Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Boden: Boden Icons Debut!

Belgravia Dress. Karen Elson makes this dress look fierce.  It is a bit less fierce looking in real life standing up.

Belgravia Dress on Model. Still very pretty, but has lost a bit of the specialness that the Karen Elson photo brings it.  That is probably all the downlighting and atmosphere.  :-)  And where is the tie neck?  (I actually like it better without, but still...)

Hey, you all!  I am on the cruise right now (this was the second trip I planned for September before receiving a job offer this summer).  I have to be quick, but the Boden Icons collection debuted this morning and I figured some of you would want to talk about the pretty, the not so pretty, and the huh?  There are bits of all three, and as you can see above, the Belgravia dress, while pretty, is also a bit of "huh" what with the loss of a tie neck promised in the Karen Elson shot, and the addition (probably always there, though) of the split front skirt seams.  I love the idea of the Belgravia dress, but now seeing it in real life, I like it less.  It just woudn't suit me as much as what I thought it was would have.  Oh, well.  Not that I could have afforded $378 anyhow.

Speaking of affording the Icons line, I tried the coupon that Boden's affiliate program has issued for us publishers to use, and it didn't work last week, and it's still not working this week.  It is supposedly valid, but it isn't working on even regular clothing, much less the Icons, so I couldn't tell you if the Icons collection is excluded from this coupon or not right now.  Maybe one of you all will have more success?

With that said, I present the gorgeous Karen Elson photos followed by the products not on Karen Elson.  It is a bit of a difference.

(Oh, sorry for the formatting issues.  I am having a tough time getting things to look "proper" and I don't have the energy to make it right.  Right now, anyhow.)

This is also the Belgravia Dress, just in a sheer silk chiffon.

This is not the dress for me.  Too Stevie Nicks.  Too Sheer.  I am certain someone could make this work. Let's just hope Karen Elson isn't the only one, lol.

Hyde Parka.  Stunning.

Hyde Parka.  Less Stunning.

Brighton Duffle Coat.  I thought this was leather.  It looks like leather here, anyhow.
Brighton Duffle Coat.  Not too bad, and a reasonable-ish price.  Not leather though.
Spitalfields Coat in red. This version is way better than the mismatched plaid version from my last blog post (though the version on the model on the product page is properly matched).

Spitalfields Coat.  Very generously sized.  It is a glamorous coat, but looks proportionally off on the model. 

Okay, that's it.  I want to say more and while the wifi is pretty decent on the ship, it's still slower than at home, so I will save myself frustration and end the post here.  :-)

Definitely leave any thoughts you have!  I may not be able to respond back for a while, but I should be able to read them all soon enough!

This coupon is supposed to work.  I hold out hope it will, which is why it is here at the bottom of this post.  Fingers crossed...
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