Friday, January 8, 2010

The Infamous Ruffled Carly Dress and How I Plan on Styling it...Plus Mini-Review of the Metropolitan Suede Ankle Boots.

Before I get started, Kristin, I did a review of the mini-Campo bag here. I love mine, and if you need a bag this size, it is a good price and well-made.

This dress was considered a bit controversial here in our household. I purchased it and then posted on it that same night. The next day, I had some issues money-wise, and also saw that someone posted how unattractive the Carly dress looked on me, so I (in a fit of desperation) said I would return the dress, which made me sad, but I felt a bit like a wilted balloon between the money and the unattractive comment. My face that morning----------> :(

But then my hubby saw it and he really liked my legs in it and said I should keep it because if I liked the dress that much (he still isn't a huge fan of ruffles) and he likes me in the dress, then it is a win-win. YAY!

But even I know that the dressing room pics don't do it justice, so here is round #2 of the Ruffled Carly Dress (which is now on-line, but only in olive green and light amethyst; slate is in-store only).

Okay, here is the dress just plain, no extra froo-frah, just me, and my fierce and GORGEOUS (and way below market value--thank you clearance center in NC for providing the ebay seller with these boots so she could mark them up JUST enough so she could make money and I can still have amazing boots for way way less money than they cost right now over at Metropolitan Suede Ankle Boots. I think the boots help elevate this outfit. They are high heels, so I WON'T be wearing this to any parent-teacher conferences (Jenna Lyons and her ideas notwithstanding). No, even plain like this requires that I consume at least one drink. Preferably in a beautiful wineglass with some lovely Shiraz on the inside.

Dress: Size 8. Remember you can visit my initial review (no high heeled boots) here.
Boots: Size 9.5. These booties are like butter. SO soft. I really want to keep caressing the suede, but I know that this is a little weird, so I physically have to restrain my arms from heading down to my feet. The sizing is fine, just narrow and long enough for me to feel comfort. These have a hidden platform and while they make the heels seem a wee less high (the are 3 5/8 inches high), but I wouldn't go out and take a walk in these (unless I drank so much Shiraz that I forgot what I was doing). BTW, the day I won these boots (with 33 seconds to spare), this is what my face looked like -----------> :)

Many people, including me, think a belt would help this dress. And it DOES. This is a roughed out belt from a J. Crew outlet. I like that this gives the dress a bit of an edge, you know, makes it a bit more manly--need that with all the ruffles. :)

Belt: Small.

Move on quickly from this if you want...I just know some of you do rear views for your blogging audiences, so I decided to try it. Yeah, it looks fine. Bit short, but again, I am NOT going to be like Jenna and go to my kid's play wearing this (she said that hip moms should be all sassy and sort of sexy when out and about with the kids). (Goodness...really, I ask you...why make that suggestion, why???) (Does anyone remember which outfit over the holiday season she suggested that with? It was something inappropriate if I remember correctly...)

This is how I am going to wear this baby this spring. I would do the same look now, just with tights and a coat, obviously.

I adore the mix of the long cardigan and the shorter skirt. Plus the belt really helps tie it all together. So even if you aren't a fan, I am, and I am sticking to my guns. I REALLY REALLY like this.

This is about as "outside of the box" as I get. I don't think the Sartorialist is going to come knocking at my door anytime soon (and that is okay...). :)

Cardigan: Medium. I am wearing it today with a much, much, much more demure outfit.

Me from the side trying to look like a model. Ha. Sense of humor...this is my attempt. ;)

More reviews later. :)

In case you want to get these pieces, here is a polyvore. Remember, the slate color is only available in store.


Meli22 said...

I think this dress, styled, is a hit. Alone, it's kind of blahish from the front (perhaps the color??). The rear view however is awesome, makes you look great!

MaryMoo said...

You look fabulous in the dress. Can't believe you would consider returning - pshaw!

