Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tissue Beaded Crest Tee and a Tartine...


All rules, etc., are posted at the original post. If you enter, you could have a chance at winning this J. Crew Collection (fancy!!!) flamingo-colored cashmere beanie hat.

Second: We were insanely busy this weekend, but it had NOTHING to do with the hot water heater blowing up last week. A long time ago, my hubby bought tickets to go to the Inaugural ball in Richmond for the current governor (as of yesterday--actual Inauguration day here in the Commonwealth of Virginia) Bob McDonnell.

All pics of our weekend down in lovely Richmond will be posted tomorrow. I have them edited, but am pretty darn tired tonight after an evening full of dancing and fun. :)

But I knew I wanted to get up Friday's outfit, so here it is in Polyvore form. The pants and shoes are different, but the ones I own are so ancient, I doubt you would even be able to find them on ebay.

Cardigan: Medium.
Tee: Small, last seen on me here under a v-neck sweater. I want to find different ways of styling this tee. I love this tee, regardless of others' opinions. ;) BTW, those of you who own the tee, I washed it on a cold cycle, inside out, and with the "hand wash" cycle going. The beaded embellished part is fine. Only thing is that the coating for the green sequins is starting to flake off, so some of the sequins are more of a pearl-ish, silvered color. This may bother some of you, but I quite like the color. As long as the sequins stay on, I am a happy girl.
Pants: Size 10. These are from J. Crew back when the had the "frayed" summerweight chinos, maybe 2005?
Shoes: Size 10. I believe these are Etienne Aigner.

We went to dinner on Friday night at a steakhouse. Turns out that I am anemic, and so is CW!!! I have been anemic before (which is why I am always on prenatals), but CW??? So she has to take supplements. I knew it was bad when the nurse didn't even bother to hide her shock at CW's hemoglobin level. Sigh. This is one drawback of nursing into the second year, both momma and baby have the potential for this happening. Still plan on nursing, but I am going to be smart about her supplements and extra food...for instance, if you take something high in Vitamin C and add the iron supplement to it, the iron is better absorbed...pretty cool. Good thing applesauce is high in vitamin C. :)

There's my sweet, pretty, little anemic girl. She is wearing the cutest outfit. I was *this* close to pulling out my silk tiered cami in papaya and wearing something similar to her. I think I will wait until summer. I have no great white cardigans. ;)

And with CW's wave of "bye-bye," I bid you all farewell. Giveaway winner and Clothing choice winners announced tomorrow. BTW, a lot of you love my blushed tweed pencil skirt. :)


AppGal said...

I'm anemic too! :) I found out in a routine physical. Not such a big deal, but I am always cold. How odd that CW is, though...poor baby!

Cute outfit, as always. I do like your tee, even though I didn't get it myself. The turquoise colors are so pretty.

And...I have been busy and didn't get to comment on earlier posts, but I am so sorry about all your house issues. Hope all is fixed and better than before SOON!

Mikaela said...

what do you mean by "This is one drawback of nursing into the second year, both momma and baby have the potential for this happening."

nursing longer increases the risk for anemia? i didn't know that...

i am also always anemic, so i can never donate blood. i take my iron pills with orange juice or V8.

dinagideon said...

AppGal: Thank you! My signs were that I am pale and that my fingernails are all "bend-y," whereas they normally are pretty strong. I feel like such a dork...knowing that I have this tendency, I should have known to worry about CW. :P

Mikaela: I should have clarified. GREAT QUESTION.

I don't eat a lot of iron-rich foods, so any iron I get goes straight to my daughter (hence my need for prenatals even though I am not pregnant). Even with the extra iron I get through the vitamins, little is given to CW through the milk (sadly), so she has become anemic. Since half or more of her calories in a day come from my nursing, she has to get the rest of her needs from the right foods, which clearly we were not doing. :( I feel so bad. The dr. does NOT want me to stop nursing, but she thinks it is VERY important that all women who nurse as the babies get bigger make sure to supplement iron in the baby's diet. So there you go! Looks like all three of us will be eating a lot of iron and supplements along with a big ole glass of OJ!

Rachel said...

Super Cute outfit Dina-
I love the cardi the whole look is perfect. I love cute/casual.
Can't wait to see the ball pics.


Pamela said...

I have the pants too!! But in stone. Oldies but goodies!
I cannot wait to see the ball pics!!

tastymoog said...

I eat lots of spinach for iron. Almonds, pumpkin seeds, and chickpeas too. yum! :)

Leslie said...

Aww, both you and your daughter's outfits are adorable. I'm glad that you were able to go to the ball in Richmond; that sounds like so much fun!

amy kelinda said...

At least anemia is easily taken care of (in most cases). I'm glad that you found out and are now taking care of both yourself and CW to combat the anemia! I love the tee, and have found that inside-out washing and the handwash cycle on the washing machine does wonders to preserve even J.Crew's most embellished pieces! Glad to know it works for you too, hehe!

Elaine said...

You look great!!! I absolutely love the pattern!

Slastena said...

Dina- we are same way: my 2 boys and I are borderline anemic. The older one eats broccoli and liver (hates it) and pops iron pill occasionally, little one and I are on supplements.C'est la vie!

You look gorgeous, Polyvore did not disappoint! Love the cardi with a tee!

HeidiG said...

Love that CW is wewaring the top/dress that E helped pick out - must show her when she comes up from the basement. (She & M are playing. I *swear* I didn't lock them in down there.)

You look great - can't wait to see the Richmond pics.

dinagideon said...

Hi, everyone:

First, thanks for your encouragement regarding anemia...I feel bad but knowing so many of you had similar situations means at least we are in good company.

Second, I am at the point where I NEED to start re-thinking older items in my closet...alas SAHM pay only goes so far... :)

Busy day (two more posts), so I will answer only questions/comments that need responses!!! Thank you!

Hmm, well there appears to be no pressing questions or comments, so I will leave by saying...ball gown pics coming this evening!!! Promise!

HeidiG said...

E's quote - "Oh, she looks so cute. I really like the sweater over it."