Monday, November 2, 2015

Boden: Diminishing Discount Time. 25% Off for Four Days!

Swing Tunic, a current fave of mine, 25% off for four days.

Hey, all!  Happy November.  :-) 

Boden rolled out a diminishing discount this morning that is set to last until Thursday night, so I hope to get a Boden Weekly Review Roundup done before the 25% portion of this sale ends.  This sale is exactly the same as all other diminishing discount sales from Boden in the past.  It starts with one % off, then moves down to another % off (this time 20% on Friday), followed by another lower one, etc.  Most people do all their sale shopping during the initial part of the sale, but I have been known to grab popbacks that will never get down in price to that level (at least while it is on Boden's site).  A good example of that would be the Boucle jacket (here) in white.  This one sold out in the lower sizes early on, and though the navy is fully stocked, the white only appears as a popback for sizes 2-8.  I went ahead and grabbed it with a voucher and 15% off, which brought it down to the amount that it is now.  Though I thought I would sew a version for myself up, it turns out the boucle fabric I have is a bit scratchier than the boucle knitted fabric Boden used, so I am thrilled I chose to purchase this one instead.  It is insanely soft, well fitting in my normal Boden knitwear size (6), and very pretty on.  So if you have a "must have but sold out" item, the diminishing discount on any day is probably a good use of your funds.  Do not purchase a fully in stock item during this time unless you have a very specific reason to wear it right now.  Fully in stock items will go down further in price, I promise.

In addition to my love of the Boucle jacket, I have a big ole crush on the Swing Tunic (here), which I bought on a whim during the last 25% off.  I purchased the color the model in the photo at the top of this post is wearing, along with the Mollie Jacquard skirt (here).  Although the swing tunic in the sage block print is still fully stocked, many of the other versions are sold out or nearing it, so I figured eventually the one I wanted would sell out, too.  Anyhow, I purchased a size 6, and it fits great, it is a bit loose through the lower half, but that is where all my weight settles, so it works for me.  I know that this particular tunic probably works best on pear shapes or thin rectangles as a dress/tunic (I purchased a long so I could wear it as a shorter dress), but after tucking it into the skirt (size 6 L for me as well), it looked super cute as a top.  It is shorter than the hem of the skirt, so no peeking out from the bottom.  I suggest you wait on the skirt for another sale, since that one is fully stocked.  You can buy it 40% off right now (it's been that price for a while), but it is still sitting there unloved.  I will probably purchase the blue (I chose the black for my first order) once it hits 60% off in clearance time.

I also received the Swinging Sixties Tunic (here) but only tried it on long enough to see the size 6 L I purchased was a good choice, nice and fitted without being too tight.  Length is just above the knee, and the green/gold is a very pretty combo, though a lot of look if you don't normally splash out in lots of color and/or print.

There are many items at more than 25% off, but this sale is more for the newer items.  Boden is just banking on us putting extra items in the bag, so they kept all the older season stuff at the more reduced prices to push us into doing so.  It worked for me on the swing tunic and skirt during their last sale, so clearly they know their audience.  ;-)

I hope to get these in the next BWRR, at least two of the three newer items, but until then you can go to my Instagram to see the Harriet Shift Tunic Dress (here; at Boden here), and the Victoria Dress (here; at Boden here).  Those two dresses are reduced further than 25% off, but they are good sellers, so I thought I would include them here for those of you interested in them.  I purchased the 8 L for the Harriet (loose up top, a bit tighter in the hips, but a MUCH better fit than the 10 L I initially purchased), and a 6 L in the Victoria Dress (perfect in this size). The most recent BWRRs also have reviews that may aid your sale shopping, too.

Do you all have any favorites you think are worth spending money on during the diminishing discount?  Let us know!

Talk with you all soon!

Boden USA