Friday, January 8, 2010

Two Outfits of the Day (Featuring Boden's Velvet Coat, Giraffe Print Shoes, J. Crew's Tuxedo Scout Chinos, and a Microsequin Cardigan)!!!

Going to do some reviews later today (which will include pics of how I plan on styling the Carly dress), so I don't want to spend a ton of time on this post, but I do like both of these outfits. I finally am wearing something more interesting than yoga pants (I have been sick--turns out the migraine was actually a virus--blegh).

Here is the polyvore of what I wore last night. The velvet coat is substantial enough to keep the chill out. It was still REALLY cold. People around here are not used to temps in the teens. BRRRRR.

If you like any of these items, you should be able to click through the polyvore to the place where you can buy them/find out more about them.

Sweater: Size Small.
Pants: Size 8. (I so wanted these...and was STALKING the web until they popped back in my size and for 20 bucks--even got a % off...woohoo.) They are basically a scout chino, but with a fun grosgrain ribbon attached to the side of the pants, giving it a "tuxedo feel."
Shoes: Size 40. (Or a 9.) I was insanely in love with these shoes, but Boden's shoes RUN HUGE. I should wear a 42, or a 10, but I read they ran large, so I bought a 41 (or a 9.5). Those were TOO HUGE--especially width wise, so I ordered a 40. CRAZY. But the 40's fit is lovely, and these are all leather, including the soles. BTW, the 41 I bought was $100, but I had to return them, and by the time I bought the 40, the price had dropped to $60!!! YAY!
Bag: Large Patent Campo. Another item I have been stalking, love the mini campo in coconut, so I knew the large would be lovely, too, but COULD NOT and WOULD NOT pay full price. Well, it went on sale and had 20% off, so I bought the slate. This is a very large bag (see the next photo). I definitely think this bag is only for those of us that are tall and/or have a need for a bag this big (i.e. moms on the go). Just so happens I am both. :)

Coat: UK 12 (or US 8). There was some warning or another that this coat ran small, so I went ahead and got my "normal" size. It is fine, a bit loose, but I can wear a sweater under it. A UK 10 would have been more fitted. There are plenty of these left at Boden, I believe they are even on ridiculous sale now. Like "cheap cheap," if you will.

Pink and Brown for a SAHM
Pink and Brown for a SAHM by dinagideon featuring J Crew

Polyvore of today's outfit is above. I was SUPPOSED to go out to meet HeidiG. at Tysons, but NO...not only did my car have issues, but in this part of Fairfax County, that is the FORGOTTEN part of Fairfax County, we still have ice on our roads from the light snow we got last night. Guess I am house-bound again. Grrrrrr. :P

So now I get to be sparkly at home. Woo! SAHM sparkly!

Cardigan: Size Medium. I wanted the fit to be a bit loose, giving it a boyfriend look. You will see this crop up later today (this is one of the elements to my ruffled Carly dress outfit). I really like the microsequins. It isn't overly obnoxious, like a light dusting of sparkle. :) The color in the pic is accurate. Suzy reviewed it here.
Top: Size Small. I wore it here last.
Pants: Size 30S.
Shoes: Size 9.5.

Sorry the photo is a bit blurry...hard to take them of myself.

Talk to you all later today!


Kathy said...

I love both outfits! The velvet coat is fabulous and I really like how you put all the colors together. The second one has all mu usual colors. I have been looking at this tee because it looks so nice in everyones sets and I looks lovely on you! I think I saw it on sale at the B&M, I will have too look again.

Have a nice weekend!

Pamela said...

Oh wow. That boden coat color is beautiful. I may do an order this weekend. So many good deals! I was just looking on the site and they now use US sizing!!!

Rachel said...

2 cute outfits!
I love the floral tee - I was stalking it and waiting for a sale but sadly missed it in my size. I love the cardi too.
There were quite a few of the chinos with tuxedo stripe at Tysons but I didn't try them - I am finding me and J. Crew pants aren't friends. :(
I was planning a trip over to the Tysons area today too - but can't seem to motivate. Maybe its the snow


Drewablank said...

