Friday, January 29, 2010

Watercolor Leopard Cardigan Brings Out My Wild Side...

Ladylike with an Edge!
Ladylike with an Edge! by dinagideon featuring J Crew

The night I went to Pentagon City to look at all of the new goodies at J. Crew, I wore this outfit (pictured above in the polyvore). If you know me, you know that dark, edgy-looking outfits are not normally my thing. I wanted to try something new...ladylike with an edge. I loved the outfit, it made me feel exactly like I wanted to feel, confident, pretty, and ready to try new things (you all saw that I tried on not one, but two, very short, very full mini-skirts, right?).

If you like the boots, they are still for sale, but you have to go directly to Naturalizer, and not through the polyvore. For some reason Polyvore seems to think they are sold-out. Sadly, the GORGEOUS tweed mini-bag is sold out, but I was lucky enough to buy mine from a fantastic JCA in NYC who was going to return hers to her local store, so I swooped in and begged her to let me buy it straight from her. (It was an awesome transaction.) :)

Here is what the outfit looked like in total.

Cardigan: Size Small. I had bought the watercolor leopard pencil skirt, but even in a size 8, that sucker was T-I-G-H-T. It fit, but wow, super-uncomfortable. And no 10s available for sale. But serendipity stepped in, and the cardigan was at Tysons when I went, and on sale for 40 dollars, maybe? I ended up getting money back from the transaction!
Top: Size Medium. This Target Xhiliration tank has sequins all over the front, but they are sewn onto a piece of fabric to keep the sequins NICE and SECURE. No Sequin OCD from me on this top--smile. I loved it and its price so much, I also bought it in a turquoise color (supposedly 2010's IT color). :)
Skirt: Size 8. From the outlet and very comfy!
Tights: Size Medium/Tall. These are the glitter version J. Crew made for the holidays. The glitter is subtle. Only beef I have is that the tights don't have a control top, and I LOVE feeling "sucked in."
Boots: Size 9.

I am also wearing the Tangled Treasure necklace. I think it is the PERFECT match for this outfit...

CW has now taken to placing herself in all of my photos. If she sees me taking my pic of the day, she comes up, holds my hand, and poses. Cracks us up still! :) Come on, J. Crew, don't you see her potential as a crewcuts darling???

This is with the cardi off. It wasn't warm enough for me to do this, though. That cardi stayed on for a good portion of the night.

Here is the sparkle tweed mini-bag on me. I love it as much as I love her sister, the shimmerveil mini-bag. (Don't tell her sister, but I *think* the sparkle tweed may come out and play more because she is less high maintenance.)

By the way, so you all know, I kept the Contessa dress, the Sultana jacket, the denim full mini, and the scalloped zipper cardigan. I definitely bought the bag. I may, when it goes on sale, buy the froo-frah tee.

You all have a nice night. (Oh, and prepare for a new mid-century mom post...I finally got the chance to do another chore in a very prim and proper outfit.)


Marietta said...

Dina, you look wonderful!!! The tweed bag looks especially darling on you, and hits you at the right spot.... imagine on 5'1.5" me... it was halfway down my leg! I'm so glad that it's in your happy home.

PS - CW is just darling!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dina! Love the outfit. Wondering what you meant when you said the shimmerveil was high maintenance? Something I should know about the little bag? TIA!

Slastena said...

Can I say--you are hot, baby- in my best Austin Power' voice?:))
You are rocking it, Dina!
I got 1 item right from your take-home riddle, the Sultana. I thought I knew you better, lol!

Eleanor said...

I love your "wild side" look amazing!!!

dinagideon said...

Marietta: Ah, I am glad you "outed" yourself as my wonderful NYC JCA friend. :) It is perfection. :)

cdp: Oh, hon, you won't have any worries...mine are solely surrounding my darling two babies and their penchant for dirty fingers!!! I have to keep my pretty white bag away from them until they are at least a couple years older. :) (Miss Shimmerveil goes on dates, for instance!)

Slastena: Oh, no worries, that tee *almost* came home with me. And I think you called the dress correctly!!! ;)

Eleanor: Roar!!! Heehee. :)

Jemma Ruby said...

Dina, that's a beautiful going out outfit! Love it, one of my favorites on you! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have the water color leopard pencil skirt, I really like this print/pattern. You look great! I especially like the last photo!

- S

The Outfit of the day said...

I love this sequin top. Well, I love anything that has sequin.
I love my tweed mini bag as well. You made me laugh talking about her "sister"!

Anonymous said...

The outfit is really nice and is so flattering on you, love it.

Beth said...

You look fab!! Very cool outfit.
How big is your closet anyway....Holy Cow girl.


Genny said...

You look very nice:)

crewcrazy said...

Dina - thanks for the Boden reviews the other day. I've been eying the hotchpoth top but on your advice I"m going to wait for one of their 20% deals. I was not considering the dresses but am now curious about the pretty cotten dress and the textured shift. They both are really cute. I always love their skirts. I've got the Boden Merino cardi in my cart. Really like that empire waist. It will shake up my cardi's.

HeidiG said...

Love the outfit on you - so fab!!!

dinagideon said...

Jemma Ruby: Thank you so much. It felt really really good on...

How have you been? I have been so busy I haven't been able to comment on any of your recent posts. Well, we will be snow-bound this weekend, so I can definitely visit and comment when that happens!

S.: Thank you!!! I love that skirt, so wish the 8 I got wasn't too tight! ;)

TOOTD: Yes, I love my sisters, one dark and "practical," the other pale and "handle with care." LOL. Sequins are my new best friends, I have decided. :)

casual-crew: Thank you!!! :)

Beth: Oh, hon, you should see me every weekend attempting to find more things to sell...I have okay sized closets for a 1964 house, but nothing of the proportions of current homes. My SIL has A HUGE closet. I salivate every time I see it! :)

Genny: Thanks!!! I appreciate it!

crewcrazy: You can't go wrong with Boden's knits...they are done so well. And considering how well they hold up, they are very much worth the price!!!

HeidiG.: Well considering how fab you are, I say THANK YOU!!! :)