Monday, January 18, 2010

Marvelous Minnies, Richmond Style!!! (Said with Jazz Hands!)

Over at JCA today, there is a really good discussion about the marvelous minnie pants, which was spurred by an e-mail sent by J. Crew to all of us JCAs this morning. Somehow, and with some serendipity, I wore my charcoal grey minnie pants on both days of my trip to Richmond (for the Inauguration festivities surrounding Bob McDonnell, our current governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia). I was forced to keep my wardrobe as simple as possible this weekend. When you have to pack a ball gown (floor-length and flowing), plus a tux, a trench coat (Icon trench review will be later this week), a double stroller, diapers, wipes, etc., etc., you can't really go "crazy" and bring everything with you.

So I went with two simple, easy, packable, non-wrinkable choices that centered around my Minnie pants and my Aerosoles boots. This polyvore is accurate, but the boots are Aerosoles from a few years ago...pretty similar though.

The left side shows my Saturday look, also known as "dinagideon only looks like she rides horses" (you'll read why later on in this post) and the right side shows my Sunday look.

Mr. Dina apparently likes for me to look like I am in a catalog...glowing hair and all.
Jacket: Size Petite 8.
Shirt: Size Small. This is the outlet version of the Annette blouse in the snow leopard print. I see ZERO difference between this and the "real" version from last year. I tell you, I wonder if I should always wait a year to buy stuff at the outlet?
Pants: Size 8. I may need to re-buy one pair (in a different color) in a size 6, these puppies stretch, and buy the time I get around to dry-cleaning them (5 wears...dry cleaning is expensive), they fit pretty darn loose, especially in the knees and upper thighs. (You can see that clearly in the next photo.)

Not pictured in polyvore:
Sunglasses: Boden from last summer, Summer 2009.
Gloves: Ann Taylor ruffled cashmere lined leather gloves, Holiday 2009.
Purse: J. Crew Quilted purse, with leather handle, Spring 2005 (maybe?). This sucker is well-made. I brought it out of retirement just last week and find it is a good purse when I don't need one of my bigger purses, like the Campo.

So can you tell yet why Mr. Dina quipped to me, "Hey, you look like those ladies in the parade on the know the ones wearing the froofy jackets, the fluffy blouses, the tight pants, and the boots?" Yep, I (unintentionally) ended up choosing an "equestrian" look (a very VIRGINIA horse country look--I know this is true--I may not know "Upper East Side NYC" look--but VIRGINIA horse people--yeah, I know their wardrobe, and apparently wear it without even thinking about it) for the Inauguration. Well, at least I made Virginia proud (I hope).

Here is something funny and definitely ironic...I was in an awful horseback riding accident in the fall of 2002. The summer had been really dry and I took a bunch of girl scouts riding in Hume, Virgina, and the bees were out (one of the weird curiosities of dry summers). The bees started to attack the horses we were on, about halfway through our ride. The horse I was on got stung, and in its anger, started to buck violently. Rather than wait for her to throw me, I chose to fall off (which I am told was smart), but the horse was not done with me and with all of her girth sat on my left leg, and then ran off, leaving me injured. Turns out that I sustained a very deep hematoma (incredibly bad bruise) and did not break anything, but from that day forward, I SWORE off horses forever. I will never ever have a reason to wear a riding habit for real.

I just like the look. ;)

Another view of Miss Horsey and her little Horsey child (CW loves horses...went crazy when she saw them in the parade). In the background are all the people who didn't have kids to worry about and could actually watch Bob McDonnell not on a Jumbo-Tron. It's okay...we had fun, anyhow. :)

You see what I am saying about the Minnies? That is the second time I have worn them since the last cleaning and they are pretty loose at the knees and thighs (running around and crawling on the grass isn't going to help, but still).

On Sunday, I wore this.

