Friday, January 15, 2010

Giveaway Time!!!

J. Crew Collection Ribbed Cashmere Hat for Free!!! Whee!!!

I wanted to celebrate my brother's 33rd birthday with a giveaway here at my blog...
No, I am just kidding, I really wanted to celebrate the one year anniversary of the miracle landing of the USAirways crash landing on the Hudson River...
Okay, still kidding (although both events are really, really awesome)...
In reality, I am celebrating my one year blog-o-versary with a giveaway that I think personifies this blog...something a little J. Crew, a little colorful, and a little warm (and appropriate for all ages--although the hat is intended for women).

If you would like to be entered, please leave your name, your e-mail address, and (if you would like) one item of clothing that you would like me to wear next week. I know there are items that many of you know I own but have not seen me wear yet or have not seen me wear in a long time. If you have some desire to have power over my wardrobe next week, make sure in your comments to list that item. :) I will wear the chosen clothes from Monday to Friday next week. (Please, though, if you choose to do this last bit, remember, it is winter here, and next week's daily highs will barely break kind, if you will!!!)

The giveaway ends at midnight on January 18th (that would be midnight on early early Monday morning). Entries after that point will not be counted.

There will be "6" chosen. First winner will get the hat, the second through sixth will have their clothing item worn by me. If winners 2-6 do not have a clothing item, I will just keep going until I have 5 items total. #2 item will be worn on Monday, #3 on Tuesday, etc., etc. I know that #2-6 place is kind of a lame thing to "win," but I think it could be fun...esp. knowing some of your all's senses of humor (yes, HeidiG., I am speaking to you--SWAK).

Sample comment:
dinagideon AT aim DOT com
One piece of clothing I would love to see you wear next week is the Cambridge cable v-neck sweater in spicy olive.

Thank you all for reading my blog over the last year. I have had so much fun creating it, and at this point, I doubt that I will ever stop. Blogging is a wonderful part of my day and I am so glad that you share it with me!


tastymoog said...

I will not enter and give others the chance to win the giveaway b/c I don't really wear pink (the cashmere winter accessories are so cute, though-- I am loving my fresh pear gloves!), BUT if you have it, I wanted to request an outfit with the liberty print shirt in the primary/rainbow colors. I saw it in your pv items recently. That shirt sold out so fast, I never got a chance to get one of my own.

Cate said...

LOVE the hat, thanks for doing this...
and something i'd like to see you wear is the yellow and orange flowery j.crew sweater dress

melissamolasses said...

I would love for someone else to win the hat as I look horrible in most of them.

I going to vote for the Sophie peacoat sweater. I know I've seen you wear this as Vanessa does in the catalog, but I'm looking for an alternate styling since I just snagged it on ebay for $19(!).

Dominique said...

Hi Dina!

Love the hat! Love the color and the fabric!! You're too sweet to your readers!

domniniqueshops at

I would love for you to wear your cashmere vneck henley. I thought it looked great on you, but I think you were in a bad mood when you wore it last and should give it another shot.

Thanks for such a great blog!

Janiece said...

Ooooh cute hat for such a cute blog!!! I love your style!!

I know you didn't wear it too long ago, but I'd love to see you style the anthro tutu top another way. I'm took your suggestions and am wearing mine today just like how you wore yours!

Genny said...

I love pink; I love wearing hats and I have been eyeing this one. Would love to win it:)

I would like to see any of your recent Boden purchases from the sale.

kater said...

I would love to win this hat! Thanks so much for holding such a great contest dina!

As for pieces I would like to see you wear, I vote for:

1) the blushed tweed pencil skirt - I loved the outfit you did with the sweet papaya cardi and the teagan blouse and since I'm stumped with what else to do with mine, I could use your inspiration!

2) the golden roses cardi from the outlets (I spied this in your items)! I'm so sad I missed that one and will live vicariously through you!

Thanks again for the giveaway!

AppGal said...

Woohoo! Great giveaway!
And even though you've worn this somewhat recently, I really want to see you wear the perfect pencil skirt in plum again, mainly because I just got mine and I am SO EXCITED about it! :)

Leslie said...

Awesome hat, and hooray to your brother's birthday (JK, but your comment was too funny!! :-))
And I would like you to wear double serge cotton skirt in bronzed ochre (was it the color name?) as your punishment (from my credit card) for enabling me to buy it ha ha
Yes, and another one - just in case you don't care for that skirt any more - would be the tweed blush skirt you wore for Thanksgiving. And another one... (JK) You make it so hard to choose, all your outfits are so delightful!

