Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Boden Reviews: An Anna, a Hannah, and a Mia.

Hello, all!  I wanted to get this post out before the "birthday" diminishing discount sale ends on Thursday night.

I have only bought a smattering of items from fall and winter.  Like I mentioned in my picks post for Boden's Spring 2017 preview, I really am not feeling the love for Boden this season.  The items I have from fall and winter are wonderful, they just are not "knock my socks off" wonderful.  To be honest, I am glad for them specifically because they are more conservative and allow me to have easy, comfortable, modest clothing for my job as a teacher in my school.

That being said, the current sale is pretty good if you have items you will wear now or are selling out.  The link to the sale is in the bottom of this post, but also in the sidebar.  You do need to use the code 8Y3R to receive 25% off the items, though.  The 25% is not off any clearance items or any items that are more than 25% off.

Anna Dress. Size 6 Regular.  I love this mix of prints, and the retro look to the dress is appealing.  It is a perfect "Catholic School teacher" dress.  If I had bought the long, it would have been even more modest, so keep that in mind.  This is a very covered up dress.  :-)

Like all jersey dresses from Boden, this fits the way I expect it to, so the 6 was the right call for my frame.

This side view shows the mix of prints nicely.  The prints are very "feed bag" looking, and I am reminded of 40s prints when I see them.  The green is more muted than it appears on the model below.  I think I prefer this teal color, but I was expecting something more vibrant and green.

The sash is sooooooooo long.  SO LONG.  I don't love its length, but it did up nicely enough, and the wrap effect at the front was pretty.

Here is my Instagram shot.

Anna Dress.  See how bright that green is?  Anyhow, the dress is nowhere near selling out, so unless you need it, or you need the modesty for your job, give this a pass till a better % comes along.  :-)

Mia Jersey Tunic. Size 6 Long.  This was one from my summer preorder that came through in August.  It has just gotten cool enough to justify wearing it.  I do really like this one, especially how the "lines" are placed just so, and with the seaming, I feel like my shape is framed well.

This is a touch on the tighter side, but the tighter side is up top, where I do not carry my weight, so it works for my pear shape.  The sleeves are slender, as is the shoulder and bust area, so definitely bear this in mind if you have the triangle shape.

I definitely don't love my choice of white socks with loafers, but I lol-ed when an Instagram friend said I was channeling Michael Jackson.  All I needed was a singular sparkly glove.

It comes to mid-thigh, and as this is the long, I know I can only wear it with leggings to teach.  I could maybe get away with thick tights and flats for going out, but not for school.  If you are shorter (I'm 5'8), you could make this work as a dress if you order the long.

The color is a mix of olive greens and greys and black.  

Mia Jersey Tunic. I think I may be the only one who loves this.  It is very much in stock.  Super fun to wear, and I definitely think this is in my top three of this season, but I am solo loving it, apparently.

Hannah Seam Detail Dress.  Size 8 Long.  This reminds me so much of the Hartland, I suspect they just renamed it and did something to it with regards to the pockets.  I was attracted to the birdies on the print (see photo below), and not the silhouette, but in the end the dress fits better than I thought it would, though it is very large in the bodice compared to the room I have below the waist.  It isn't so extreme that I can't wear the dress, but I feel like I should be wearing a size 36D bra to make this one work properly. (I wear a 32B by comparison.)  You can really see how much it sags in the next photo.

But it is a good choice for my lifestyle, and I enjoy wearing it, so it's a keeper.

The birdies!  And the sagging bodice area, lol.

The cord fabric is so soft and it is a bit stretchy.

Hannah Seam Detail Dress.  See girlfriend above has no curves like I do, so she can wear the size 2 properly.  My bust would probably best work in the 2 (redonk), but my hips need the 8.  Oh, pear shape...

This dress is also not a huge hit, but seems to be doing better than the Anna or the Mia.  The green Hannah is fully stocked, but some of the other colors are not.

Here is my Instagram shot.

Below is a link to the sale.  Do any of you have any good choices to share?  BTW, don't forget to use the code 8Y3R:
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