Friday, January 22, 2010

It Truly is an Icon...the Icon Trench (Khaki).

My kids are being especially needy this morning, so I have to make this a fairly quick review, but that is okay because the very lovely Slastena did a review on this way back in February of last year (it has been out that long and for the very same price--wow).

J. Crew Collection Icon Trench is available here.

I just wanted to make sure that you guys could see it on a different body, height, size, etc.

Every lady should own a classic trench coat. For years, I have owned trench coats, but they have always been single-breasted or if double-breasted, they are in a short length. I had been pining for a classic trench coat for years...but could never justify the higher price tag on the classic ones.

But then J. Crew had a sale in December on all coats...30% off. All coats? Including the object that I had been desirous of since last winter??? Yep! I checked it, and lo and behold, the Icon Trench WAS on sale, from 298 dollars to a little bit more than 200. It was definitely still a lot of money, but I knew the price would be worth it for a classic.

I eventually received it a little before Christmas...and it was exactly what I wanted...the right length, the right color, double-breasted, a belt that can be tied for the right sort of "jaunty" look, etc. In other words, I had bought a classic.

My normal shopping pattern is to buy pieces that are "special," but not necessarily classic...for instance, most of my J. Crew items are the pieces that are immediately recognizable as J. Crew, the prints like the Campo, the Fresco, the Liberty prints, the brightly-hued cashmere, the cardigans with unusual animal prints, etc. This coat? It is J. Crew (supposedly J. Crew Collection--mine does not have a black label, though), but you wouldn't know it until you looked at the tag. For me, this may be a first. A J. Crew item that doesn't look J. Crew from far away...amazing!

Coat: Size 8. Could have gotten away with a 6, but I am honest with myself, I want to keep this for as long as possible, and if I am wearing this pretty into my 50s, will I be a size 6? Probably not.

I wore this last weekend when we were experiencing torrential rains in VA. This is not "weather-proof," but did a fine job of keeping me warm and dry.

I know I can wear it in the fall and spring without a layer underneath (just the outfit itself), and in the winter, this has enough room that I can wear it with a thick sweater underneath. It is always FAR too warm here in the summer to ever consider it for that season. :)

Another view, whole body. It reaches just above my knee. Even though I have it buttoned up for both photos, I can definitely say it looks nice opened as well.

Hope this helps any of you on the fence. At full price, it is worth it, but if this coat ever goes on sale again, GO FOR IT.

Anyone else review it? Could you leave a link in the comments? Thank you!

Have a great morning. Should be back later with more (I hope)!


Stylestance said...

SO chic! You will get so much use out of this classic piece. Enjoy! :)

Elizabeth in MO said...

I completely agree with your fantastic review! I have the Icon in black and I bought it at 20% off (as you said - still pricey, but so worth it for something I hope to wear well into my 50s too!) I bought the black but hope to acquire the khaki too - when and if there is another great promo. Thanks for your awesome review. LOVE your blog!

Cloggsy said...

Check you out, Ms Classically Gorgeous!

Summerilla said...

I want I want. I've been coveting this trench for a long time too. It looks just gorgeous on you. I've thought about just forking over the full price for it but I'm still hesitant. Maybe with my first pay check...

I used to have a Tory Burch trench but never wore it so I hope I wear this one. I think the fit will be much more flattering than the TB one was. Thanks for the review!

I just love my co-workers are away - it's really helped me pick up on my blog reading, haha!

Debye said...

Great review, this trench is beautiful and I love that you got the larger size. I go back and forth between a 6 and 8 and on high cost items that I intend to wear for years, I always "keep it real" and go for the larger size!

HeidiG said...

Love the trench on you! i got the BR trench this year for my bday from my mom and am thrilled with it as well - it's very close to the icon. Such classic pieces really do last a lifetime. We'll have to get matching trench coat pics next time we meet. :)

Cleo26 said...

I really like this trench. I like your point about the sizing and wish i had considered sizing up "for perpetuity" when i purchased it. Maybe i'll get my chance in black if a promotion ever comes along. :)

dinagideon said...

Hi, everyone, I hope this review was helpful!

In the intereest of time (and my lack of), I will answer questions and comments!

Summerilla: This would be a fantastic addition to your wardrobe...definitely grab it when you can (and hopefully on promo)!

Debye: Yes, I think keeping it real is uber-important in this case. Ruffly sweaters, not so much! ;)

HeidiG.: I almost bought the BR trench, but got the short one instead. I was kicking myself UNTIL the promo in December, then I was all like, "I am glad I waited!" I love my shortie trench by BR, by the way!