Sunday, August 16, 2015

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Clementine Time.

Hey, all!  I wanted to get this BWRR under my blog's belt before the week started since I am (sort of) headed back to school.  Tomorrow I start the new teacher stuff at the place I will be working, which I love since I have been a teacher before.  :-)  It will be like my last new teacher orientation all those years ago, but instead of being one of the youngins, I will be in the "seasoned but out of practice" camp.

Okay, so Boden's coupon of the moment through the affiliate is for 20% off with free ship and returns.  It is technically a mini Boden promotion, but it can be used across the site.  However, if anything "regular season" is already reduced because of another promotion (like last week's 20% off dresses, for instance), you will receive the 20% off for the dresses but no extra discount on top of that.  You can find this coupon on the bottom of this post and in the sidebar.  The promo expires next week, August 23, 2015.

Just a reminder, there are a lot of people who put photos of themselves wearing Boden here at the #bodenbyme Instagram page, since I can't get permission from everyone to put their links here, I figure I would just let you all find them through the link to the page itself!

Regular Boden:
Clementine Jacquard Dress. Size 6 Long.  I suppose I have a thing for these easy retro-inspired jacquard dresses.  Just like the orange daisy jacquard dress I have here (and that I also wore to church today, just like I did with the Clementine last week), I find these so perfect for the life I lead.  They are unique, so I don't feel blah and boring; they are very comfortable, especially this version which is a knitted fabric, so a bit stretchy; and they are just long enough to allow me to feel conservative enough for teaching and church, but aren't so modest that I feel super frumpy.  (Oh and have the bonus of working well even in our ridiculous summers, which can be hotter than H-E-double hockey sticks!)

The sizing is spot on (lol at the stupid pun since the dress is all spots).  I knew that a full skirt with fitted bodice and knitted material meant there was no chance I would have to size up for my hips, and like expected, it fits beautifully.  It actually may be a bit loose through the bodice, but the waist is exactly right (the waist is tiny and not as stretchy as the rest of it, so make sure to size for there), so going down a size wouldn't work for me.

Gorgeous dress has pockets, nice and deep and just the right size for a larger cell phone.  Woop!

The middle seam in the bodice has grown on me, I wasn't sure if I was going to dig that or if ultimately that would make me want to send it back, but I think it really fits this design well and makes it that something special that Boden does so perfectly with all their garments.

I have no idea why the skirt looks longer in back than front.  It is possible my right hand is slightly holding up the skirt.  Hmm.  Anyhow, I didn't even notice until the photo was edited, so clearly not a big deal.

The waist is a bit high, but you all, that is actually where my true waist is...I am the literal dictionary definition of high-waisted.  So for many of you, this dress will be a bit too high-waisted for you, so if you are long of torso, it may not work if this style bothers you and would prefer a waistband to hit at your lower natural waistline.  There have been a few reviews that mention that, btw.  Others are like me and love it at the higher point.

The back of the dress that will likely the be the reason some of you choose not to get it, the exposed zip on the back bodice.  I don't mind it, think it is a neat detail, but a bit unnecessary, so I am neither here nor there on its existence.  It certainly isn't enough to turn me off.  ;-)

I do think the dress passes my "does it make my butt look massive? test."  It does not, therefore it is a winner for my wardrobe.

The colors are true to Boden's image, a bit teal/blue-green and a very light shade of pink, very pretty together.  I don't love any of the other colors, so am hoping they reincarnate this next year in some more Dina friendly shades like a dark true green (dots and trim) and a light brown-grey (background) or a deep dark peach (dots and trim) and a light pink (background).

The material is thicker, but the style wasn't too warm for me to wear now, so for those of you wondering, you can wear it in humid, hot weather.  In the winter it can be worn with tights and a cute jacket.

Clementine Jacquard Dress.  Not really selling out, though petites are going to go first.  Longs look safe for the time being.  Regulars, you can probably wait a long time to buy, unless you desire and need it now.

Easy Printed Tee.  A new regular, Gemma, from Jacquard Flower, has come to join us here at the BWRR!  Welcome, Emma!  Anyhow, she has the same tee I showed off last week in her closet and it looks super cute the way she styled it (and the way I will style it once our temperatures fall more).

Marcie Top.  This Johnnie b. item is darling and looks so sweet on Lizzy here.

Clearance Boden:

Canvas Slip Ons.  Lizzy has these pretty little shoes from the Johnnie b. line and has shown them off at this Instagram. 

Shell Top.  Gemma styled the floral one casual and "smart" for her day at the office a few days back.  She also did a review of both versions here.

Blackberry Summer Dress.  Gemma was bit by the Blackberry dress bug, as we all seem to have been this summer.  :-)  I really recommend this dress to anyone who needs a sweet casual dress for wearing out and about.  It is a winner.

Lily Skirt.  This skirt is on two bloggers this week!  Lou wears her blue version here, and Gemma wears her blue version here (along with the pink shell from above).  Great minds and all!

Thank you to all my blog friends who helped out with this week's post.  Remember, if you would like to be featured here, go ahead and leave me an email at dinagideon AT aim DOT com or put your review in the Boden Reviews "comments."  

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