Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chain Link Print Sweaterdress for a Mighty Cold Day!!!

Thank you all for reading my MEGA-post yesterday. I feared that I wrote so much that your eyes would glaze over, you would fall asleep at your computer, your coffee would spill all over your computer, and I would be solely responsible for thousands of dollars of damage per household. :)

I still have to get my New Year's Eve day and night outfits published, but since I wore both a Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan and the stardust pencil skirt (not together), I want to spend more time on that post.

Black, Grey, and White for a Winter's Day!
Black, Grey, and White for a Winter's Day! by dinagideon featuring J Crew

Today's outfit came from two places--I wanted to look retro, fun, and lady-like, and I wanted to stay warm (it only topped at 29 degrees Fahrenheit here in NOVA). Originally I wanted to wear wool shorts with tights, but then Mr. Dina reminded me of the actual wind chill, and I declined.

So I pulled out an old fave, the Chain Link Print Sweaterdress, which I have not worn since getting pregnant with CW. I bought it as a present for myself when it went on super-sale in fall of 2007. It is a collection piece, and it shows. The merino is super-soft, the print is exquisite and different, and the sleeves have the most darling button detail at the elbows.

Everything in the polyvore is accurate, except the gloves which are from Ann Taylor, and the tights are Merona from Target.

On me--with the button-down layered under the dress. The tights are super-opaque and lovely for this weather. The belt was just the thing to break up the pattern.

Dress: Size Medium.
Button-Down: Size Medium.
Tights: Size Medium-Tall.
Shoes: Size 10.
Belt: Size Small.

And here is the outfit with the cloche. Big fan of the cloche. I may be making a stupid face here, but I shouldn't have been...I should have been jumping for joy. This cloche kept me super-warm. Since I also wore the ivory Shipley I bought last year (stadium cloth coats from J. Crew are da bomb), I actually over-heated in the car. Yes, I did.

Baby is so cute here, holding my hand and looking all loving. :)

Hat: Medium-Large.

See and talk with you all soon!


Cloggsy said...

Your legs look freaking TINY...Loving your style as always lady!

Eleanor said...

I really love this look on you...the hat is a perfect solution to cold and windchill and we are both lucky we can pull them off!BTW, you are not kidding with the cold!
It is like antarctica here in the NJ tonight and of course my dog needs to go out every 10 minutes!

Also BTW, my sister lives in Ashburn...not too far from you eh?

GingerSnap said...

I love that print! I fell for it too because I ended up with the cardigan and the camisole version of it! But I have to say that I love those JC sweater dresses - I feel like they just aren't making them like they used to! This one is a perfect example of "when times were good!" You look great and your baby is DAH-LING! :)

Suzy said...

Dina, I love that dress/outfit on you! I never saw the earlier collection pieces, as I was a B&m shopper only when I first shopped at JC. And I was so hooked on their sweaters and cardigans, I overlooked so many things!
You look adorable in that hat, btw!

I particularly noticed that CW seems to be quite comfortable posing in your photo with you. She'll be ready to start her own blog soon! She is adorable.

I did read your post yesterday, and remember specifically discovering your blog through Polyvore, and I was always loving the colors you combined in your sets!

Happy One Year Anniversary for this blog!

laceysiegel said...

This is one of my favorite outfits that I've seen on you. I also love it b/c your baby is just too cute. I read yesterday's blog and since I've only recently discovered your blog, I was happy to see some of what I've missed. I think you have a real flare for mixing colors and textures. Congrats on reaching your goal weight. Also,I'm so happy to hear you decided to keep the Ruffled Carly Dress(saw a great picture of it on Petunia in Paradise's blog - she also has the Allover Rosette Tee that you modeled that I bought and the Shipley Sweater and Ruthie Ruffle Shell that I scooped up too) dress. I loved the Carly on you and, more importantly, you loved it. Again, I'll let you know if it works for me. Thanks for a great blog that I look forward to reading. Thanks.

A Bigger Closet said...

Happy New Year Dina (and a belated Merry Christmas too). :)

I really like this outfit on you and so fun to see you restyling lovely J.Crew pieces from past seasons.

tastymoog said...

This dress is so versatile and works for almost anyone. A few months ago, I saw a very hip young lady (late 20s, perhaps), with all sorts of funky tatoos on her arms (like, old timey sailor ships and pin-ups, mixed with cartoonish robots and cupcakes), wearing this dress with a pair of bright blue leggings and patent platform heels. You never know when you're going to spot some jcrew! :)

Pamela said...

I love the entire looks! That shirt under the dress is perfect. I picked up a cute knit cap at the J.Crew outlet a few mos. ago and wear it all the time. I love wearing hats!

Anonymous said...

You are just sooo freakin' cute I can't stand it! smile
Luve the hat on you!!! very cute!

Would you mind emailing me at
I want to ask you how to do the when you write "here" and "here" and people are able to click on it and it goes to the website or another person's blog.
If you have rush and no worries. Thanks so much! Happy New Year again!

Sarah said...

You look great but little CW might be stealing your thunder a little in this picture. She looks adorable.

Kudos for still dressing up in a dress in the miserable cold!

Jemma Ruby said...

Hi Dina, HNY!!! This is a super cute outfit! Love it! How do you like that bag? I am kind of on the fence about it...Can you do a pic in one of your upcoming outfit pictures?

Slastena said...

Cute, cute, cute.. I own few similar hats too- love them.. Makes you fell instant lady-like. YOu are so brave to venture outside in a wind and cold like this. I am sitting home and not even going for groceries. My fridge is empty, but I am holding up, lol!

The Outfit of the day said...

I finally found a time to read your entire page. I noticed that since your started this blog, your style changed. You look amazing and I love your blog.

dinagideon said...

Hi, Happy Monday all!!! Have to be quick with comments today as my lunch is almost done very hungry!

Only responding to questions, hope that is okay!

Eleanor: Brr, NJ, and everywhere else in America (minus Hawaii, lucky dogs) is SO COLD!

Ashburn is *fairly* close, but because it takes so freaking long to get there (an hour easily, even without bad traffic), I almost never get that way...

Yogagirl: When I get a spare moment, hopefully today or tomorrow, I will e-mail you. It actually isn't that hard, but it took me a while to figure it out!!! :)

Sarah: LOL. Since having Rex, I am so used to being UPSTAGED. It's cool...they are certainly adorable (most of the time)! :)

Jemma Ruby: I did a post on it a while back, I think when I wore the vintage fleur tiered cami...

Hope that helps!!!

Have a great day, all. As promised, up next, the new year's eve looks...finally!

HeidiG said...

love love love. 'nuff said. :)