Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Boden: Holiday 2015 is Here!

I suspected this rollout was happening when the only preorder I made for the Reindeer Yoke Sweater (here) shipped.  Since that item was a holiday item, I figured the holiday things were rolling out. I decided to order it early since last year's "special" sweater, the one with penguins, sold out immediately. I normally never preorder since they changed their policy on how they bill for preorders.  Of course now this one is fully stocked, but whatever.

Anyhow, all the cute holiday items for gifting and wearing on lazy days off are all available right now.  I took a look at a few of these way back in preview time, which you can see here.  (And, yep, the "probably will end up in the toilet" cashmere onesie is available, too.)

The only discount the affiliate program has given to us is for 15% off with free shipping, but if you want a holiday gift that is one of their better sellers (it goes in low stock or out of stock pretty fast), this discount is likely all that there will be for those items.  It's always weird to me, btw, which items completely sell out one year, but will not move at all another.  I can never tell with Boden and its customers.  J. Crew seems to sell certain items well year after year, and they bring them back, and they sell out, but Boden's customer base must be different enough from J. Crew's that the situation changes from year to year.  Knowing Boden, the candles will sell out tomorrow.  Ha.  :-)

So that Reindeer Yoke Sweater...I received it and it fits wonderfully in the size 6, which is my usual knitwear size with them.  The yoke bit doesn't stretch a whole lot, but the hem does, so size to your upper bust.  I measure for a four at my upper bust, but it would have likely been too tight in the four.  But if you are tiny at your upper bust and have more substantial "ladies," then you might be able to get away with a smaller size since the knit stretches a bit at the bust.  My stepmom is built like that and while normally she wouldn't go anywhere near a 6 because of her bust, I bet she could fit in mine fine since her upper bust measurement is significantly smaller than her bust itself.

The pompom noses are so silly, but since I really wanted a cheesy/but still pretty sweater, it fits my bill perfectly.  The pompoms don't stand out a ton, but will be noticeable from close up.

It is fully stocked. The other versions of the reindeer sweater are fully stocked, too. Who knows if this will sell out the way the one from last year did?

I should be able to get a photo of me in it over T'giving break, so look for that around late November.  :-)

Any gift picks or cozy wear picks from the new line???

Boden USA