Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Little Sultana to Brighten Your Day...and a Wee Little Rant About Rude People.

I have to make this quick and easy...I am in the midst of preparing clothing to be sent out for people who bought things last week from me on the exchange (thank you, all!)...had meant to do it yesterday, but in case you hadn't heard, we had over 6 inches of snow fall here. :P

Also, I have to get my next Cash from My Closet entry ready to go, AND (for all of you who have waited with bated breath) get my next post of Mid-Century Mom up and published (for a sneak peek, see the second photo for a glimpse of the outfit I wore).

Okay, above is the outfit I wore on Thursday evening. I clearly love the Sultana jacket enough to wear it the VERY next night after purchasing it. No waiting in the closet for this bright and lovely mid-century inspired jacket. I guess that is one way to tell if the item you bought is a keeper, do you wear it right away? (Although if it is out of season, like shorts in winter, I guess that doesn't apply...)

We were just going to our friends' house to celebrate the birthday of one of them. I didn't need to go all crazy and dressed up, as this was a casual party, but I added a bit of "dressy" to the look. :)

Jacket: Size 6.
Tee: Size Medium.
Jeans: Size 10.
Shoes: Size 9. I guess even Merona Collection are suffering from vanity sizing. These are thin enough for my feet, but had I gotten the ten, they would have been far too long.

What is up with CW's stance? Maybe she is perfecting the "slumped over so no one sees just how short this skirt is" stance that so many J. Crew models have learned!

And now let's move to Friday.
Dress: Size 10. Jones New York, Macy's. I bought it after I had CW and it was so very very tight. Now it fits very well. My only issue is that the poly-blend does not lay well and wrinkles. That said, the shape is divine and that bit of lace at the collar is so beautiful. I feel very lady-like in this dress.
Heels: Size 10.

Baby is only wearing the outfit from the last night because she went to sleep in it...we changed her into another outfit shortly after this photo was taken. :)

I wore this to go to Rex's parent-teacher conference. It was okay, and the teachers must either really like me or really dislike me because we spent over an hour talking. I think it was that long because I am a teacher, too, so things like pedagogy and implementation got into our discussion (although we didn't actually use those words).

Then I went to Whole Foods and shopped. I put on a pair of flats in that same peacock blue color so I could be comfortable. Let me tell you something, this day and age it doesn't matter how well-dressed you are, how lady-like you act, or how patient you are, you are still likely to p*ss someone off during grocery shopping. I am the type who will sit and wait for someone else to find what they are looking for and then I will move into their spot when they are done. I figure it is the right thing to do. Not ONCE, but TWICE, (and this part kills me), really OLD people chewed me out for not moving out of their way fast enough!!! Wow. I just hate to think it is THESE people who are representing my beloved Northern Virginia. So classy! Ugh. And to make it worse, I was only in their way because I refused to be rude to someone else and tell them they needed to move to make way for me. So my manners led to others' rudeness. How very ironic.

Okay, rant over. The whole purpose of me wearing this outfit was NOT for the conference (although I wouldn't have worn sweats) or for the shopping (I have done that already), but for the next chore on Mid-Century Mom's docket--unpacking the groceries. Post to be published either late tonight or early tomorrow morning!

It was REALLY really cold on Friday (still is, but the snow excuses me from having to step foot outside). This is what I wore to cover up.
Coat: Size 8. This is the Shipley Stadium Cloth Coat in Ivory. It is pretty and oh, so warm.

Last thing, I am offering up two new items for the Cash from My Closet blog, and I am giving you all a sneak peek. Please note that the jacket does NOT have the button in the middle...that was in the photo from polyvore, and was not in any of the Aubrey jackets actually produced. Having said that, I really liked this jacket when it fit me. Now it is far too big in the shoulders for me to wear. I would say a size 10 could wear this no problem.

Have a great night all!


Rachel said...

Love the jacket and denim outfit - totally cute and classy

Lady Cardigan said...

That grey dress is really beautiful, love it!

Pamela said...

I love the grey and peacock together.

gigiofca said...

Work the sultana. Me likey!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress! lace at the shoulder is sooooo pretty!

- S

Anonymous said...

