Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boy's Stripe Pocket Slub Tee Goes Out with the Chimera Jacket...

1. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts during our difficult time yesterday. The first floor is an incredible mess now, and it appears that wherever there was laminate flooring there is water damage. So it seems all of the floors (minus the tiled floor) will have to be replaced. The upside is that Mr. Dina really wanted the downstairs wood to match the upstairs wood and now it appears they will. The insurance adjuster came by and was able to assess the damage, so we should be able to salvage things without having to spend an insane amount of money. Thank goodness. By the way, I wanted to let you know that your stories of despair helped in the sense that we are all really there for one another, even if it is just across the web, and not in an actual physical way. I am saying prayers for all of you who have recently had issues, this is a rough month all around, it seems.

2. Speaking of rough all around, this terrible crisis in Haiti has me very sad. It reminds me a lot of what happened in Mr. Dina's (former) neck of the woods when Hurricane Katrina rolled in and destroyed everything in its path. I am thinking that I would like to add links to my sidebar so if people want to contribute financially to the victims of the earthquake they can, but I don't know which organizations are the best to contribute to. I remember people being very upset during Hurricane Katrina because they would send money to a organization only to find out the organization didn't use the money for the purposes they said they would. I would love to get the links up later today (probably tonight), but I need help in identifying the best places first. Thoughts? I will take the links down in a month or so. Clearly some of you won't be able to contribute (we are in a similar situation) but if you want to, I will have the links there, just in case.

3. On a much less philanthropic note, Vera Bradley is killing me. Just when I think, no more. Stop. It. I can't buy anymore of your quilted darling-ness, they come out with another pattern that I am positively swooning over. Peacock did me in originally, then Bali Blue (which I have none of...willpower worked that time), but now Sittin in a Tree? Gah. I don't know that I can resist. The colors, the pattern, the theme, love. LOVE! At least I know that in something like two years it will all go on sale and then I can go crazy. BE. STRONG. STAY AT HOME MOM.

Okay, today's outfit is above in the polyvore. Everything is accurate, except the 7s are dojos not the squiggly lined ones as pictured. Whatevs, 7s are pretty darn awesome, regardless.

I wanted something a little tomboy and a little lady-like. I had to take Rex to preschool and CW to her "Blast off for Babies" class (which she loved, btw--jumping around and playing in a ball pit is like baby crack) so I knew I wanted to be put together but in a very casual sort of way, you know"sweats but better."


Jacket: Size 4. I wore it very dressed up here the last time. Also, yay for weather when this jacket can BE my outerwear. YAY! 50 degrees, baby!

Top: Crewcuts Size 12. I ordered this top (boys crewcuts) after seeing a model in the Jan catalog trying it. Usually size 12 boys is a bit baggy (see this top to see how), but this is pre-washed, so the 12 fit fine. I like the boy's tops because they are not quite as long as some of the women's tops. I agreed wholeheartedly with a JCA who quipped that the tops for women are made for someone flat-chested and long-torsoed. (I only qualify on one of those counts...heaven forbid you be ample-bosomed and short-torsoed.)

For those of you interested in this top, if you are a women's size 0, 2, or small 4, order a Boys 10. If you are a larger 4, 6, or small 8, buy a Boys 12. Do not buy this top if you have a long torso or any bra size bigger than a 36B. Trust me. (I am a 32B/C if that helps any of you all.)

Pants: Size 30.

Shoes: Size 10. These are the crocs that "don't look like Crocs." I must say I do like them but they are not very breathable. :)

Here is the outfit sans Chimera jacket. Now I just look very casual. I liked the outfit with the Chimera, but I know some of you are less than interested in trying out my "unique" combinations, and that is cool. So here it is, on its own. Still looks decent. I cut my head off because I was making a stupid face.

So, I have one more request, especially of those who follow my polyvore sets, etc. I would like to branch out and wear items I have either never worn or haven't worn in a long time next week. Tomorrow I will ask you all to comment on TOMORROW's post with which item or polyvore sets that you would like to see me either wear for the first time OR the first time in a long time. Obviously if you don't have any clue what I am talking about, that is fine...but remember if you do (and you have some desire to have power over what I wear--haha, please please remember it is winter here), wait until tomorrow to post which item/sets you are interested in...


kristin said...

Thank you for mentioning Haiti. I have been to Haiti a couple of times (to help out in medical clinics). The people there are wonderful and in need of so much - always, but especially now.

Here are links to a couple of very trustworty organizations. Both are in Haiti now and doing all they can to help.

Thanks again! Love your blog!

Drewablank said...

Hey! Just wanted to pop by quickly (preparing for a work dinner tonight, argh) and give you a link for something called "Bloggers Day of Action for Haiti"
. It's a post by blogger A Life More Fabulous which includes links to various organizations drumming up support for Haiti you can link up to. And Summerilla's got a post on her blog about Doctors Without Borders, which kristin has mentioned as well.

Cate said...

I agree with the above poster, docs w/o borders is great.

I am also obsessed with vera bradley, but not as much as i used to be. Aside from my bags and makeup cases I do have folders in the paprika pattern that I LOVE. And a tape measure and nail file from santa...

Margot said...

Things will get better, Dina! Hang in there. In regards to Haiti, can I add Wyclef Jean´s charity organization to the list? And, on a lighter note, I am looking forward to your polyvore experiment. Take care.