Cardigan: Size Medium. I bought the Stained Glass Cardigan, yes, I did. I have an upcoming post with me wearing it with the Ravine dress and belted. This cardigan looks great with the charcoal Ravine.
Top: Size Petite 10. Really wish I had bought this in a Petite 8. I love the length, the color, the fabric, but it is pretty loose overall now. I bought it when I was ten weeks postpartum, so I guess it is okay that I chose the wrong size. If I have kids ever again, remind me (LOUDLY) not to buy anything (except the basics) when postpartum...

One last photo (mainly for relatives and friends and anyone from Richmond that knows this fella). This really neat older man was at the Inauguration and he came by where we all were (families with kids--smart man) with his baby carriage (look at it...awesome) and inside were his chihuahuas...and OMG, they were SO CUTE. Baby CW started salivating as soon as she saw them. She ALMOST jumped out of my arms to go follow this guy. I waited a bit just to make sure this man was okay with my darling coming over and looking. Turns out this guy loves showing his dogs off to the public, and when he saw how intently Baby CW was studying them, he was all "look at her focus--amazing!" :) SMILE.

In the background is Rex with his best friends and their grandpa. It was a great moment. Thank you, Chihuahua Man of Richmond. (I like that name.)

Have a nice night, all. About to go put on my Tutu top for Ms. Janiece. :)


Tiffany said...

love the looks! you were in my hometown! :) i actually drove past all the riders getting ready for the parade near vcu's campus on the way to get my hair cut saturday (i wasn't going to the inaguration). great weather for the visit and for being outside! would LOVE to see pics of the ball gown :)

Anonymous said...

Dina you are so stinking adorable. I saw all kinds of blogs hawking the stained glass cardigan, seeing it on you, and your comment about it looking so nice with charcoal grey had me thinking, and stuffing that bad girl in my shopping cart. I don't have the ravine, but I have the wool Isabel in charcoal, and I think it will look amazing atop. Thanks for being such an amazing enabler. (sarcasm)

AnneG said...

I saw that Chihahua guy also and you are so right -- those dogs were VERY cute and I don't normally consider myself a Chihuahua fan. Did you see the tiny black and white one? Musthave weighed like 2 pounds.

Ema said...

I love your "riding" outfit (and the "catalog" pic by Mr.Dina), very Betty Draper.

I washed my Minnies in the washing machine (following HeidiG's instructions) and they came out just fine, no need to send them to the dry-cleaner...

Where is the pic of the gown??? Another post I guess

HeidiG said...

Love the pics!! What a fun time!! That stained glass cardi is just so you - it's perfect on you.

Like Ema - can't wait for a gown pic b/c I'm sure you have one.

(Ema - glad your Minnies are still ok - I always worry when I give advice like that)

Rachel said...

Love the looks - but I am still waiting to see the ball gown. I am scared of the Minnie, they look so cute on you. - maybe next time we shop you can make me try them on.

Julie said...

You look great, love the cardi! I too had a bad experience with horses, bailed off an out of control spooked horse and broke my tailbone. Then years later was kicked by my horse when I was three months pregnant. Broke four ribs, daughter was fine, but a very painful pregnancy. I am happy to say I am horse free now, but I still love the equestrian look!

Cate said...

Great pics- it sounds like an awesome weekend! i love the stained glass cardi! I'll have to try the minnie's seeing as how everyone raves about them :)
I also fell off a horse- i was in belgium when i was 14 for some business thing of my dad's- his business partner's daughter loved horses, and they had one... i'd never ridden saddle-less and got thrown off... haven't ridden since.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others the Stained Glass cardigan looks adorable on you, and it goes perfectly with the charcoal minnies.

I hate when pants stretch out, it makes them so uncomfortable.

Cloggsy said...

Yoooooooooooooou came down to Richmond and didn't even think of mentioning coffee?? Dude, that is totally not acceptable!

Genny said...

I have fallen off a horse but got right back in the saddle. Both my girls started riding lessons this fall. It is a wild animal ladies! but I believe lessons are essential. Such a wonderful way to experience the world. On horseback.

AppGal said...

