Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Answers to Some Long Overdue Questions!!!

Pops, Baby CW, and Baby Lily Clare...so sweet! (And so worth the trip...)

Thanks, everyone, for their patience...I have read all your comments and would have liked to have been more speedy in responding to questions...

The comments to my posts are always so much fun...and I have received some great ones over the last three weeks...

So starting with "A Catch-up Post," here are some answers:

AppGal--You mentioned you wanted to know more about my skincare...it's funny, I never have really thought about my skin, but starting about three or four years ago people would come up to me and say, "you have really nice skin." I thought that was kind of odd thing to compliment, but I always was grateful and appreciative. As I age, though, I am so GRATEFUL for all the compliments. I really can't give myself too much credit, though. My mom and dad are very youthful looking, so I know that genetics has worked somewhat to my favor. Also, my stepmom came into my life at 19 and really showed me exactly how to take care of my skin (her favorite elixir is simple cold cream augmented by a very thick night cream by Estee Lauder).

I will do a post on what I do later, but as a preview, I use Osea facial mud, Caudalie skin toner spritz, Olay (the type with the brighteners) eye and tinted moisturizers, and sunscreen. I will often use other products, not because I am structured about skin care, but because I am a beauty product junkie. Some of my other faves come from companies like Vichy, La Roche Posay, Arbonne, and Clinique.

Speaking of great skin, AppGal, yours looks fantastic! I think we should ask you for advice!

From "A Catch-Up Post #2:"

Ashley--You called it! I love yellow, A LOT! I like to tell people I love citrus colors, like green, yellow, and orange. I think these are the happiest colors...and when I wear them I feel instantly bright and fun...no matter what I am feeling on the inside...

Jordyn--Thank you for the skinny compliment...I appreciate it! The secret to my success is very simple, exercise a lot, nurse a baby, run after a two-year old, and eat (fairly) well. I have other things I have done to help, but I will save them for another post. I also think that knowing I have a bunch of people reading my posts and looking at my pics has helped me in times when I don't want to get moving...I am certainly proud that I started this blogging journey when I was heavier and I WOULD NEVER delete those early pics, but I feel that keeping my body in good working order is not only great for my overall health, but maybe I can encourage other postpartum moms who think the "weight will just never come off..." ;) I also think the pose I made helped me look thinner, too...

Kat--I am so glad you bought those sandals. As you probably know by now, they are awesome shoes...so comfy and very leg-lengthening. I sized down to a 9.5, which is typical for me in Aerosoles (the 9.5 is always a bit thinner than the 10). I hope you love them!

And from the post "So if You are #2 or 7:"

Mary-Scott--By the time I had seen your question, you had already answered it for yourself! I saw that Boden had taken the Review feature away for a brief while, and I was worried. I rarely have to return items because of that! Thank goodness, it is back! I have even submitted a couple of reviews for items myself for some of the fall stuff...BTW, the fall stuff is SO pretty in real life...can't wait to show you all!

Finally, from the "Oh, Sleep, Wherefore Art Thou, Sleep" Post:

Anon at 9:22--We were in Winston-Salem to visit some of our best friends. We were sad when they moved, but we have gained some knowledge of an incredibly lovely part of North Carolina. We also LOVE Greensboro. Don't worry, we may never go back to the Quality Inn (aka Portal to Hell), but we will definitely be back to your awesome city!

Julia--We LOVE 85 from Richmond to North Carolina...GORGEOUS drive. All those trees and so little traffic (well, except when there is a crash). There even seems to be less truck traffic, as well...hmm. :)

AppGal--I was thinking of you while in NC. I know that you aren't too far from Winston-Salem, but by the time we left, you were arriving back home. We NEED to get together the next time I am down there (looking like October at this point). :)

You all...thank you! I look forward to getting back to outfit posting...if you can believe it, I have outfits from Independence Day waiting to be posted, sigh!


HeidiG said...

Independence Day? And I thought I was behind. :) Hope the vaca is improving! Miss you!!

3-Penny Princess said...

You do have very nice skin! Maybe I shoudl try all those expensive brands like Arbonne and Vichy... And I always said you look fab in yellows, greens, and oranges! They are happy colors. I would add pink and coral to the "happy" bunch. But really, you look good in almost every color of the rainbow! And since we have exactly the same skin tone, maybe I should wear more colors that you wear..

AppGal said...

ah! i'm just now getting to this post! i'm so behind. school is killing me already and it's only the first week, hehe :) thanks so much for the skincare information! i always love to hear what others are doing to make their skin look so great. you are always so glowy (yep, it's a word) in your pics; i just had to know! I have been meaning to give Olay a good try...now I will definitely have to. Hope you're having a good vacation!