Thursday, January 28, 2010

Try-Ons: J. Crew New Arrivals February 2010...

Untitled by dinagideon featuring J Crew

There is a lot here this morning to look at. So I compiled some of the items into a polyvore (above), and if you wanted any of those 5 items, you can click through the polyvore to see more info on it. That said, I did review 3 tees and 1 cardigan that do not seem to be anywhere on, making me think they are in-store only.

Happy looking. P.S.: I will tell you which four items I purchased later on...but am curious as to which ones you think I kept. ;)

Skirt: INDIGO SKIRT. Size 8. Meant to be worn at waist. This is a structured item, well made, and heavy enough that I don't feel like the full mini is too wee (indecent). Definitely an item made for wearing with tights and booties. :) Retails for $88. The denim appears to be similar to the other J. Crew denim, this skirt will last a while.

Tee is later on in this review post.

Cute pockets are built into the skirt.

I like it untucked. I just hate how the tee is so thin that you see the skirt waistband through it. :P

Skirt: BLACK BLOSSOM NICO SKIRT. Size 6. I love LOVE this, but it is awful short, and of a thinner material than the denim of the skirt above, so it made me feel like I was "free as a bird," if you will. For the right (read: shorter) girl, this is a prize. I will not size up because the volume of fabric increases which led to the dreaded "huge hip" look that I do not need. :)

See a version of this on HeidiG. Also on Audrey Bella.

Jacket: WOOL PIQUE SULTANA JACKET. Size 6. This is NOT a new arrival, but is 79.99 with 30% off, making it just around 5o dollars. Considering this was originally almost 200, that is a GREAT price. It fits well (I do not recommend buttoning the buttons, it just looks weird, and the SAs say that it ruins the line of this mid-century modern inspired jacket).

Cardigan: UGLY SWING STYLE MERINO CARDIGAN IN A PRETTY COLOR. Size Small (yes, I wrote small). I was attracted to this cardigan because I saw this color and just swooned. Then I tried it on, and yuck. YUCK. Why do this to us, J. Crew? Look at the shape of this cardigan. Who will look good in this shape? I ask you! If you are interested in this, I did NOT see it at, only in the store, and if you really want this, it costs $88.

Hi, yes, I want my butt and hips to look really big, and my shoulders to look WAY smaller. Mission accomplished, J. Crew. Now I can die a happy woman. :P

Cardigan: SCALLOPED ZIPPER CARDIGAN. Size Small. Yummy. The fabric is a cotton-wool blend, with a pretty silk and zipper trim. I love the light grey color (but like Cheesy Goodness have a ton of grey cardigans--looks like a closet purge may be in order). I also think the ruffles are done just right, they enhance the cardigan, and do not overwhelm it. The zipper is also the type that can be unzipped from the bottom, giving this a lot of versatility. This is a short cardi, and if you are long-waisted may be to short for you. It is $98. I think this may be a best-seller. It is a good price for what you get (and I am not being facetious).

See it on Debye and Audrey Bella. :)

Opened up. I think it looks great with the Target microsequin tank in black and with the Tangled Treasure necklace. Feminine, but not too twee.

Dress: TWEED CONTESSA DRESS. Size 8. Did a review of this dress last night. It is a good dress. Click on over to see more about it. :) $148.

Tee: PRETTY NEON FLORAL EMBELLISHED FROO FRAH TEE. Size Small. I really liked this, well-made (those embellishments aren't going anywhere), but at $42.50 was a bit rich for my taste. Definitely a potential on sale.

Tee: OOH, I AM GOING TO FALL APART IF ANYONE BREATHES ON ME TISSUE TEE. Size Small. Very pretty, and the fabric is SO soft, but very thin, and those precious embellishments? They were already fraying a bit. Definitely a "no," especially at $49.50.

Tee: HOT PINK IN THE CITY ANTIQUE ROSETTE TEE. Size Small. I love the color, I thought the rosettes were nice, but the whole thing together wasn't singing to me. Probably won't be singing to many other people, either. I think it was $39.50.

No size, but this bag is well-made and only $10. Fit the four items I bought just fine. I will make this my "let's visit J. Crew bag." Supposedly there will be one of a lady walking a dog (Gingersnap and HeidiG., you should be all over that.)

Hope this helped you all, it was fun trying stuff on!

Anyone else review any of these and can provide a link? Also, anyone think they have figured out which four items I kept in this precious bag???


Summerilla said...

Yay for new arrivals!!
I'm also glad to finally see a review of the WOOL PIQUE SULTANA JACKET. I have been dying to see how this fits. It's been taunting me in the online sale section for some time now!

