Saturday, October 10, 2015

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Abigail Goes Way Down (in Price).

Hi, all!  Happy Saturday.

I knew that if I was to do the BWRR that I promised in this sale post from Monday, I would need at least a few hour period to get it all arranged.  Thankfully it appears I can do it this morning.  There are only a few days left of this sale, but so far, I have to say it's been a decent sale, Boden-wise.  It's not quite the glory days of "Catch of the Day," when we could take 40% off an item and then an additional whatever off an item, but it is really close.

Yesterday, the folks at Boden upped the ante and decided to give us an additional 15% off all items in the sale, so even if the item you want is only 10% off, you can still get a decent amount of savings off the item.  (Most items that are 10% off are that way because they are newer or more popular and can and likely will sell out before they could get reduced more.)  The extra 15% off does not apply to clearance, though.

Okay, so there is a lot to cover.  If I forgot your review, please forgive me.  I would have liked to get everyone's review, but I *know* I didn't grab them all.

As a reminder, the #bodenbyme at Instagram has a lot of photos of people wearing both past and current Boden items.  They are not reviews, but at least give a sense of how an item looks on someone before you purchase it for yourself.

Regular Boden:
Abigail Tunic Dress. Size 8 Long.  This item has one of the best savings in the sale right now.  It debuted at a price of $148 and is now at a price of $88.80 (after 40% off).  But with the additional 15% off, it becomes $75.48.  I paid $103 for it (so around 25% off) and I am happy with that price, so had I gotten it for $75, I would probably be ecstatic. 

Both colors are $75 off, btw, so if this pastel version isn't for you, the brown and blue one may work better.

I have other knitted tunic dresses from Boden, and I knew that if I wanted to be able to wear them to school without leggings, I would need to make sure they were a long length and sized in a way that it was fitted without being obscene.  So I went with a size 8 Long, even though the 6 Long would have been a better fit for my bodice area.  Having said that, I really like the way the shape is on me, so sizing up didn't make the bodice appear too comically large.

From the back you can see that it fits my more ample assets around my hip and rear area.  THIS is why there are a few negative reviews.  The Boden folks made this tunic dress in a slim bodice and waist and curved skirt portion silhouette which works amazingly well for us pear shapes, but not really well for anyone else.  They ABSOLUTELY pinned the model's version on her.  She has a very boyish figure, and if the dress was presented as it is in real life on her, there would be wings hanging down from her waist to her knees from the side curve this dress actually has.  Don't be fooled, non-pear shapes.

If you look carefully you will see this is an outfit change-up.  I have worn the dress twice now, and this is how it looked post washing from the first time. So, um, basically the same.  :-)

That's a good thing in my book.  No substantial shrinking and the fabric looks as good as new.  I do not dry these kind of items in a dryer, though.

I wore this to a school meeting, just like I did the first time.  I don't know that I will wear it for school teaching until I can wear tights with it as I feel exposed a bit (it technically is fine for school to teach in, but I prefer it a bit closer to the knees if worn bare-legged).  I do plan to wear it to teach school in, so hopefully when I can get back to teaching ootd posts, you all will be seeing it.

The pattern is awesome at hiding the exaggerated curve my lower half is and for that I am grateful to Boden for...I love the mod print, too, so the dress was probably meant for someone exactly like me.  (Pear-shaped mid-century modern design freak.)

I have no plans to grab the brown and blue version, as I don't think those colors would look nice on me, but I can see why people would like them.  The colors on this one are a light jade/teal and true pink with pure white accents.  The fabric is a knitted cotton mix, so truly a nice transitional piece.  (If I can wear it in summer here, it is a four season wonder.  Most knits can't be worn by me in summertime here.)

Abigail Tunic Dress.  The blue/brown is selling better than my version.  If you are on the fence you could probably wait for a better price (in clearance, if it hasn't sold out, it may be down to 70% off), but if you are like me and can and will enjoy it now, the price is decent.  :-)

Strappy T-Bar.  Lou has just done a review of these, this morning.  Love it when I can get a really recent review into the BWRR!

Cordelia Heel. Lou received these in a nut brown color a few weeks back.  She gave a nice thorough review of these.  (BTW, does anyone think of Cordelia from Buffy and Angel when they see the name Cordelia?)

Be prepared, lovely folks, below is the Avril (School Gate Style) massive try-on she does a couple times a year for all of us Boden fans.  It's awesome, but daunting.  Enjoy!

Charlotte Cape, Sienna Coat, Velvet Coat, Velvet Jacket, Chelsea Jacket, Duffle, Windemere Down-Filled Coat, The Mac, Fair Isle Sweater, Animal Intarsia Sweater, Mia Sweater, Alexa Sweater, Relaxed Stitch Coatigan, Ravello Top, Tamara Top, Rosalyn Top, Square Tee, Gwyneth Top, Ottoman Top, Dobby Panel Top, Dolly Top, Boyfriend Shirt, The Shirt, Annabel Knitted Skirt, Cambridge Skirt, Julia Patch Pocket Skirt, Nora Ponte Crossover Dress, Boho Tie Neck Dress, Hartland Dress, Retro Hotchpotch Tunic Dress, Lara Sparkle Dress, Jodie Dress, High Waist Super Skinny, Jade Joggers, Alexis High Heel Boot, Scallop Point, Court Shoe, Beatrice Midheel, Bloomsbury Bag, Chancery Clutch, and Berkeley Zip Bag.  Avril, the champ of the Boden home sales, has given us a look at all these items.  You are the best!  :-) 

Velvet Coat.  Gemma, of Jacquard Flower, shows us a pretty fall outfit featuring this coat in a pale pink.

She also wears it here.

Olive Top and Boho Boots. Gemma wears this one in a grey and hot pink along with the Boho boots.

The Shirt. Gemma chose a crown print version of this shirt.  If you look closely, you will see a pink crown every so often in the print.  :-)

Annabel Knitted Skirt and Julia Patch Pocket Skirt. Amy tried both of these on for us at her blog.  The two she received didn't work for her, but she has some excellent tips in her review if you are interested in either.

Okay, that's it for now.  Did you all make it through okay?  :-)  Thanks again to all my blog friends who gave reviews.  They are all super helpful!

The link below gives you access to the sale with the additional 15% off.
Up to 40% off! Plus extra 15% off at Boden! Valid 10/9-10/12. Clearance Items Excluded