Sunday, September 13, 2015

Boden: Extra 20% Off Clearance Items! Ends Tonight!

Hi, all! 

I have been a terrible blogger this month.  I know you all know I am back to teaching, but one thing that you didn't know (unless you know me in real life) is that before I found out I was going to be teaching this year, I booked two big trips for this September, since September travel is usually the least expensive of the year.  Well, I was sure I didn't have a job for this year since all the positions had been filled, but in late June, I was asked to be the Tech teacher for the little ones, and fortunately my new boss was very understanding of my predicament of having two trips in a September time frame.  She approved the trips (won't do that to her again, though, lol) and so I have been a flurry of activity, teaching, child rearing, packing and unpacking, and sub planning.  It's all good, I am super happy, just super busy.  I will be sure to update as I can, but it likely to be a very sparse month here at the blog.  :-)

I am sure most of you know this, but to make sure the word is fully out there, Boden decided to do an "extra 20% off" their summer clearance.  They did this a few weeks ago in Britain, and it sure took a long time to get to us in the United States!  But it's here until tonight.

I do see a lot of great deals out there, but there are some items that while better priced than when they were in "regular" price mode, they aren't really that big of a steal.  That happens when an item is super popular, and Boden is pretty sure they will get the higher price for it, so they don't feel the need to super reduce it.  I wanted to make sure to mention it, if you are real bargain hunter.

There a ton of tees and tops that are reduced significantly, from $70 down to nearly $15.  That's a good deal, and definitely a rock bottom kind of price.  If you hunt and look, you will find things.  Now whether you want or need those things is up to you.  We live in Virginia and our summer is the longest season of the year, so I have more summer clothes than winter clothing (though I know I have a large coat collection, which I admit is ridiculous), so this clearance draws me in more than the fall and winter one.  The fall/winter one does come at holiday time, so I do dip for gifts, but not much more than that.

Has anyone spied any great deals they would love to share?  I would love to see what your thoughts are!

Don't forget, if you want more information on any item, it is possible there was a review of an item or two in one of my blog's Boden Weekly Review Roundups.

I hope to be back with more here at the blog soon, but until then, I hope all of you are having a wonderful September.

Limited time with an additional 20% off clearance!