Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fresco Tunic Thursday for Debye!!!

Update: I had originally posted this at 11:21 am, but stupid, idiotic Blogger was not publishing it to the Reader feed (I follow my own blog anonymously so that I can make sure posts publish). So I am re-publishing. I love you Blogger, BUT I also really hate you sometimes. GRRRR.

Thank you all for your votes yesterday on which Campo outfit I should wear on Saturday. I think the black turtleneck, black tights, and ankle boots combo is the winner by a landslide. Quick question...what should I do to prevent the black from showing through the sweaterdress? Or should I not stress about it?

I feel a million times better today than I did yesterday. Usually if I have a migraine, Mr. Dina will stay home and take care of the kids while I recover for an hour or so, but because Mr. Dina has had to be at home the past week to deal with the malfunctioning water heater, he HAD to go to work yesterday. Therefore, my migraine and I got to chill with each other all day long. :P

I promised Debye that I would wear the Fresco tunic today and I have. It is a great all-year tunic top. It was in-store only, but I have seen them on ebay. If you pay 75 dollars, it is still a great deal (I think it was over a hundred in store originally). Because it is silk, I stay warm in the winter, and in the summer, it breathes, keeping me cool. (BTW, if you own the tunic and use polyvore, you are welcome to save the item to your items, it is me wearing the top, but you obviously can cut it to have just the tunic showing, as I have done in this set.)

Tunic: Size 8. Don't remember the last time I wore it. I have worn it quite a bit...very versatile. Also, I should have sized down, but it doesn't look bad this loose, so thank goodness! :)
Pants: Size 8. Very, very comfy.
Shoes: Size 9.

CW is wearing baby cowboy boots. She had on skinny cords yesterday. Fashion has caught up to the under-3 set. Crazy, but oh, so cute.

Coat: Size 8. I have definitely worn this a lot, perfect length and fabric for most of our winter days, which usually top out at about 45 degrees.

Later on today, I will comment back on the last three posts and I will also post a review of the Icon trench (which I bought during December's 30% off coats sale). I HIGHLY recommend that if it goes on sale again, BUY IT! It is truly a classic coat. ;)


dinagideon said...

From the original post, these fine ladies somehow found the post even if it wasn't in anyone's feeder... :) THANK YOU, Ladies for finding the post even when everyone else couldn't!

Elizabeth in MO said...
LOVE the tunic on you! I have the icon trench in black - FABULOUS! Truly a classic - I can see myself still wearing it in 10 years. Would love to also get the khaki. LOVE your blog!

Summerilla said...
Love this tunic, it's one of my favorite pieces in my own closet and you look fabulous in it. Love how you paired the pink with it - I'm going to try that next time.

Glad you are feeling better from the migraine yesterday!

dinagideon said...

Ergh and double-ergh:

Now both posts have published, at the same time. I definitely hate Blogger today. You suck, blogger. >:^(

Debye said...

Yay! Thank-you, I love this tunic and you did a great job styling it (as always).

I am hoping to find it one day on eBay for under $100, it is such a beautiful piece.

p.s. love CW's boots, she is a very stylish toddler :o)

Rachel said...

Another cute outfit

Stylestance said...

Lovely looks on you both, my friend :)

Kristin said...

I love it with all of the pink. Makes me wish for spring!

Slastena said...

Dina, this color palette is so flatterig on you, truly candy-licious... Love it!

Elizabeth in MO- I have Icon trench in khaki and second you on that, timeless piece...

missmasala said...

beautiful color combination! Love the coat and the tunic :-)

Leslie said...

The outfit is awesome, but the color of the lipgloss is the king! It looks soooo good on you, makes your eyes so incredibly blue!

JKW said...

You look lovely in these colors. The Fresco print is one of my absolute favorite prints from J. Crew. I have the cardigan and the tank. The coat is a stunner.

Rosa in DC said...

Oh Dina, this is so pretty, the combination of the colors is gorgeous!!!

Guess what? I went to the Friendship Heights JCrew and I think a Double-cloth Carlin coat had just been returned in my size and in the wild blackberry color and it was in the sale rack. So I grabbed it, run really quickly towards the fitting room and fell in love with it. There was also a 30% off the final sale price and I was so happy to get this baby for a fraction of the price. I felt so lucky, specially after having a bad day at work. Anyway, I thought you would appreciate this shopping adventure.

HeidiG said...

Rosa in DC - Awesome news on the coat!!

If anyone wears a size 12 coat, they had about 5 or 6 different ones on the sale rack at the Montgomery Mall B&M (Bethesda, MD)

Dina - love this outfit on you - that is such a you print! Silk keeps you warm in winter? Seriously??? Ok, you know I have issues.

Re: the campo dress with black turtleneck & tights - (ok to post it here?) - by going with solid black underneath, you don't really need to worry so much about show-through because you have the same color head to toe under the dress (kinda like wearing a catsuit...meow!. if you did something like a black turtleneck and then gray tights, that would should through since the under-color would change. Can't wait to see the campo with the sexy black catsuit effect underneath!!

Emily said...

I love this tunic so much so that I have tried to chase it down on ebay. You look great in it and I love that you paired it with the pink coat! CW is such a fashionista!

NoJCrewinJapan said...

I love the pink coat with the green of the tunic!! Very nice!

Silver Spectre said...
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Silver Spectre said...


C.W. is super cuddly in the vest outfit. And she is wears it well; it is a great match.



dinagideon said...

Hi, All! Thanks for your sweet words...I love this outfit and I am really glad Debye asked me to wear the tunic. I felt great in the whole thing!

In the interest of time (I have little), I am going to only answer questions/comments...

Leslie: Thank you. I am wearing the lip stain by Mark that Chanel Fashionista gave me in her giveaway, plus a little lipgloss on top! :)

Rosa: That is fantastic. What a great deal. That wild blackberry color is so versatile and rich, and you got it for cheap!!! I hope your week got better, hon. :)

HeidiG.: You will soon be able to see the "sexy" catsuit effect you described. I am posting the Campo pics in a couple of hours. ;)

Dad: And we have you to thank for her cuddly vest...she definitely wears it a lot so it is good to know that she wears it well. SMILE.