Lady Cardigan said...

It's good of you to bring attention to the Haiti crisis. I like to donate through Mercy Corps. It is well run, and they don't bombard me with too much mail and unwanted phone calls the way CARE does.

Also, Charity Navigator is a good place to check out charities and see how they use their money:

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, I was so busy yesterday that I did not read your post. I am sorry to hear about the water damage but glad that the insurance will take care of it.

IRL said...

Oh, thanks alot for the photo of you in the boy's tee. I really love the cobalt blue color but was afraid it would be too small across the shoulders. I'm short waisted and a 34b, since we're sharing, so hopefully this will fit me.

Pamela said...

Gosh, I love that jacket. It looks so good on you.

Slastena said...

Dina- so sorry to hear about the water disaster. Please, hang in there- it will be remedied before you know it.
On the You managed to pull a lovely polished look amidst chaos. a sign of true lady. I saw Polyvore first and was very curious to see how it would turn IRL. You did not disappoint!:)
Hugs and blessings your way!

MMM said...

Hang in there Dina!

Thanks for sharing your outfit- so cute!! I love that you can wear the boys crewcuts! ;)

I'm lookin' forward to tomorrow's post!!! =P

amy kelinda said...

I like the striped shirt with the jacket! What an adorable combination! Also, I got a Boden catalog in the mail today and totally thought of you! I may have to place an order... or two... (or three... shhhh...)

On a completely different note, I am so glad that you are all doing better. It is crazy how quickly things can change, and I hope everyone affected by the natural disasters of this month a quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

When I saw this is in the January catalog I wondered how the tee fit, thanks for reviews it looks very nice on you and I love the color.

Happy to hear the insurance adjuster was already there, hoping you have a speedy stress free repair job.

Marietta said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your water damage! I have been MIA from the blogs for awhile, way too much work and stress, but I had foot surgery yesterday afternoon so I am finally forced to slow down! This has been the first time in a few monthe where I am actually blog/web browsing at leisure.... I've been at it for 1.5 hours already! Anyway, I know that the floor damage will be fixed, and in the end I bet you will love the new look! Sometimes the most unexpected messes turn out for the best.... just stay as positive as you always look to be!

Love the outfit on you! I have been debating the silk chimera jacket for months now, but at this point I figured if I haven't snatched it up bu now, then I really don't love it for me. But wow, it looks great on you!!! :-)

Cloggsy said...

Girl, how is it that you put blue stripes together with dusty pink and look fabulous? I have the same jacket and I never once thought to do that! Loving your style sweets!

Beth said...

Cute Dina! Love the stripes on you.
Sorry about the water damage!! Terrible.
Not fun dealing with that stuff.

have a great weekend....come over to say hi and PLEASE do a new Mid century post.


Sweet Tea in Seattle said...

Hi Dina! Sorry to be very OT here... I found the show where I think the actress was wearing the J Crew ruffled printed dress that you had shown in your Real World post. It was True Jackson, VP and the episode was Max Mannequin. This should link to the video clip that shows her wearing the dress. The original air date was 6/13/09. So glad I found it - it was driving me crazy! :) This is it, right? :)

HeidiG said...

Forgot to tell you on today's post - but happy blog-iversary!!!

Such a fun outfit on you. I believe I already discussed on PV why the boy tees just won't work. hehehehe.

Sweet Tea- love the True Jackson link. I remember how funny I thought it was when I saw my JC tee on Jonas. It's about time the tweens caught up with us!! :)

dinagideon said...

Hi, all! Thanks for stopping by and giving me links to groups that can help folks in Haiti. I have posted them on my sidebar, and would love if any of you could contribute in some small way. I hope we can here, as well.

I have some things to do today, so again only answering questions/comments that need answering... :)

IRL: Let me know if it works...I think this is such a fab tee, and wish that more ladies could get it.

Amy Kelinda: Boden's catalogs always, always have me drooling. And they always go somewhere...guess that is the benefit of only having two major roll-outs and two minor roll-outs each year...means more pretty places in their catalog. :)

Marietta: PLEASE do feel better. I am glad you are slowing down, but any problem health-wise is so difficult. Saying prayers for a speedy recovery on your part.

The Chimera jacket is going to linger...I just think it only appealed to a limited number of us. For me I wanted it right away, but AM SO GLAD I it for a great price. If you ever do want it, I am sure it will still be in the sale section. :)

Cloggsy: I feared that this would be a look that everyone despised...really and truly. I just want to think outside the box, and I just know it can be a great thing or a very bad thing. :) Thank you, btw.

Sweet Tea: YES!!! OMG. That is fab, and she looked FAB. I want to try that dress with that belt. Thank you for the link!!!

IRL said...

I received the boy stripe tee. I'm a size 4/small in JCrew tops. The boy's size 12 fit perfect in the body, and a bit snug across the shoulders and under the armpit. I can handle the snug feeling in the shoulders because of the stretchiness of the fabric. I'm sure the size 10 would not fit (didn't even bother trying it on). It is a straight up and down cut but is stretchy so it clings to you.

Love the color but it's just another tee. I'm going to pass because it may get worn once but will probably languish w/the blah items in my closet. I'm trying to be a more 'thoughtful' buyer these days. :)

Thanks for the inspiration though!