I never gave it a second thought but also being tall if it can make me look as good as you do, then I am heading to the Jcrack now! :)

HeidiG said...

Love it and oh yeah, seeing it again just confirms that it is too short for a short-shinner like me. Seriously, JC, why do you do this to me??

Pakcola said...

Looks Great!

Love the cardi with the dress, in store it looked sorta blah to me too but styled looks great, especially with the pink!

jjc said...

Look what a pair of ankle boots can do - like the beltless version, which seems more effortless chic!

With belt, the dress styled with a long cardi is perfect!

Wish I'd wear heels so I'd totally copy the outfit. At least you got me interested in the dress - off to try it on!

Pls pardon my overuse of exclamation marks! lol.

Drewablank said...

OHMYGAWSH, DINA! You look rockin' in that styling! Seriously. Mr. Dina would salivate and fall all over again (especially for that "model" photo - teehee!). Seriously.

And those booties! Aaargh! I hate not being financially upward. :(

Lovelovelove the styling!

And oh, if you'd like to take the outfit out tonight (sorry for the late notice!), some girlfriends and I'll be meeting up at Bonefish in Kingstowne tonight if you can get someone to watch the babies. ;)

Erin said...

Just goes to show what pulling together an outfit can do. Alone I don't love it, but the belt helps and the cardi does wonders. I think both of those are really cute outfits.

AppGal said...

woo-weeee! HOT MAMA!!! I must have missed the first review, but this looks great on you, esp. belted, and then esp. belted + cardi. Great look, Dina. Glad you kept it! :)

Pamela said...

I think the dress looks great belted and with the cardigan! It is very flattering! KEEP IT!

Ema said...

Mr.Dina is right, your legs look FABULOUS in this dress! Maybe it's the Metropolitan booties that give it an edge like you said (I'm still kicking myself for letting them go at the sample sale where I had a pair in my hands for $100!!!) but the dress + the booties = KEEP.
By the way, I think that this looks better on you than on me because you're taller and it's shorter on you.
Oh now I want to go back and give it another chance in the slate!

Kristin said...

Oh Dina, I am so sorry, how did I miss your earlier review? Thank you so much and next time I promise to do a much better job of searching old posts.

And I love the dress on you, esp that color. And your booties are awesome.

Meme said...

After I saw the dress on you in your first post, I high-tailed to my JC and picked one up for myself.

The belt is a great addition. I recently saw a JC pic that styles the dress with a skinny belt. Really helps define the waist.

I think the dress looks great on you so don't take this the wrong way, but I keep wondering if you could pull of a 6 in this one and give yourself an even closer fit.

Anonymous said...

Lady, you are killing me. Another super cute outfit! I love the belt and the cardi with the Carly dress, love it!

Anonymous said...

Saw the Carly yesterday--but was very impressed with how WELL MADE that sucker is--lined and everything!
You look great in this dress...I would like it...but will have to wait for a sale!

ashley said...

OMG YOU ARE LOOKING FAB!!! you rock in that dress!!! love the way you've styled it! and btw, great legs!! im going to find those booties for myself now! :)

Anonymous said...

Dina, you look amazing in all the pics, but that last one with the sequin cardi over the carly was stunning. I know you were just kidding around, but you really look adorable. I bought the carly in dk charcoal, all 40something years of me, and I love it. I had to check the stock on that cardi after seeing how cute you looked! Cheers woman!

Cleo26 said...

This dress is a go. No doubt about it. The dark charcoal is my favorite.

I love the outfit, the cardigan and the belt. In my view, the belt really gives the dress definition, breaks up the ruffles, makes it more mature. Your husband was right that the dress shows your legs in a flattering way. Please keep this one.

Anonymous said...

Keep the dress, especially if hubby likes how you look in it. How sweet. I don't like how it looks unbelted. Assuming you aren't wearing 1 size too big, I'm convinced that the styling tricksters at jcrew pinned the back when they photographed the model. It clearly tapers in at the waist as if she has an invisible belt.

