Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wool Ribbon Ravine Dress and a Stained Glass Cardigan...Belted to Perfection!

I almost forgot that I needed to do this review. Oops!!! Thanks for the reminder, S. :)

I also have to do that gorgeous dress that I blogged about way back when...maybe I can have Mr. Dina photograph that one, in addition to the Boden pieces. (The ones I took of the dress didn't work out so well...I find photographing in the mirror is a tough job most days!)

Here is how I plan on styling the Wool Ribbon Ravine Dress...with the Stained Glass Cardigan, and belted just so. I also like the way the Metropolitan Ankle Boots look with the outfit.

Cardigan: Size Medium. I went with my usual J. Crew Merino cardigan size. I have found that I can fit into size small, but when I want to button the cardi up, I go with the larger medium...lays better that way.
Dress: Size 8. It is a bit loose at top and a bit snug in the hips (but nothing terrible and certainly spanx-fixable), but I have been searching and searching for the perfect "serious" dress for a while now. The one I wore to my uncle's funeral is too big now and the black looked too harsh with my skin tone. I feel like this charcoal dress is a nice replacement, especially if (when needed), I pair it with a conservative jacket, dark tights, and dark flats. (BTW, if anyone wants to buy the EUC Target dress I wore--I can e-mail pics, btw, I am more than willing to sell it...I know what it is like to try and find that perfect "serious" dress and not finding it!)
Shoes: Size 9.5.
Belt: Size Small. It is from the outlet, but you can find one just like it almost anywhere. :)

Here is the Ravine dress on its own. I LOVE the fabric, it is soooooooo soft. The collar is very pretty and unexpected. (It is a "frayed" look, but because it is wool and not silk, it won't be a big ole mess the way some of J. Crew's frayed looks get after one wearing.)

I am posting the pics of the Campo later today, and then maybe tomorrow, I will post the Boden reviews, etc. I am substituting, so it really depends on what the teacher needs me to do on whether or not any posting will get done.

P.S. Because I am in LOVE with the Liberty Print Fabric, I put an insane bid on a liberty print blouse over at ebay (one of my awesome blog friends found it for me). At the last second, I was sniped for $2.50 over my highest bid (which, btw, is almost twice the original cost of the blouse). In the end, I guess it is the way it goes, and really, should I be that obsessed? But, here is my plea...if any of you have this blouse in an 8, 10, or 12, I would buy it from you in a HEARTBEAT. SERIOUSLY, please consider it, especially if you never wear it anymore. Thank you!!! BTW, I will be putting this on the "looking to find" over at the JCA exchange, but I thought I would try you all first, 'cause you are my peeps! ;)


DaniBP said...

I love the way you have styled the Ravine dress! The stained glass cardi is GORGEOUS on you!

Beth said...

Love the boots!!
Pretty ans usual Dina....I really like all your reviews.


Kathy said...

You look beautiful in your Ravine outfit! You styled it perfectly.

MMM said...

LOVE the outfit~~ you look fab! :) I have the stained glass cardi too and it really does look great with dark charcoal.

Thanks for sharing!!

OneFashionistaDiva said...

love the belted cardi with the dress...and i heart those metro boots!!

The Chic Chauffeur said...

I love the look! That ravine dress is ravishing on you! Will get raves! (ok :) I'll stop..... but it IS darling!)

I am going on a short jaunt in a few weeks to the city of Lost Wages.... I am not a gambler, but got super excited when I saw there was a J Crew Outlet in Vegas. I'd love for you to do a post about the finds you can discover at the outlet.... I have never been to one, and cannot wait!

good luck with your top..... keep looking of JCA! I finally found my long lost Haley foil cardi!!! (swoon!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the review. You look beautiful. I have the ravine dress and wore it on formal night on a cruise. Now I REALLY want the stained glass pretty



Summerilla said...

I hope you find your top - it's very pretty!

I love how you styled the dress with the cardigan, I need to go see this cardi in stores. I wish I had bought the Ravine dress myself.

HeidiG said...

Love the Ravine dress on you - fab with the SG cardi too. So versatile, too. Enjoy!!

dinagideon said...

Hi, all. :)

DaniBP: Thank you so much. I wasn't sure about the Ravine until I tried it with the cardi, and then it made sense!!!

Beth: Thank you! I love doing reviews, they just take more time than I sometimes have. ;)

Kathy: Thank you. :)

MMM: Hi! Dark Charcoal and the Stained Glass print are like peas and carrots...they just go well together! LOL.

OneFashionistaDiva: Yeah, these Metro boots are so perfect. If only they were a teeny bit more comfy, I would live in them. Seriously. :)

The Chic Chauffeur: Ooh, I love the outlets. I wish I lived closer to one. :P Definitely blog about what you find...

I have that Haley Foil cardi, it is well-made, warm, and lovely. Definitely a score on your part!!!

S.: Oh, the Ravine is so good on so many levels, it can go to work, a cruise, a funeral, truly a multi-tasker. If I have enabled you to get the stained glass cardi, I am either sorry or happy (depending on how you feel about it). :)

Summerilla: I think we need to buy everything the other buys...even though you are smaller than me, our shape and coloring is similar enough that we gravitate towards the same stuff. So, if you find a winner, you have to let me know, and vice versa! ;)

HeidiG.: I finally found a good basic dress for me. Took long enough. LOL.