Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Eve, a Bit Sparkly with a Stardust Skirt and a Sequined Cardigan...

A kid at swimming last night crushed my left index finger and it REALLY hurts today, so as much as I want to put a lot of energy into this post, I just can't. So I am going to publish the polyvores of both outfits, the photos, and info on sizing, and I will just let you comment your thoughts and questions, and hopefully tomorrow I can answer anything you might have discussed today.

I don't think my finger is broken or even sprained, but it sounded like it got cracked. The little boy was kicking flutter kick, and I was attempting to correct his form, and his very strong leg smashed the finger. Sigh. All for the love of the sport...

Polyvore of my kick-butt outfit from the New Year's Eve outfit I wore to the party we went to...I really love this outfit, a lot. Again, I didn't win the polyvore contest (sadness...just kidding), but I felt like this could look really good in real life, and it did!!! I felt super-duper. (Oh, so you know, the outfit was REALLY comfortable, too...surprising, huh?)

Top: Size Medium.
Skirt: Size 8.
Shoes: Size 10.

I like this shot...but the hubby likes the next shot...

Of course he does. He told me I had to publish it. I was reluctant, but there you go. I am publishing for you, hon. :)

BTW, I like getting all dressed up and pretty, but I don't have to be like this 100% of the time. Sometimes I just like to be covered up...still stylish, but more mom on the go. Plus, if I dressed like this all the time, wouldn't you all just wonder a tiny bit? ;)

(Or if I posed like this all the time??? Heehee...)

Polyvore of the outfit I wore during the day. Very warm, very refined. This cardigan got a bunch of compliments. It is certainly a statement piece.

The whole outfit gave a bit of a UES (Upper East Side--NYC) vibe, but that could just be me thinking that a single Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan can do this. BTW, I bought the cardigan on super-super-sale. There is no way I could have ever afforded its original price. I'll take it at 70% off, though. :)

Cardigan: Small.
Top: Small.
Chinos: Size 8.
Shoes: Size 10.

Off to go find some ibuprofen or something. Any of you ever crush your finger?


dinagideon said...

I had to re-publish this post, and I deleted the original one...I had one comment, from Rachel, which said:

"Love pose 2 - very sassy!!


Thank you Rachel!!! So sweet. BTW, my e-mail is dinagideon AT aim DOT com. :)

Jemma Ruby said...

Oh dina both those outfits are really great! You look so pretty!! You must have been a real sparkler for new year's eve!

AppGal said...

Oh so sorry about your finger, Dina! I have crushed my finger SEVERAL times (although, I've always called it "jamming" my finger...same thing?) Mine were always results from sports...softball, volleyball, basketball...and usually because my fingers just got in the way of me catching or hitting the ball, haha :) It helps to tape the finger to the one next to it to keep it stable, esp. if it's swelling up. Hope it gets to feeling much better soon!

And OMG--I LOVE LOVE LOVE your NYE outfit! You look so beautiful and sparkly! You hit a home run with this look.

Take care...I'm stuck at school on a snow day/workday. At least it prolongs the break of students, right? :)

(and thanks for your kind words on my blog, btw. You're so sweet :) )

tnorwood said...

LOVE the sparkly skirt. *sigh* I want to wear sparkles every day! :) And, I loved the second outfit, too!!!

NYC said...

Love the sequin skirt on you and like how it's dressed down w/ the tee. However, no offense to the second outfit, but it's just not very UES. I see what you were trying to do (though maybe you weren't going for UES initially) but change the pants, the shoes and go w/ a simpler tank next time if you want that vibe. Thanks for posting about the sequin skirt. It definitely looks better on than it does on the hanger.

KDot said...

Love you NTE look. I'm really digging your headband and hair do. Super cute.

Beth said...

Dina, I crushed the same finger playing football on the beach this past summer. I thought it was broken, cracked or sprained (sp?) It was not. I think I jammed it like AppGal said. I rubbed on it a lot to try to spread out the swelling and it finally went down and totally back to normal after several weeks. It was soooo painful at first then just swollen feeling. My rings did not fit for a long while. I really thought it would never be normal again. A physical therapist at my gym had a look at it and said it did not seem broken....so I did not go to the Dr.
Hope your finger feels better soon. You may want to have it looked at by a Dr. if the pain keeps up.
BTW- LOVE your outfits....you look GREAT! Very, very pretty!