Please let us know how the campo bags and boots hold up over time. I miss the Borge garveri (sp?) leather bags which held up exceptionally well.

KDot said...

You look smokin'!

MMM said...

Oh, I am soooo glad that you decided to keep the dress. :) Mr. Dina was right- your legs look smashing! ;)

It looks especially great w/ the booties, belt, and cardi~ LOVE it! I am planning on visiting my b&m tomorrow so I will definitely be trying this dress now.

Just curious, have you tried it w/ the Stained Glass Cardi yet? That might be cute too!?! :-/

Thanks for sharing! :)

Summerilla said...

Okay you've convinced me I HAVE TO HAVE THIS DRESS - HOT HOT HOT! Like Heidi I'm worried it might be a little short on me though. Heck I love it, I'll put shorts under it if I have to!!!

A Bigger Closet said...'re seriously rocking this outfit. I love it on you! Good on you for grabbing a pair of those fabulous boots too. You'll love them with skirts and skinny pants too. :)

After seeing this dress on you, I know I HAVE to try it. Thanks you little enabler. Hee hee.

CheesyGoodness said...

I'm stoked for you that you kept Carly, you husband is right! You look fab. Love the rosy cardi with it, pretty combo. The lengths are perfect. I read a decades old etiquette handbook that stated the overlayer should never be longer than the skirt or dress, it should fall at least on inch, preferably more, shorter than the skirt. So even in modern, hip threads, you do the mid-century rules proud!

Stephanie said...

Love this dress. And great styling with the belt. I bought the lilac Carly last week and was thinking of pairing it with a silver skinny belt and the grey summerweight cardi from last summer & silver capri sandals. But now I am on a mission to find the Metropolitan booties in the grey suede. Thanks for the inspiration!

dinagideon said...

Oh, my goodness. :) WOW! What a tremendous response from you all. I am super-thrilled to go out in public in this outfit. Now, if only the weather would cooperate.

I am going to answer questions only, as the yummy Chinese food will be here shortly...

Meli22: I think the color is a bit "prison" vibe-ish, so yes, I kind of think you are right. I plan on playing with accessories with this puppy...

Kristin: I can barely find my own posts, much less expect anyone else to. :) I was more than glad to help!

Meme: Well, thank you, and I will never ever be offended if people say size down to me. ;) I am such a girly girl. I think I am going to keep the 8 and take the top half in, you know have the tailor nip and tuck the back part of the top of the dress to give it a more fitted appearance. The 8's hips are *just* loose enough, the 6 would probably be too uncomfortable...but I do appreciate the thought!

Anon at 8:28: If you read the response I gave to Meme, you already know I am going to have my dress taken in a bit. :) Which will help a lot.

I will definitely let you all know how well the Campos hold up. I can tell you that the oiled leather version (the slate tote) is getting its patina, not an unattractive thing, but probably something people may not be expecting. Mine is going slightly blue/darker grey, and I really like it!

MMM: Yes, I have tried the stained glass and I love it. I took a pic of me wearing the Ravine dress with the stained glass cardi though and am going to publish that look later this week...I bought the Ravine to be my "serious" dress, don't have enough of those. My last serious dress is too big now (I last wore it to my uncle's funeral in April).

ABC: Oh, you have enabled me more than enough times... ;)

CheesyGoodness: Smile. My alter-ego is super proud of me right now. ;)

Slastena said...

Lol about Meli22 comment. Is she implying for you to walk backwards?:)))
My jaw dropped when I saw the outfit on you. LOVE IT! Perfection head to toe with or without cardi. Beautiful!!Truly flattering from every angle!

dinagideon said...

Slastena: Thank you!!! BTW, it was so GREAT to see you yesterday. I hope you enjoyed your alone time. I am in the midst of my alone time (once a week I get the morning off), and it is AWESOME. :) Enjoying my local coffee shop and some free wireless. You looked gorgeous yesterday. You are positively glowing!!!