Monday, October 5, 2015

Boden: Mid Season Sale Time! Up to 40% Off.

Happy Monday, all!

Boden rolled out a mid-season sale this morning, with many items up to 40% off.  This may be the first time some of the items I really like, and want to buy, are at 40% off.  Of course that also means that some of the items I have loved already and worn are in the 40% off category (including the jade/pink Clementine Dress here, review here), but, eh, at least I have enjoyed it before it dropped in price.

The Icons collection is not included in the mid-season sale nor are the clearance items, but I am sure this surprises none of you.

This sale runs from today until next week, so you have plenty of time to peruse your favorites and make some decisions.  I definitely have a few reviews from my closet AND from other women's closets (all my blog friends have been busy), so there will be a Boden Weekly Review Roundup this week.  I will not make excuses.  It will happen.

Is there any items you love in the sale that made it to 30% or 40% off?  Would love to read your thoughts!

Enjoy (sale) shopping!
Boden USA