Oh my goodness, first of all, can I say that I love that old man. I have a weakness for (cute) old men (of course not the cantankerous, crotchety ones) but then you add a driving cap, fashionable clothes, AND a carriage full of adorable dogs? LOVE IT. I want to go hug him, he's so cute.

And of course, you're cute, too, Dina :) I really like the stained glass cardi on you. It's perfect with your coloring. I didn't like it when I saw it in-store, but now I'm rethinking it.

dinagideon said...

Hi, ladies!!!

Tiffany: Ball gown pics coming...

Also, adore your city, wish we could move actually reminds me of Arlington (where I grew up) in 1985. My hubby is the party-pooper, though. :P

CDP: Aah, thank you!!! :) And, I enable, but I am not alone...I can think of a few polyvores from a certain lady that got me all excited about an item or two...cough cough...

AnneG: I looked for you all over, but with thousands of people at the swearing in and hundreds at the ball, I kind of knew I wouldn't see you, but I did look! :) At least we got to see the cutest old man ever and the sweetest pups...including the teeny, tiny black and white one. I wanted to scoop him up and put him in my pocket!!!

Ema: Thank you!!! I will definitely (and carefully) hand-wash (in my machine) next time. ;) Ball gown is coming...lots of pics to upload!!!

HeidiG.: Thank you...we need to find you a darling printed cardigan! And I am so doing your washing instructions next time...I am wearing my minnies out!!! :)

BTW, what did E. do when she saw CW in the tiered top???

Rachel: I will happily force you to try them on...I have made HeidiG. wear a smaller size, so I will empower you in a heartbeat!!!

Julie: OMG. That is a terrible thing to have happened. I am so glad to know you all were okay, but wow. I would stay even further away from horses if I was to have had that happen to me.

Cate: There are a lot of us with horse-back riding accidents in our

I could see you in the stained glass cardi, certainly a stylish way to keep you warm in your classes! :)

casual-crew: Well, my minnies aren't quite uncomfortable yet, but now that I know that I don't have to dryclean them, I think I will wear them 3 times and then wash as to get them "back in shape," so to speak. :)

Cloggsy: It was pure INSANITY. We didn't stop moving once. Usually I come down with just me or just the kids or just the kids and Mr. Dina, but there was constant movement and so MANY PEOPLE. Crazy. You are so meeting me the next time I come on'd better believe it...even if it just means us coming over and hanging out in your casa for the day!

Genny: Yes, this is the problem. A lot places offer horse riding, but don't spend a whole lot of time getting you ready. They are always like, "she's old and tame..." Oh, but you meant only when she isn't getting stung by bees, right??? Marriot Ranch was really cool, though, they paid for my hospital bills and threw in a little something to say sorry. I wasn't looking for much (really just the hospital bills), but I think they realized that the operation did not do a great job ensuring our safety (you trust your instructors, right?), so they felt they had to "pony" up (ugh sorry for the pun).

My babies, if they desire to be horseback riders, will be in lessons first, inside, and only when ready, will move out. I like horses but just can't get back on one...which I am sure all of you understand...I seriously thought I was going to be very, very hurt by the some miracle I limped away, shaken, bruised, but no real worse for wear.

AppGal: That man is my ideal older man, sweet, kind, loving, and a little "different." Those dogs were is no wonder he wants to show them off...kind of like the way I am with the kids...not saying my kids are dogs, but you get it, right??? :)

Summerilla said...

Yes a gown picture - I so want to see what you wore!! I bet you looked stunning just like you did in these two outfits. Sounds like you all had a great time and the baby carriage of Chihuahuas is so cute. For a second I thought Rex was sitting in the carriage with them.

CH said...

I just stumbled upon your blog for the first time (had been searching for the Boden Parisienne jacket and your site popped up). We were actually at last week's inauguration too and saw the Chihahau man - kid and chick magnet for sure. ;)

dinagideon said...

Hi, CH! Welcome! Did you end up getting the Parisienne jacket?

Wasn't the chihuahua man the best? I thought he deserved some internet I had to post photos!

I LOVE Boden, so there will be lots more on that front!