Suzy said...

Congrats, Dina, on your one year blog anniversary! I have enjoyed it, since I discovered you on polyvore during last school year! It's great to have gotten to 'know' you here, and still can't wait to meet up with you soon. (I am pretty close to leaving my job...long story, so maybe soon?)

I LOVE this hat, especially the pink! I bought the grey for my daughter for Christmas and when it came, I wished I had gotten one! Thanks for entering me!

Something I'd like to see you wear is that great merino tunic from Boden, that I am so JEALOUS of!

scsuzyq00 (that's 2 zeros) at g mail dot com

MMM said...

Uww, lovely giveaway! ;)

Holly (aka MMM)

I'd love to see you wear the Stained-Glass Cardi!! :)

Debye said...

Happy One Year Bloggin' Anniversary!

Okay, I have an either or request: Either the Fresco Tunic because I am a little obsessed with finding the perfect tunic right now or the Frances Cami because well....I am debating finally getting one!

starla729 said...

hi - cool idea and giveaway!

please enter me
starla729 at yahoo dot com

my fav outfit of all time on you was the olive green victoria cami and the similar color v-neck sweater over it

Anonymous said...

I love this hat! Please enter me:

Halfafinn at

Chanel Fashionista said...

lovely giveaway! i would love to be entered!
I would like you to wear the blush tweed pencil skirt because I just picked mine up from the tailor and am in love with it!

Chanel Fashionista said...

P.S. did you get the giveaway prize I sent?

HeidiG said...

Well, shucks, I can't vote for the lame outfit? Actually that really is my vote...with a twist. I want to see you update and re-style the lame outfit. And if you're completely unwilling to do that, but I think you actually can do it if you really put your mind to, it's not like you're stubborn or anything...but anyway, my 2nd choice would be the copper sequin stardust skirt, for the weekday.

ps - would love the hat - E & I would no doubt fight over it, though, so it's probably best for harmony in the G household if I don't win it. :)

The Outfit of the day said...

Add me please.
I would like you to wear any piece you wore on New Years Eve!

Pamela said...

Oh, I love knit caps in the winter!
please enter me!!



And I have a clothing request--can you please wear the Boden Hotchpotch dress you have. I love it!!

Slastena said...

Count me in,please, loooove pinks..

slastena at hotmail dot com

Instead of 1 item, here is the set I'd love to see you wear!

Tina Z. said...

Pretty color hat!
Tina Z
I would like you to wear the olive silk cami again.

Mikaela said...

love that hat so cute.

are you going out anytime next week because i liked that watercolor leopard (i forgot the exact name sorry) sheath dress you wore once. it's beautiful.

if not, a nice, warm cozy sweater to lounge in at home!!

tres tippy said...

hi dina~! i'm not entering because i have too many hats but i wanted to say that i enjoy the positive energy of your blog and i'm glad to hear that you probably won't stop blogging :)

Em said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Margot said...

Lovely Giveaway! I would like to see you winterizing the Bahia-print silk dress, and also wearing the floral fan placket perfect shirt.

Kathy said...

Hi Dina, thanks for the very beautiful giveaway!

I want to see you wear something from your very favorite Paris catalog!

DEA said...

What a cute hat, can't believe I almost missed this!!

Enter me please:

Oh, and my vote is to wear a J Crew dress tomorrow, and that shouldn't be hard to find!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your brother! Its so sweet of you for giving away a fabulous jcrew hat. Please count me in Dina!
littlemissmasala at gmail
I'd love to see u in the froggie necklace (Not a clothing piece I know...but still..i think its been a while we saw him look incredible on you :0)

JCAUNCMom said...

Oh Miss Dina, I almost missed your fun giveaway! We're out of town at a family event (heading home Monday), and I have snuck off for five minutes of computer time for the first time all weekend. So nice to hear that you and Mr. Dina had a fun weekend with the Guv! :-)
The item of clothing that I'd love to see you wear this week is your Winnie stadium cloth coat, of course with a fresh new Dina twist! :-)

Eleanor said...

What a cute hat!

Perfect for snowboarding...

All I want to see a that cute little CW in the pic - your outfits are all great, but each time you include CW, I can't help by smile!

tiffany rose said...

I think I've missed your deadline for the giveaway (ALMOST ordered the exact hat in the exact color but it sold out) although in California, it's still not midnight yet ;) No matter ... wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your blog. You and your kids are so cute and I've LOL many times reading your posts. Congrats on your bloggie anniversary! I vote for your sunny yellow Winnie ... I know we both love it and it would be warm!