Oh, honey! Housebound can suck, especially if you have fun plans to go out! :(

But if you have to stay at home, sparkles is the way to go! No use in being stuck in pj's, I say. ;)

And the first outfit? Love! I stalked those scout chinos too and eventually got them at a B&M for $29.99 with an additional 20% off! So for practically nothing! Well, ok, for a only a little, eensy bit. I can't wait to wear them with the sweeping ruffles shirt - which I SWEAR will be mine!!!

I hope you feel better, sweetie! Hugs!!

Cloggsy said...

Looking fab as always!

Huh, I have each of those pieces in you flower tee outfit, but haven't ever thought to put them together....totally what I'm wearing tomorrow now!

Kristin said...

I especially love the 2nd outfit - the pink is so pretty on you! Could you (pretty please!) do a post reviewing your campos? I am always teased when I see the mini on the sale page but I fear the final sale. Thank you!!

dinagideon said...

Going to get to all comments later, but Kristin, in my newest post (on the carly dress--just published), I included a link to where I reviewed the mini patent campo bag. :) HTH.

Summerilla said...

Loving these outfits - especially the sequin cardigan. I had been wanting that forever, I swear we always love the same things. That or we both just love everything!! :)

Rachel - I often have problems with JCrew pants too. We don't normally get along. I know for me if it's not the "city fit" I can't wear them. I'm envious of Mrs. Dina and how lovely she looks in everything Jcrew and Boden!

HeidiG said...

Stupid snow and lack of infrastructure in our states....(kicks snowballs on ground}

ADORE that velvet coat on you - love the turtleneck with the tuxedo scout chinos - I have thought about trying a pair now that they are on super sale. Maybe I will on Monday...and btw, I think Summerilla's going to join up, too. And good to know you sized up in them, I tried my cafe capri size last time and they were looking pretty bad - maybe I need to go back to regular-pants size. But you know me, I'm always too lazy to go back and grab another size.

Love today's outfit too - sequins are a fab way to perk up an at-home day for sure.

Anonymous said...

Lady, you make those Tuxedo Scout Chinos look good! WOW! You look so classy and polished. Lola gives this outfit paws up.

dinagideon said...

Hi, all! Thanks for your sweet comments today. I do really like this outfit, and the tuxedo chinos are just a nice pair of pants.

Kathy: I think it IS on sale. Highly recommend you buy the tee, it is very versatile and pretty. :)

Pamela: The boden site is now updated for spring...oooooh, goodie! ;)

Rachel: I hated J. Crew pants FOR THE LONGEST time, and then after I had CW I found that the pants fit better because I had lost weight in my thighs (of all places--weird right?). Now I have issues with their button-downs. The hem always hits at the very wrong spot on my hips. Grrr. E-mail me about Monday, if you can... :)

Drewablank: You and HeidiG. are gonna have to fight over the sweeping ruffles top. And I want to watch. Please. :)

Cloggsy: Please wear and look fab, as usual. You should post the look on your blog so we all can see. ;)

Kristin: No worries. Sometimes I can't find my own posts. It is funny watching me hunt for my posts. It takes way too long, that's for sure.

Summerilla: Yes, I think we like the same things, and maybe everything? JK. I think you and I have similar coloring, and even though you are a smaller build than me, we have a similar shape, which means we are going to be attracted to the same stuff, which is pretty are one of my J. Crew soul sisters.

HeidiG.: There was no sizing up in these pants. I am an 8...except when I can squeak my way into a 6 because of vanity sizing. LOL. ;)

Rosa (and Lola): Merci, my darlings.

HeidiG said...

Maybe I'm just so used to their vanity sizing I think of it as normal JC sizing. I'm an 8 in cafe capris & Minnies...but a 10 pretty much everywhere else in the mall. Guess I'll try the tuxedo in a 10 if they have it.

dinagideon said...

HeidiG.: Step away from the 10s. The 8 will fit you perfectly, that is the size I wear in the minnies, hand on heart. ;)

gigiofca said...

The color on the coat is gorg. You look great in the tuxedo striped chinos. I love that outfit.