Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer School=Two Boden Outfits, Of Course!

In the vein of attempting to always try and make a good impression (which I admit doesn't always work--I have seen some of my outfits--and wooh--they are certainly "unique")...I approached my first two days of summer school with a couple of thoughts.

#1--I am teaching kindergarten, therefore I must be colorful and expressive (kids love both).

#2--Because I am teaching kindergarten, I must be comfortable, and above all, must wear something that can be cleaned very easily.

#3--I also walk to school, therefore I must be able to wear it for a mile's distance in the heat and sun without completely boiling and baking!

So here you go...the beginning of my series on my workwear, summer style...

Here is the polyvore of Day #1.

So, yes, I did wear a Boden sundress (in white) on the first day. But I honestly could not resist. I had a suspicion that 5-year olds would love the big graphic flowers. :) They did. Mr. Dina really liked it, too, although he only saw it when he took the pic (I am a big fan of getting into yoga pants or shorts when I get home from work).

There was a lot of buzz over at the Boden site about how ill-fitting this garment was and how many people just thought it was the wrong style dress for them and everything. But I decided to try it anyhow ('cause that's me...Miss, and it paid off. I bought it in a UK size 12 (US size 8), which nicely fit my shape, because Boden gets my "pear" shape. God bless you, Johnnie Boden. Unlike J. Crew (whose Gladiola shift was just plain wrong on me), I have with this delightful British company a "shift" dress9 which is narrow enough on top to not make me feel like I am swimming in a pool, but wide enough in the hips to allow me to sit down like a normal person.

I have no clue if it still is for sale over at their site, but if it is I bet it is on super-sale. ;) Just a thought...

Here is the polyvore for Day #2.

As you can see, I took it nice and easy on the second day...nice and bright...just like the green crayons the kids use in the classroom. This is about as simple as an outfit I will ever wear (as you all should know by now). Even though there is nary a print or piece of flair on this dress, I still loved it. Man, this is a great, simple dress. AppGal, if there are any left on the Boden website, it should be yours...I know you would love it! BTW, I bought this in UK size 10 (US size 6) and it is perfect. Therefore, AppGal, go with a UK 8. Seriously. :)

One issue I had was with the sandals...if you can believe it...the thong strap part completely came out of the footbed. HUH? These are a nice pair of Born and all...I wonder if a shoe repair place could fix it? Mr. Dina actually had to come (with babies in tow) to pick me up and drive me part-way because I needed another pair of shoes (look at the polyvore to see what I actually wore).

BTW, Summerilla, I will do the Jakarta dress post tomorrow, just for you. ;)


Summerilla said...

Yay Jakarta dress pics coming soon - I'm super excited and it will probably be the push I need to just BUY IT! I seriously can't wait to see it IRL.

I'm loving both these dresses and I bet the little kiddies loved the fun colors. You are so sweet to dress in fun colors and patterns for the little kiddies. I still haven't checked Boden out, so I'm going to do that soon.

HeidiG said...

Love the dresses on you - so pretty!! Boden white dress is gorgeous - looks like it was made just for you. I love the green knit one, too - perfect K teacher!!

AppGal said...

LOVE the outfits! soon as I read this I made my first Boden purchase! They had a really good sale going on with some of their dresses...and I just love having free returns--NO RISK!!!

dinagideon said...

Summerilla: I hope that the Jakarta Halter Dress post convinced you to buy one for your bday. You will look awesome!

I have a special place in my heart for bright colors and patterns, but in a way that still seems reasonable (you will NEVER catch me in one of those Christmas knitted cardigans so many teachers wear). Hence, I LOVE Boden. :)

HeidiG.: Thank you so much! I am tempted to buy more of these two dresses, but with my income dwindling, and with so many great fall items, I will just say "no." But in another time and place, I would have been ALL OVER the other styles/colors. ;)

AppGal: Did you get the dress in the pretty rhubarb or green color in an 8? I KNOW you will look AMAZING. And I know you will be comfy all day. I hope I have steered you in the right direction...

AppGal said...

Well here's the thing...I went to the Boden website with the intention of buying that green dress. Then I started talking myself out of it since I already have a green knit dress (the Lisa). So then I started looking at all the other options and fell in love with the double layer jersey dress in the fun floral brown and teal print. So...since I only had enough $$ to get ONE dress, I got that one. And I just got it yesterday and AM IN LOOOOOOOOVE. Do you have this dress too??