Don't you just love the new little tote bags? Looks like we've all been buying them up!

Kristin said...

I love that sultana jacket on you! The color! It's been tempting me too from the sale section but since I've never tried it on I'm too scared to order it. I think you definitely picked this one up - too good of a price and you mentioned mid century modern so it must fit in with your persona.

Cate said...

I want the bag! I'll need to try the roses skirt, I love it online. Thanks for the pics!

Genny said...

Thanks so much for the post. Big help:) I have no idea what you bought. Please do tell ASAP!

Also my word verification was

So I am MAKED you to tell us!

MMM said...

I soooooo wnted that Black Blossom Nico skirt but you're right, it was just too darn short and poufy! :( Dang it!!

I purchased the Scalloped Zipper Cardi, the Floral Embellish Tee, Camp Cardi, & the Neapolitan Pencil Skirt! :) I definitely WANT more things though! =P

Well, I know you purchased the $10 tote and I'm thinking you also went home w/ the WOOL PIQUE SULTANA JACKET, the INDIGO SKIRT, the SCALLOPED ZIPPER CARDIGAN, and the TWEED CONTESSA DRESS!?!? But I guess we'll find out soon enough! ;)

Thanks for sharing your reviews with us! :D

dinagideon said...

Ding, Ding, Ding!!! MMM guessed all 4. You know me way to best polyvore bud. ;)

I love all 4, seriously. I felt good leaving the store with those items.

Now I just have one small issue with what dress I have to bring back to make room for the tweed contessa...the watercolor leopard or the ravine? I am leaning towards the ravine, but I just don't know yet. :)

AppGal said...

Mmmkay...I think you got the following:
Tweed Contessa dress (duh)
Scalloped Zipper Cardi (duh)
Sultana jacket
Indigo Skirt your description of your "froo frah" tee (love the name, hehe) I was reading a bit fast, and when I saw "bit rich for my taste" I read, "bitch for my taste"! I was like, oh Dina! wow! hahaha...looks like my masters degree in reading isn't really paying off!

Love the pics! Thanks for sharing! :)

AppGal said...

Aw yay! I guess right, too! I just hit "submit" a few minutes too late :)

AppGal said...


WOW I need to READ better!

dinagideon said...

AppGal: LOL. :)

I wrote "you know me way to well" and not "way too well" in my comment back to MMM. :P

We are failing as educators today. Let's not let anyone know. Heehee.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics, I think you purchased the Zippered sweater.

Did you try on the Skimmer pants? We are about the same size on the bottom and I am wondering about the fit.

Cate said...

BTW i love the scalloped zipper cardi on you... It is on my wishlist, I may buy it next week after if my GI exam goes well...
I linked to this post on my blog, hope thats ok!

DaniBP said...

Ah-hah! I also guessed your picks, love your choices. The new JCrew tote is so adorbs, love it.
Thanks for sharing your reviews, a real treat for those of us so far from a B&M (especially on a day when the new arrivals have appeared online!)

dinagideon said...

Casual Crew: I did not try on the skimmer pants, I have so many pants, I think I am done for a long time. :) But if I get back to the store in the near future, I will give them a try for you!

Cate: That is fine to link me...the more the merrier!

DaniBP: Thank you!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, I love the tote bag. MUST HAVE!

- S

amy kelinda said...

I really, really hope that you got the Sultana jacket because WOW it looks fabulous on you! The skirts looked cute too, but I'm always afraid of fuller skirts that are kind of stiff and not floppy because then I can't tell if they're covering my bum or not throughout the day, haha! I also adore the shoes you have on - what are they?? Do tell!

I love the names you gave some of the items, like "UGLY SWING STYLE MERINO CARDIGAN IN A PRETTY COLOR" and "OOH, I AM GOING TO FALL APART IF ANYONE BREATHES ON ME TISSUE TEE." You're too funny, haha! But what IS up with that cardigan? The shape is so weird.

Megha said...

dina, you look great in that swingy yellow cardi even if it is a strange number. love the nico skirts, too, but that stiffy material poofs out in random directions every time i move! makes for genuine comedy but not a cute look.

but that tote? cute and immediately i-don't-have-to-wait-for-sale affordable at j.crew? color me pleased. wonder if the soho, nyc store has them.

lastly, what are those cute shoes you're wearing in the pics?

dinagideon said...

You all are too funny!!! :) That tote bag is a HUGE hit.

You can buy a crewcuts version on-line, but not the "grown-up" version. Huh. Here is the info on the crewcuts one:
Girls' fashion scout tote, $9.50 item 24266.