Eleanor said...

I agree with Mr. Dina...you look fab in that photo!

Hill said...

Great outfits! Nothing says NYE like sparkle..

I have crushed my thumb in an antique door, broke my middle finger playing flag-football, and had three stitches in my thumb a few months ago due to trying to open a box of Crayons with a knife! I have lots of experience..

Advil/Tylenol do the trick. Elevate above the heart, of course. Heat helped my muscles relax (upset about the pain brings stress). Give it some rest! Such dedication to keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Dina--you KNOCKED ME OUT with how beautiful you look in the Stardust skirt the tee and those pretty shoes--you look tres chic!

DaniBP said...

Oh no poor you! It's so distracting to have an injury like that, it is just so hard to DO anything (and with little children, NOT doing is not an option!) Maybe try making a splint with a popsicle stick and some bandages, I did this for my 14yo daughter when she smashed her finger playing basketball, at her Doctors suggestion.
I LOVE the outfits! Are you wearing the patent leather Cate's in the first outfit? If so, do you find them comfortable? AND if so, what is the color? TIA! :)

NoJCrewinJapan said...

Ooh Dina! That second pose that hubby likes is sassy and you look great! I love the tee you chose to wear with the skirt. A tee is definitely the way to go - great way to tone down the sequins and I love the whole high / low aspect of that. Great outfit! Wish I had gotten that tee when it came out.

Anonymous said...

I really like your make up in the first pic, it looks great. What is the lip color that you are wearing?

Anonymous said...

Dina,Your New Year outfit is GORGEOUS!!! The best picture and the best outfit! Great job!
by iPhone

Kathy said...

I did vote for your outfit for the New Year's contest, I loved it with the pink jacket and shoes!

Anonymous said...

I love both outfits. You look so cute. I think the NYE outfit is my favorite, sparkly yet comfortable. And I hope your finger gets better soon.

BTW, did you see Miss Lola's new coat?

Emily said...

All I have to say is that you were one hot mama on NYE! Love your pose in pic #2. And I LOVE the Marc Jacobs cardigan. Lusting over it! I can only imagine the number of compliments you got.

The finger injury really stinks:( I have jammed my finger and my toe before and both were sore for about a week and a half each time. The pain isn't too bad more so that it is annoying.

Anna said...

Love your New Year's look!

LSS said...

I love how you paired the more formal sequin skirt with the casual tee. I love that combo. Anyway, I wanted to let you know I received the Carly Dress yesterday and fell in love with it. It's adorable, comfortable and very versatile. You should try it on with a belt if you haven't already. Thanks for enabling me.

Silver Spectre said...


As you know I liked the second shot as well. But then again, I would love you if you were wearing a burlap sack. ;)



Anonymous said...

Wow, that Marc Jacobs cardigan is gorgeous! I love how it looks over that navy top. So pretty!

dinagideon said...

Hi, all! I appreciate all your kind words about these outfits. :) Oh, and so you all know, I was sort of teasing about the second look being UES. I wouldn't know UES if it bit me on the face. So, Jenna Lyons, you can calm down...I am not infringing on your territory. Heehee.

I don't have a ton of time, I have some outfit ideas and reviews to do today, and I know many of you want to see that, so I will be efficient over here in the comments section...

Finger is better, btw. Was sick yesterday, but well, you know, can't win them all. Sigh.

NYC: Jenna is safe. Wooh. ;)

DaniBP: Good eye...those are the Cates. I bought them in a ten and I find them REALLY comfy, but I have the world's narrowest feet, evidently...get this, they are even narrower than they were BEFORE I had babies. I think if you have narrow feet, buy the Cates, if not, probably not the shoe for you--read--painful. The color is sublime (think it was dusty rose), a great pink neutral...perfect for those of us with a winter "pallor." LOL.

Anon at 5:09 pm: I mixed a ton of lip glosses together. BUT I adore Revlon's line of lip glosses, I think the color in the bottle matches what goes on your lips and it stays on nicely without being too sticky. My fave is called Pink Afterglow in the super lustrous line, that is the one I most often wear. That day I wore the pink afterglow mixed with some other glosses I have in my cabinet. HTH!!!

Kathy: Thank you! I tease, kind of...one day, right??? ;)

Rosa: Miss Lola's coat is FAB! Just like she is...

Have a great Friday, everyone!