Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pretty New J. Crew Dress--For All Eyes to See!!! (And a Tangled Treasure, Too!)

There is more where these came from, but I am REALLY tired and wanted to accomplish two things...

1) Show off this lovely, very flattering dress that I tried on tonight at Pentagon City; and...

2) Show off the Tangled Treasure Necklace (Black), for those of you that had requested a view.

I wore something else into the store (obviously), but am saving those pics until tomorrow, when I have more time and energy into cropping those photos, publishing a polyvore, etc. :)

It just worked out that this dress served as a great backdrop to the necklace.

Size and Info:
Dress: Size 8. Weirdly enough, the 6 fit perfectly everywhere EXCEPT the bust. That is not normally the case...usually my hips are what I have to keep in mind. my advice to you all...go with what fits your bust, trust me. The dress is of the loveliest cotton material, with some heft, and is a dark grey and white cross-hatched pattern. I definitely see Betty Draper in a dress like this (although probably not in the boots or the necklace...heehee). The back is so pretty, with a crossed back and 4 lovely buttons. It is too hard to describe, must get Mr. Dina to take a photo. Dress is $148. Grab it here from (literally updated as I was doing my post). :)

Here is the dress with the watercolor leopard cardigan. I actually kind of like these together. Maybe with a slim, patent belt at the waist???

I am in a dilemma with this dress, though, and I will explain why later. :) (It has to do with other dresses in my closet and whether this could supplant some of them...trying to be more wise about how and when I purchase.)

Hope you enjoyed the preview. BTW, there is a LOVELY jacket with black beading at the collar that is in this same pattern. Summerilla reviewed it here.


tastymoog said...

YES. This is the dress I saw yesterday and was really the only thing that interested me. I love that it's called the Contessa dress-- reminds me of one of my favorite Bond girls, of course. :)

Drewablank said...

When were you at Pentagon City!? I was there last night too! I was actually on the (hidden) red phone trying to do a "WWFIFY" for that darned sweeping ruffles shirt. :p (To no avail, sadly.)

I love the dress on you! Although, it is very similar to the watercolor leopard dress, isn't it? From afar, anyway. And also, the watercolor leopard dress is a v-neck.

And given that this dress has those darned pleats in the front...grrr...those always tend to make me seem like I have a pooch..ok, ok, a bigger pooch. Heehee. How can anyone in J.Crew think that pleats is ever going to be flattering except on stick-thin models who have no curves! Pffhhtt.

Oh, I was going to ask, will you be at home early this evening, say 6ish? I so have to drop off the babies' Christmas gifts before they become irrelevant!!

Summerilla said...

I MUST BUY THE DRESS TOO! I just love it but was in a super lazy mood and didn't feel like trying it on. You look fabulous in this.... must update my blog and link my new arrivals post to this so everyone can see the gorgeous dress!

Anonymous said...

I went to J Crew store yesterday and this is the only New Arrival that caught my eye. LOVE! But I am not sure about the fabric, it's kinda stiff.

By the way, love yours boots. Is it made by J Crew?

- S

Debye said...

I love the dress on you and the ruffled cardi (which you better have gotten)! I like the dress with the watercolor leopard cardigan although it is not something I would have thought of as going together.

Also, I think you read my mind. I was just debating the tangled treasure necklace and was thinking I really wanted to see it on someone...thank-you!

Debye said...

Okay, so I kind of commented on two post accidentally on one (referring to the ruffled zip up cardi)....oops

Meme said...

The necklace looks great! I would have never guessed it looked so light on, but interesting because of the different lengths and textures. Thanks so much for providing an IRL photo!

Real Working Mom of OC said...

Thank you for the photos of your Tangled Treasures necklace. Now I wish I would have gotten the Black color instead of the Crystal. Still on the fence about mine. Looks great on you!!!

HeidiG said...

Love this on you!!!

Meme said...

Hey Real Working Mom: I'm big fan of the crystal version of the Tangled Treasures necklace. If you picked it up during the final sale, I'd be interested in purchasing it from you for your cost plus shipping.

C said...

I like those two prints together! Similar but different.

dinagideon said...

I am glad I was able to share a more in-depth review of this dress. So far I have only seen one review besides this one on line. (IRL photos, I mean.)

Tastymoog: Yes, the dress is very well-named. I feel the dress fits that era to a tee. :)

Drewablank: Haha on being there at the SAME time. Seems to always happen to us!!!

BTW, the kids are over the moon. Thank you for the Sweet, sweet treats! ;)

S.: The boots info is in the other review post. I highly recommend them!

The fabric is stiff, but I think structured and dresses work for my body type, so that is great by me! :)

Debye, Meme, and Real Working Mom OC: I am glad the treasure necklace in real life helped you decide. I *kind of* knew it would work, but I totally get why you all would have wanted to wait!!! J. Crew should show the jewelry on real people, and I wish they would do the same with the that too much to ask? LOL.

Oh, and if Real Working Mom and Meme could work a deal, GREAT!

C.: Thank you. I was surprised it worked! I guess it "goes," huh?