bird in the center of the tunic?

This is linen and prone to wrinkling, but on the plus side, this is a comfortable material that stretches with you and will never confine you. Just lovely for the warmer months of the year.

Printed Tunic available here. This print is currently on a huge backorder, but really, are any of you going to wear this in the next 5 weeks? Well, outside of Ema, who actually is wearing it for real right now. Lucky gal! ;)

Top: UK 12, US 8. I always buy these more fitted tops by Boden in a size UK 12 or US 8 because they are close-fitting, and this is coming from someone without much up top.

I love me some hotchpotch. This is the current variation on the "hotchpotch" theme. This will probably be the only one I buy. The others just aren't singing to me. I do envision this looking darling with sandals and a pair of denim bermuda shorts.

Hotchpotch Top is available here. You can probably wait for a sale. (But once on sale, buy quickly...the hotchpotch and fun skirts always sell first and fast on sale.)

Cardigan: Size Small. Bought for maybe $15. Love consignment shops. :)
Skirt: Size Medium. This skirt was much discussed at gigiofca's Gigi's Gone Shopping. Well, not the Urban Outfitters version, but the Target version. Gigiofca is the one (maybe?) who named it the swan butt skirt. Whatever.

I love this pic, I cropped it just so...wanted you to see just how darling the mini-tiers of fabric look.

But I know you all, and you will prefer a full-length version...so fine, here it is (I am to please):


Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Ruffle Tiered Skirt is available here. They have it styled to sit on the waist. Unh-uh, I am over 14 (contrary to how I feel on the inside), so I placed it on my high hip. It is a much more reasonable version of a mini at this length.

BTW, I am stuck on how I really want to style this skirt. I like it with the cardigan and sandals, and so does Mr. Dina and my dad, but what about you all? Any ideas? Any polyvore addicts feel like taking a go with it???

Hope this helped some of you. If I enabled you, I am truly sorry or truly happy, dependent on how you feel about me enabling you. ;)


Erin said...

I got that tunic as well, but I think mine's going back. Too long (for me) to wear as a tunic with pants, but too short for a dress. If it hit at high thigh instead of lower thigh I'd totally keep it. The fabric, print, and fit are all lovely, just too long.

tastymoog said...

I think the "swan butt" skirt (hehe) would look great with a simple black turtleneck, tights and boots... and maybe a nice statement necklace.

Beth said...

Dina! I am so glad you love your Boden stuff!
The tunic is fab on you!! You look great.Now I want one too!

Beth said...

I am confused ...sorry it's me not you. Too much 6th grade homework ;0
When you ordered your tunic and you selected the size on the grid....which one did you order?? I used to order a Boden 12L or a Boden 12. I am a US 6/8. Depending on the brand.
What do you think???


dinagideon said...

Hey, guys, since I am sitting right here, I can comment back (first time in a long time)!

Erin: Yeah, that stinks. I hate it when I love something and because of some weird seam or hem-line or length, it just doesn't work for my body. Could you maybe take up the hemline?

Tastymoog: Yes. Yes. That would work. :) Thank you. BTW, the current UO catalog reminds me a lot of American Apparel. Ewww. I chose to overlook this fact when ordering from them. I did find some cute, and pretty darn inexpensive stuff, including a fierce zipper necklace. It looks really cool in real life.

Beth: Ooh, I enabled you...teehee. ;) I would say go with your specific measurements. I am short-torsoed and most of my length is in my head, neck, and calves, so I knew the UK 10 Regular (US 6 Regular) would work. Had I been a long-torsoed, short-calved, tall gal, I would have ordered the UK 10 Long (US 6 Long). I know that the longs at boden in the dresses really place the waist pretty darn low, and that is DEFINITELY not my body shape.

When I order pants and skirts, though, I always order longs. My lower-half needs all the extra length.

Since this tunic is fitted on top, buy the size that suits your bustline, so if the US 6 is closer to your measurement, go with that, and if the US 8 is closer, that one is your gal. :)

Anonymous said...

Dina, I love your tunic. So cute! And I am so glad that you recovered your necklace.

jjc said...

Where is CW? :)

Love those Boden newbies and everything - just got my first catalog from Johnnie. May have to check out the 'butt skirt' that seems all the rage - hats off to the enabler!

Pakcola said...

This print in the Tunic is backordered in some sizes for 18 weeks! Strangely its the smallest and largest sizes...

Debye said...

That tunic wa love at first sight for me to but I have added it to my cart then removed it from my cart several times because of the in between length. I had never noticed the bird before....going back in my cart. I have been considering hemming it so I can wear it as a tunic. Looking at IRL, do you think that would work with the cut?

Love the other items to. That swan butt skirt always cracks me up! It is so cute but I don't see myself pulling it off as well as the rest of you!

Beth said...

Thanks! 0;

gigiofca said...

Oh you picked cute beauties. I love the 1st tunic on you & yes I can see the bird. Thanks for pointing it out. Very pretty. I think amy kelinda named it the swan butt skirt. *lol* I like it w/your starfish top. Unexpected & very cute. You're doing it all well!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were able to get ur necklace back!
I love all ur outfits especially the one with the swan skirt :-)

HeidiG said...

Love all the outfits. That tunic is so fun. Love the swan butt skirt - I would wear with a simple fitted tee and sandals...but I do that with everything...except for things I pair with a boyfriend tee. {sheepishly} ok, I'll go now. :)

ps - totally fine to branch off from JC, as long as you continue to provide all the great info!!

Lady Cardigan said...

Yay for Boden! I recently had a very good customer service experience with them, too, and that has helped make me a Boden fan.

amy kelinda said...

Gigiofca caught me - I am guilty as charged for starting up the whole "swan butt" thing. I had no idea that moniker would catch on, haha! You can see how I wore it in this post. I think it goes pretty well with a cardigan!

I love that tunic on you! It would make for a fabulous swim cover-up! The print is so pretty. And WOW to Boden for really taking care of their customers! It's amazing that they called to tell you where you had left it, and also YAY for the owners of the other store for calling Boden's customer service to report it! I love good customer service stories!

gigiofca said...

Dina, I added you to the list of links I have in my post on this. Amy Kelinda, you're in there of course ;-)

dinagideon said...

Hi, Sorry to take so long commenting back!!! Thank you for all your great ideas and comments!

I am going to only answer questions, but I know you all understand!!! :)

jjc: Yes, where is CW??? Maybe she was sleeping? ;)

Debye: I bet you could shorten the tunic without killing the look. Thankfully there wasn't a lot of detail at the hem!

Amy Kelinda: Thank you for the link! I love it on you, and the fullness makes the skirt look very different from the way I am wearing it! I love that people can choose the look that works for them best!

Gigiofca: Swan Butts will continue to rule. Heehee. Now J. Crew has a version, hilarious!