Monday, September 28, 2015

Boden: 25% Off Flash Sale and Spring 2016 Preview!

Molly Dress
Hey, all!  I am back!  I love being away, I would never ever complain about having fun on vacation, but it is nice to return to structure and normalcy.  I have plans to get all my vacation shots organized and put together, since I know many of you like to see vacation ootds as they help for planning packing for future trips.  If I am really productive, maybe in the next few days? 

It really has been all Boden over here at the blog lately.  Not that it surprises any of you all, but usually I do throw in more ootd posts in the mix.  (I have a few to show off, they are all stuck at Instagram right now, though.) 

First up--Spring 2016 is up and ready for Preview orders.  I don't have a code for the usual 20% off, but I am fairly confident I will receive one eventually.  If any of you have one and would like to share it, that would be great.  :-)

The preview I have only briefly glanced at, but the dresses and knitwear look a bit dire.  Boden should really go back to showing us the catalog shots.  They really do help set a mood.  The blah blue background may help the colors pop, but there was very little catching my eye.  I may warm up to it, but right now I am a bit underwhelmed.  (Though I do love the above Molly Dress and the Martha Dress, they are definitely "Boden" in feel, and of course, that's what I love, garments that are their "look.")

Second, I was emailed by the affiliate program that there is a flash sale going on at Boden, 25% off everything (that excludes the new Boden Icons collection and clearance), but I didn't see it until this morning.  It is set to expire on Wednesday, so there is still some time left to enjoy the savings.

I don't know if I will enjoy this sale, there are a few items I would like to have (I have bought very little from fall and winter!), but I am not sure my funds are there.  ;-)  I hope some of you are able to grab items you would like.  (I say if they are low stock now, go for it, especially if you will wear it sooner than later.  Fully in stock items you can wait on...)

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