Monday, January 25, 2010

A Tale of 4 Dresses--3 Boden and 1 J. Crew.

Untitled by dinagideon featuring J Crew

Hi, all! I have to make this a quick post, but some of you may really want to see these dresses ON someone before you purchase them. All of the dresses can be found in the polyvore above. Only the J. Crew one is sold-out, but always, always watch for popbacks with J. Crew. :)

Dress: Size UK 12R, US 8R. Boden is now using both sizes on their tags. Hollah for the good ole USA. Thank you, Johnnie, for keeping us in mind. (Although I had just figured out the UK size I was and now they have switched it...) :)

This dress is called the Pretty Cotton Dress, and it is so very pretty. It has a cotton sateen quality that I adore (and appears to be of a high quality--i.e. no wrinkling like some J. Crew cotton sateen). It is very fitted in the bodice, so go with the measurements over at Boden. Trust me. The only thing not perfect on this dress for me? The shoulders are a bit big, but that is always my issue, and I have gotten used to loose shoulders.

This may be my favorite of the bunch, although the next one is certainly up there...

Dress: UK Size 12R, US Size 8R.

This dress is the Textured Cotton Shift Dress and the texture is there. It is hard to see in this photo, but the cotton has a nubby texture. The print is darling, very special, and I can see this dress being at home on an evening of al fresco dining. The buttons at the waist also make it seem extra-special. This is fitted, but even though it is a shift, there is wiggle room in the hips for those of us with a pear shape (God bless you, Johnnie).

I also can see wearing this with the Parisienne Jacket in the frog green color...the dress has that tone in it...perfect for some of the nippier April days we have here in VA.

Baby CW wants a version of this for herself. Sadly, no such animal exists. :)

Dress: UK Size 10R, US Size 6R.

I bought this Smart Knitted Dress in a smaller size than the above dresses because I have knitted dresses from Boden and they are always pretty loose. Size down one size...the knitted material will accomodate you, I promise. :)

I love this print...isn't the floral very mod and the colors so very happy? I do not suggest this print if you are a bit petite as the florals are rather large, but if you are a taller lady, you should be able to pull this print off.

CW still wants to be in the photo, but she is done hamming it up for you all. ;)

Dress: Size 8.

I am making this face and posture because I am laughing at my hubby's reaction to the ruffled collar. Men do NOT get ruffles. The Silk Ruffle Confetto Dress is a bit much, but take it from can make it work, if you try...

Add a long linen cardigan, and a belt. Ah, much, much better. :) Still a lot of print and dress, so if you are bit more demure than me, this may not be the right dress for you...but to me the combo of silk, pink florals, and ruffles are so much fun. I have to say, Mr. Dina is right, though, this dress needs an anchor, and that is what the cardi provides.

One more view.

I cannot wait till I can actually wear these outside all styled and ready to go. Please bear in mind when making comments that I am NOT wearing makeup and I did very little to prep for my photo shoot!

I hope this helped some of you out!

We'll talk soon. More coming later...


Summerilla said...

I love how you styled the Silk Ruffle Confetto Dress! I'm definitely going to steal these styling tips for when I wear mine. I love all the boden dresses - I'm going to have to chat you up about them when I see you next because I need to know about sizing!

When will I see you next? I miss you all so much and little CW and Rex too!

Kristin said...

Thanks for the pictures! They all look lovely on you.

AppGal said...

Love all of these! It must be so sad to have to put them away in the closet to wait for warmer weather. I'm still needing to show Boden some love. You may remember I got a knit dress last year, but ended up sending it back (sadness!) I am really craving some pretty floral knit dresses right now for some reason. I love fall/winter clothing, but I'm missing the ease of the knit dress!

HeidiG said...

fun, fun, fun dresses!! Love them all on you. I was wondering when I saw Debye's post of the Smart Knitted Dress if you had ordered that one....

Love the JC confetto, too. Ahhhh, who doesn't love a good popback?

tastymoog said...

eeek, I really like the second dress. I wonder if the orange matches the orange of the jcrew candace sweater jacket... hmm. Tempting!

Jerry Gideon said...


Good choices, great photography!

I am glad you left the triple threat look out. ;)



Debye said...

The Boden dresses all look fabulous on you, they really know how to cut for a flattering fit! I see both have great taste

I really adore the pretty cotten dress on you, I may need to place yet another Boden order.....

I am still kicking myself for not getting the J Crew confetto dress. It was in my cart but it was right when I was starting my no shopping in January ban (which eventually failed)and I let it slip away.

Tina Z. said...

Thanks for the Boden reviews, I got my spring catalog yesterday and am eying several dresses. Never ordered from there before and I have a good idea of dress sizing thanks to your posts, but how do their sweaters size compared to JCrew? So tired of lack of quality over at the crew and need to explore elsewhere...

Simply JCrew said...

Great reviews - TY.

Erin said...

The pretty cotton dress is so cute -- that one's definitely my favorite.

Slastena said...

Dina- 4:09 am is perfect time to go though the blogposts, lol... You would understand!:)

The confetto drss is a doll, J Crew was skillfully hiding it until FS. It's worth the effort of discovering it, you look darling. Wish they made a crewcut version for CW though...
Boden dresses are so fresh, make me thihnk of spring right away!

NoJCrewinJapan said...

Hi Dina, I did a post on the Watercolor Leopard Dress and left a link to your blog's review of it back In December. I have to tell you that after seeing you in the dress I went out and ordered it and got 20% off and I LOVE IT. So thank you! Have a great week.

amy kelinda said...

Yay for Boden's US sizing! There are definitely a few things that I am lusting over but have yet to get... I realllllly like the textured cotton shift on you. The shoulders and cut and print are all beautiful! I can see it easily looking chic with a simple cardigan and big brimmed hat. As for ruffles, my Boyfriend loves a ruffle every now and then (he especially likes my ruffled front coat from J.Crew), but he always complains that sometimes it just looks like "too much." Maybe he's right, haha!

dinagideon said...

Hi, all, sorry it took so long! I have a coaching gig tonight, so I have to keep this to commenting back to questions, etc. :P I know you all understand!!!

Summerilla: I hope to be able to see you on Monday (HeidiG. and I are meeting)...let me know!

Tastymoog: That would be a perfect pairing!!! :)

Dad: Thank you for indulging my needs. You did a great job!

TinaZ.: Boden's sweaters are awesome. The wool is high quality and the fit is lovely. I think Boden's might stretch out a bit faster than J. Crew's, but I highly suggest you give Boden's knitwear a chance!

Amy Kelinda: I think the ruffles may have been a bit too much on this dress, I had to agree with Mr. Dina...definitely has to have the cardi on top!!! :)