Saturday, August 8, 2015

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Easy Printed Festival.

Hi, all!

I have been a sewing fiend this week, finishing up this project for Fabric Mart's blog.  I enjoyed working on it, and some of you may recognize the fabric from a skirt that Anthropologie made for Fall of 2014.  :-)  Pretty cool.  I will write up the make for this blog on Monday, but less on the sewing and more on the "style" of the outfit.

Anyhow, I have two things total from Boden's fall collection, the tee from this post, and the Clementine Jacquard dress.  In reality, and most of you know this, only the dress is from the fall.  The Easy Printed Tee is from Boden's festival line, which debuted in June, I believe.  But because Boden can still make full price money from that line still, it is part of the fall collection.

There are a few other reviews from my blog friends, so it seems most of us are starting to open our eyes to fall stuff.  This post is nowhere near as long as the last Boden Weekly Review Roundup, though, which was crazy long!

You can always view what the Instagram world feels about Boden clothing by haunting their #bodenbyme page.  I spend some time there, it has been slow to get started, but you can usually count on at least 8-10 people hashtagging their Instagram photos with #bodenbyme daily.

Coupons are still the same, 15% off with free ship and returns, and you can find one at the bottom of this post and in the sidebar of the blog.

Onto the reviews!

Regular Boden:
Easy Printed Tee. Size 6.  This photo is a bit muted.  When I take photos around 5 pm, if the sun is out, it is positioned in such a way that it gives the camera a sense that there is more light than there actually is.  Sometimes my photos I am darker and the rest of the photo is lighter, so I have to brighten the image so some of the contrast is lost.  Oh, well.  You get the idea of fit from the photo.  :-)

Anyhow, not much to say about fit other than it is a touch loose, like good ease loose versus way too big loose, and that it is a touch long, but not overly long, just good for long torso women long.  ;-)  Normally too long is not good for me and my pear hips, but this tee, with the bit of shaping combined with the looser fit means that it properly fits over my hips instead of clinging to them while the rest of the tee is super unfitted.

This photo best shows the color.  The colors are gorgeous.  The blue is a pure bright cobalt blue, which plays very nicely with the muted green, tan, burgundy, and white.  I don't normally love these colors, but since I decided not to allow my hair to get super light in the sun this year (I was SO blonde all those years from hours and hours spent in the sun over the summertime--I am still in the sun, I just spend more of it in the shade), I have noticed that my natural dark strawberry blonde looks nice with these colors, while they were too harsh when I was more of the light golden blonde.

The side seams don't match up, pattern-wise.  I think they could have done it, but it would have required more work than matching stripes, and for cost versus profit, I can see why they didn't make that a priority.  It's fine and doesn't bug me.  If it were stripes it would bother me, though.

"Hello, Houston? Yes, I hear you. Yes, I HEAR YOU!"
The tee looked great with these handmade shorts I made last year, but I also love the top tucked into a solid-colored skirt.  It is definitely a dress down/dress up kind of tee.  At $37, I think it would be overpriced if it weren't so lovely and wearable.  I have tees from the early 2000s that I still wear, so long as you take care of them (laundering on cool/warm in the delicate cycle and line drying), you should be able to hold onto this one for a long time, too.

BTW, for those of you interested, I photographed this outfit for Instagram here.

Easy Printed Tee.  The Raincloud color is fully stocked. My version is sold out in the larger sizes.  The Easy Printed Tee is also in clearance in some colors, so check here to see if any of those appeal to you. Those are $35, so not a huge difference in price.

Ottoman Zip Top and Easy Jersey Mini.  Lou wore these for us in a review post.  She ended up exchanging them for different sizes or colors, but you can see how cute they were on her here at this blog post.

Chic Full Skirted Dress. I received a review of this one over at my blog's Facebook page from Liz.  She wrote this about this dress:

"Dina, got my chic full skirt dress today and you were right about the fabric - yuck! (I'm no expert, should have relied on you). I was hoping it was a nice weighted jersey like all my other 7,456 Boden dresses but no it's a rough feeling poly. Won't bode well for tights in the winter. I'm so disappointed!!!"

She also added this:

"I will add that the fit and cut are superb. Such a shame about the fabric. I'm going to give it a few days before deciding on whether to keep or return."


Summer Pencil Skirt and Tamara Jacket.  Amy looks adorable in this pair!  It reminds me of the darling suits from the 1960s.  I hadn't even noticed them, but I have my eye on them now.

Silky Vintage Top, Betty Top, and Fleur Tux.  Amy gave us some more reviews, this time of these three items.  :-)

Okay, that's it for this week.  As per usual, I feel like I am forgetting some reviews, so if you think I have missed yours, go ahead and email me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com or leave the review in the Boden Reviews tab here at the blog.

Thanks again to all the blog friends who wrote up reviews!

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