The Orange jacket and jeans look great on you.

Dina I have to tell you this story, I was in the grocery store and I waited patiently for someone to move out of the way so I could get my veggies. The women had this huge bag, when she turned around the bag hit my face and I kinda made a sound, she then turned around and said in a snarky tone if you want to get into this spot just ask. You cannot win!

HeidiG said...

Love the outfits. That Sultana jacket is so perfect on you. And love the gray/peacock combo - so pretty.

Hexicon said...

What is it about the high end grocery stores? I was in Trader Joes, in a bit of a rush, trying to grab some of their delicious fat free yogurt. A well-dressed UMC woman about my own age was standing in front of the display talking on her cell phone. I politely said "Excuse me" about three times and finally just reached around her (did not touch her). She started shrieking into her cell phone about rude pushy people. I tried to explain that I'd asked her to get by . . . The funny thing is that she must be a friend of a friend because I have seen her at some events around town. I don't think she remembers how she knows me!

Beth said...

Sultana jacket=perfection
Grey dress....YOU are beautiful in this DINA.


jjc said...

Seen the jacket in black before but it didn't look nearly as good as it does on you - you pull off the perfect pizzazz! And little CW is getting the hang of it!

Don't get me started on WF shopping - I've left numerous comments a while ago at their website and customer service desk. In my local WF, the checkout queue is a mess - they use a color-coded overhead board and you can't imagine how many people are "color-blind'. It just seems mannerism is soooo last century? Then aren't we all doomed, to borrow a recent book title?

Lissa said...

cute outfits! I like the one with the orange jacket. I'm sorry you ran into some rude shoppers at whole foods! That is NEVER fun!

Slastena said...

Dina, I only saw Sultana in black and that did not rock my boat. This however is a mouth watering piece and looks so nice on you. I noticed your layered jewelry adn I have both pieces ( although I disassembled my Sunset charm bracelet and wear charms as pendants, but can easily slip them back on the bracelet).

PS. Biggest thanks to all-Summer, you and Heidi-I got the belovd yellow top today. It happens I had an errand that way, so I just went in and got it. I also ordered striped bateau top and that cute looking flower clutch, will review once it comes,

Anonymous said...

Two sizing questions--do you think the Sultana runs big--I'm getting ready to order this--and on the Juliets are they really UNCOMFORTABLE--be honest--it's just a beautiful looking shoe--I'm tempted on a Safari Pair I see on Ebay but if I can never wear them except to sit down to dinner--I dunno if I should get--HELP!
The peacock shoes with the grey dress are just sublime colors together.

Anonymous said...

Oh BTW--I was recently dating a guy who had no manners when shopping--not waiting or saying excuse me and just diving right in to grab his item obliviously...that was a HUGE turn off for me...I'm BIG on manners and class! He's history! smile

dinagideon said...

Hi, all! I am about to have a meeting, so I have to make this quick, but I want to tell you that I appreciate all of your kind words, and CW sends all of you kisses!!! ;)

casual-crew: Oh, man. That is a terrible story. I think people are at their very worst in two places...their cars and the grocery stores. Makes my blood boil to hear stories like yours...

Hexicon: Teehee, you should "accidentally" bump into her, but be on the phone when you do it, and then pretend to tell the "person you are talking to" just how awfully clumsy and careless some people are!!! :P (Okay, maybe you shouldn't...but admit it, just playing that scenario out in your head made you feel better, right???)

jjc: Thank goodness people come together in terrible times because in our cars and in our stores we are not very good to each other AT ALL. Ugh.

Lissa: I need to shop with people like you. I have a feeling even rude people don't get you down!!! That is some spirit!!!

Slastena: I want to see you in that yellow merino sweatshirt...I know you will look sublime!!! :)

Yogagirl: I actually quite like the Juliets, but I have very narrow feet so shoes rarely bother me (unless I am standing for hours a day). If you get them, wear them, but sparingly??? They sure are pretty, though!

P.S. I love that you kicked him to the curb. Good for you. I always swore (up and down) that if a guy drove poorly on our first date, it would all over. I stuck to that rule, and Mr. Dina is a pretty darn good driver. :)