The booties are from Naturalizer. I is shocking! They ran big on my narrow feet, so I took a size 9 (normally a size 10). Here is the polyvore link:

It is called the Bates shoe. It was really well-priced too.

dinagideon said...

BTW, the link from polyvore says the booties are sold-out, but they aren't. So if you go onto naturalizer's web site, you can search for Bates and you should find them that way. HTH. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that bag is so cute!

I like the Sultana Jacket on you, the color is gorgeous.

Lady Cardigan said...

I have to admit, I actually like the yellow cardigan! But I don't have any hips so anything that makes them look bigger is fine by me. I wouldn't pay $88 for it, though. Everything looks nice on you, and I especially like the scalloped cardigan.

HeidiG said...

Darn it! I meant to pick up the tote when I was at JC today and forgot. Guess I can rectify that when we do lunch on Monday, huh?

Re: dresses - if you were going to return 1 dress, I could return the watercolor leopard dress just because I think the cut and coloring are so similar to the contessa dress, whereas the ravine is totally different. But I do love the leopard on you. We can talk at lunch Monday.

Ok, the UGLY SWING STYLE MERINO CARDIGAN...I came home with it, in another pretty color - BLI - bright lilac? Don't laugh too hard. Still not 100% sure on keeping it, I'll post pics. But makes my shoulders look smaller? yes, please. Will try to get all posted tomorrow.

gigiofca said...

You're a crackup. Thanks for sharing the great pics. If you ever see me review any of these, feel free to drop your link in my comments & I'll add it to my post.

The Sultana jacket looks great on you. Too bad that t-shirt is $42.50...the one you had on for most of your pics. They need to move on w/the art project tees. They've run out of creativity with tissue & chiffon.

Meme said...

Great preview of the new arrivals. The Sultana looks terrific on you. Love, love the 60s vintage look. Did you purchase the flame? Or is a different red? I just put the black in my shopping cart. At $79 minus 30%, its irreistable!

I have the Ravine dress and wear it once a week. Its such a versatile dress. Its seems so easy to dress up or down. I wear to work and I wear it on Saturdays.

The Watercolor leopard fabric is really gorgeous but as much I love the fabric I would give it up before I gave up the Ravine.

Slastena said...

I think you kept the dress, the bag, sultana and one of the tees.:)
Thank you for al ovely review. I bought that "ugly" shaped cardi, but now having second thoughts. Like you, I fell for the color and shape was not too bad on me, but.. How many yellow sweaters doe sone girl need, esp. at full price?
Also, I did not find anything else, and felt bad walking out of teh store empty ahnded, so I desperately grabbed the cardi.

tastymoog said...

Nice score with the sultana jacket. I like the sultana in the caramel color, though that shade is terrible on me. :P

I am not sure about the denim skirt... can't quite put my finger on why. Maybe I prefer a more structured denim skirt? I haven't heard much negative about it, I guess I'm one of the few who aren't into it.

Stephanie said...

Yes, I'm not really feeling the denim skirt but that may be bc it's not my style and not a reflection on you in the skirt personally. I think I prefer that skirt in the regular cotton. I will say that the pic of you in the Sultana made me want it now and let's just say I had a strong dislike for it when it debuted. So thanks for making me drink the Crewlade once again. Your pics of the watercolor leopard dress also enticed me to make a purchase. So keep the watercolor leopard dress!

dinagideon said...

Lady Cardigan: I think I need to amend my statement about the merino is a mess for me, but I can see it working on many others. :) I made the name up based on my experience with it. Kind of like a bad boyfriend, he is bound to be good for someone someday. LOL.

Gigiofca: I am glad that my humor showed through...I was attempting to be funny! :) I also agree on the tee...I love it, but cannot justify it at FP, esp. when I have a lot of tees. If I see a tee in the next few weeks, maybe I can rethink it!

Meme: I did buy the bright flame, and I have already worn it. It is a very lovely, versatile jacket...which surprises me. Hmm...I think they styled it poorly in the catalog and she got ignored, which stinks...

I am very much on the fence re: Ravine and Watercolor. I may have to figure out something else...I am going to talk to HeidiG. more and maybe between the two of us we can sort it out. :)

Slastena: You probably look great in that cardi, I just don't have the right upper body to carry it off. I am too slight on top and too large on bottom, leading to a very bad look. :) I say keep it if you love it!!!

tastymoog and stephanie: Thank you!!! I appreciate your thoughts. Looking at the photos, the camo skirt does look really cute, however, in real life, it looks very floppy, which could be distracting with a wind. (You all get what I am saying, I am sure...)

The denim mini is more me and will work, I am sure...I look forward to showing you all it in a much better light and styled differently! :)