Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chroma Kimono Cardigan Plus the Outlet Greta Coat Times Two...

Ooh, man, it is FRIGID outside lately. Seriously, I don't remember a time in the 25 years I have lived in this area when it was this cold for this long of a period of time. Our usual winter is like this--cold, kinda cold, warm (like 55 or 60), cool, cold, REALLY REALLY COLD, cool, warm, etc., etc.

These last few weeks: cold, REALLY REALLY COLD, cold, OMG MY FACE IS GOING TO FALL OFF COLD, cold, cold, snow, ice, yuck, OMG MY FACE IS GOING TO FALL OFF COLD, REALLY REALLY COLD, etc. You get the idea.

I run "hot." Scratch that, I did run hot. Yesterday, after staying in the house for three straight days, I got to venture out (the plows actually plowed the ice, God Bless You, Fairfax County). But here was the deal yesterday, the highs were topping out at 29 degrees (okay, yes, Canada, I know...that isn't that cold...remember it is all relative). :) Since I am now acclimated to the warmth of my home because of my actual "housewife" status, I put on layers and layers of clothing so I wouldn't just collapse from the cold. And I did the same for my kids (of which you will only get to see one example--Rex spent the morning with Grandpa--and while he was all decked out in winter gear--only CW was around for Picture Time).

Untitled by dinagideon featuring J Crew

'Nuff said. Here is the polyvore. The coat is the outlet version of the Greta coat from last year. I bought this one on ebay, but there is a special surprise waiting for you all at the bottom of this post...and it involves the crewcuts outlet. ;)

The pants are not J. Crew, as in the polyvore, instead they are INC. by Macy's. I didn't wear flats, either, instead I wore some older pair of boots I have from Aerosoles (very comfy, stylish, and WARM).

I believe all the pieces are sold out, except the turtleneck.

Cardigan: Size Small. BTW, this was the item of clothing that got me kind of mad at Anthropologie. I bought it full price on a Tuesday, and the VERY next morning, it went down in price by half, or 60 dollars. So I pleaded with Anthropologie to please credit me the difference, which they SAID they would do (meant more Christmas cash for me), but some 8 days later (business days, mind you), it still wasn't in my account, and I was ready to cry. So I wrote them an e-mail explaining my disappointment, and in a fit of anger, I brought back a shirt that while I thought was pretty, didn't fit 100% beautifully. I figured I would get that money somehow, darn them. Well, here's the funny part, both the return and the difference were posted on the same day. Why it took Anthropologie so long to do this is WELL beyond me, but I am here to say J. Crew isn't the only place that has screw-ups. Oh, and J. Crew has much much MUCH friendlier customer service.

I love the cardigan, btw, perfect length, warmth, and casual prettiness for yesterday. I would like to someday see the day when this cardigan can be the outerwear, but obviously the entire United States (excluding Hawaii) has frozen over, so who knows when that will happen? I should mention that I looped the belt around TWICE to get the belt to look normal. This sucker has a REALLY LONG tie to it. :)

Gigiofca wore it here, btw.

Turtleneck: Size Small.
Pants: Size 10.
Boots: Size 10.

BTW, Baby CW carries here Baby Doll EVERYWHERE. If we take it from her to oh, say, buckle her into her car seat or, say, try to get her coat on, well, you know, fits, despair, anger, etc. She is VERY ATTACHED to her Baby Doll. It is her version of the blank-y. However, it doesn't have to be one baby doll, just a baby doll. She has like five that she is VERY ATTACHED to. It is really sweet, especially when she is walking holding a doll half her size.

Here is the surprise I was mentioning...mommy and daughter houndstooth coats from the outlet. I had bought mine from ebay in the late fall, and then in early December, when we went to Pennsylvania, I made my way to the Lancaster outlets and bought a bunch of crewcuts things for the kids for Christmas. Including her darling, darling mini-me version of the Greta. :) It was even on super-sale, which means it was meant to be.

Coat: Size 4.

This pic is for the grandparents, etc. :)

Coat: Size 3 (toddler size). It is clearly too big for her, but it did keep her VERY warm yesterday. And the pink lining was so nice...good thing because we had to roll her sleeves on up (too long for her arms--she is only 16 months after all). I love that she will be able to wear this for a long while. Based on her growth and this coat's general size, I bet she could get away with this when she is still 4 (I hope I can still fit into mine then, too).

I am hoping to get to more reviews today, I have them photographed, just have to actually post them. And, maybe, just maybe, Mid-Century Mom can get dressed up and sweep the floors (or something). Mid-Century Mom has been in hibernation. ;)


OneFashionistaDiva said...

i LOVE the matching Gretas! you two look so adorable. and, yes...i know all about the fits and whaling! lol.

A Bigger Closet said...

Hi Dina. Sorry to read about the ongoing cold weather. At least you're looking stylish while staying warm. Compared to last year, it's positively balmy here! My lovely winter sweaters are still sitting in the closet while I'm wearing t-shirts inside.

Now, OMG, your mother-daughter coats are just too cute for words! CW and her dolly are precious. LOVE the Greta coat on both of you and perfect that little CW can grown into hers so you can both enjoy wearing them together for long time.

BTW, you're an astute lady. Mr. ABC is really still DF. No we haven't officially tied the knot although it feels like we're an old married couple, and of course the taxman more or less feels the same way. ;)

Have a great Sunday!

Pamela said...

Omg! Those coats are too cute!!!!!!!! Thar anyhro cardigan looks beautiful on you.

Suzy said...

You look amazing - love the cardigan and coat!!! I'm afraid, however, that CW is stealing the show! How adorable is she in her matching coat? Brought back happy memories of when my 3 girls were young, and we bought matching coats and dresses at Laura Ashley - now long gone. Glad you got the credit from Anthro - that same thing happened to me last year, but they did warn me (I called for the credit) that it would take like 8-10 business days or something. "FFM" kept using a pair of earrings in sets that I fell in love with. I stared at them in sets for weeks and resisted. Knowing our trip to Mexico was coming, I had to have them and finally broke down and ordered them (they were approx. $300.00). THE NEXT DAY, FFM emailed me to tell me they were half price and she gave me a link (good thing, b/c it was off the website - prob. sold out). I did get the $150.00 back. I LOVE this group of friends!

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, stores have no control over when your returns post to your account. After a store rings your return it is up to your bank / credit card company how quickly things are processed and your return posts.

Anonymous said...

I love the matching coats you both look adorable!

It has been colder than normal here too. I will take your temp. anytime.

Anonymous said...

I just wrote an post about being cold, and now I feel guilty, as the cold I was talking about is nowhere near as cold as it is for you. However, you look so stylish! I love the herringbone coat, and the matching one for your daughter is darling. I also really like the turtleneck. That forest color was made for you!

Kathy said...

You two are adorable! It is so nice that CW's is large enough for a few more years. You try very hard to look as nice as you do, I am sure yours will fit the entire time CW's does!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dina,
That sweater is gorgeous! I think you should try it wrapped over and belted as well, might give the waist more shape. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh you two look so gorgeous!!!

silver_lining said...

CW is such a little fashionista - love it!

Drewablank said...

Oh, Dina! You made it out! Woohoo!

And can I just say, when I scrolled down to quickly scan over the photos (which I'm prone to do before I actually read the text of the the post - call it my ADD), I almost forgot to go back and read the text!

CW is absolutely dear in the coat! And to have her match Mommy? Too perfect. :) I just wanna give her a big ol' hug!!

Stay warm, Dina-family! And it looks like we won't have to wait too long for a slight warm-up! ;)

Slastena said...

Dina to say that CW is adorable is to say NOTHING! She is gorgeous beyond words. I want a daughter!!! I need a daughter!!! Knowing my luck, the 3d one will be a boy, so I am not even going for the 3d one. Maybe i'll have a granddaughter to spoil. Oh, how long to wait!

lucegirl said...

DYING over the coats - seriously dying over here!! You must have made quite the splash going out together!

StuffIWear said...

That is too funny about your daughter carrying dolls!

I was inspired by your blog to try Boden and am so happy with a blue sweater dress from them. Keep it up!

amy kelinda said...

Awww, mommy and daughter matching coats, SO ADORABLE!!! I love it! And I am so jealous of your Chroma sweater. I wanted it so so so badly when I saw it, but it was too pricey for me. By the time it went on sale, my store didn't have my size anymore. Sigh. Oh well. As for Anthro's customer service, I agree with you 100% that they are not as friendly as J.Crew. And every time I return something to Anthro, it takes them about a month to credit it back to me. Annoying!

HeidiG said...

I am so mad at you - I can't believe you didn't wear the matching coats yesterday so I could see IRL (then Slastena could have seen too, lol). That's 1 demerit for you, lady. Love love love the matching coats - esp the fact that you didn't get them both at the same time, it was just serendipity. And I do adore that forest color on you - so flattering!!

dinagideon said...

Hi, ladies. Didn't CW completely steal the show? When we were walking around Bethesda, we heard many oohs and aahs. Mr. Dina thought they were for him...jk. :)

Many people asked me if I made the mommy/daughter coats. Yeah, that's me!!! ;) No, I copped to the awesomeness of the J. Crew outlet.

ABC: Hmm...well, you will keep us up-to-date if there are any changes in the "homefront," please? I am sure we would love to see you in a beautiful J. Crew wedding dress. ;)

Suzy: It was a friend from Polyvore (she also reads this blog) who let me know of the price difference. Thank goodness. I need the 60 dollars, even if I had originally had expected to spend the whole amount. It is pretty nice that companies do this...

Sounds like it REALLY worked to your favor, wow!

Anon @ 1:24: Yes, and I have some issues with my bank. They are S-L-O-W on processing things. That said, J. Crew returns always process within 4 or 5 days, never more than that like I experienced with Anthro. Sounds like others have had similar experiences, too. Good to know for future returns, etc. with Anthro. :)

Anon @ 7:25: Will do. I like that idea, and I have MORE than enough belts to give it a try!!! Thank you! :)

Slastena: You will be able to spoil multiple girls, promise. Before CW came along, you should have seen me every time one of my friends had a girl, I went crazy in the girls' dept. at Babies R Us, etc. Bought them out of pink and purple and ruffles and lace. Good thing I can focus a bit more... :) Your boys by the way are going to spoil you...enjoy that. My little guy spoils me (in his own two-year old way) and it is the best feeling. I have a feeling you know what I am talking about...

Amy Kelinda: I am so glad to know that I am not the only one who has had issues with our favorite ethereal clothing store. LOL.

HeidiG.: But would the matching coats have matched out outfits? I don't know! Just kidding. Actually I really just wanted to wear the yellow Sybil so I could match your yellow Winnie. Next time Rachel needs to wear a yellow coat, too. :) Promise, hand on heart, we will wear them the next time you see us.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww...matchy matchy! Your little girl looks so cute! The kimono cardi looks absolutely gorgeous on you Dina

tres tippy said...

oh my goodness, the matching is too cute! the photos made me smile :) the kimono sweater looks wonderful on you, and cozy too!

Silver Spectre said...


I love the matching outfit, and the picture of C.W. I did download and put on my BlackBerry.