Saturday, April 16, 2011

Boden: Mid-Season Sale Review Roundup!!!

Lovely Jacket--on sale!  Lovely man?  Probably not.

Mid-Season Sale!

What a great sale. :) It sounds like quite a few of you have been able to pick up many items for pretty darn cheap! Yay! I have not yet enjoyed this sale, but I may bite before the sale ends (I am just checking my budget numbers to make sure I can

Click on the photos of the items (as Boden photographed them) below to be taken directly to any of the items' web pages. There you can see availability, restrictions (not all colors are part of sale for some items), sizes, and measurements. If you plan on spending less than $150, it is probably best to use my 15% coupon (Maternity one from sidebar) as this has no minimum. If you want to spend more than $150, use the link at the bottom of this post and when you have filled your cart completely, use code NT11 (thanks to Katharine for the info) in checkout process, which should then get you an additional 20% off! :)

I have incoroporated links back to the Boden Weekly Review Roundup which had a review (or a review link to another blog) on certain items in the mid-Season sale.  I totally heart other bloggers who do this for their readers for J. Crew or Talbot's or whatever, so I felt like we needed this for Boden, too!  :)

Okay, here goes!

Uplifting Mac
Uplifting Mac. Review found here and followup here--go to bottom of the post.

Textured Cotton Skirt
Textured Cotton Skirt. Review found here--first skirt featured, ignore info on the sale which has expired.

Santorini Skirt
Santorini Skirt. Review from Holly Loves Crew says this: First, the Santorini skirt looked so effortless and chic. And I LOVE the name. I will pretend I'm in Santorini while wearing this skirt. I hope. So here's the thing. Check the measurements before you order. I'm a size 4 (or 6 petite) in J Crew pencil skirts. I admit I don't get out often (meaning I mostly wear the Crew). I went ahead and ordered the US 4 in the two skirts I ordered. They fit higher on the waist-one's true waist. I really should have ordered the 6. I was able to get them on and zipped but I wouldn't leave the house in them. I thought about exchanging them for the 6. But I've decided they are both for spring and summer. I'm working on dropping some winter lbs and these skirts will be hanging up to remind myself not to snack too much;) I'll be leaving the house in them in no time. I hope;) Other than ordering the wrong size, the skirt is fantastic. It's linen-a good weight for spring and summer. It has pockets. The floral embellishment is darker blue. :)

Sateen Pencil Skirt
Sateen Pencil Skirt. Review found here--about halfway down.

Napoli Dress
Napoli Dress. Review found here (bear in mind that the color reviewed, Kiwi, is NOT on sale, only the blue and plum colors).

Piazza Dress
Piazza Dress. Review found here (bear in mind that the color reviewed, green, is NOT on sale, only the tan/taupe color.)

V-neck Knitted Top
V-Neck Knitted Top. Review found here.

Fringed Tweed Jacket
Fringed Tweed Jacket. Review found here.

Brittany Jumper
Brittany Jumper. Review found here.

Ruffled Ribbon Necklace
Ruffled Ribbon Necklace. Review found here.

Poster T-shirt
Poster T-Shirt. Review found here (go to bottom of post). I must get the blue one for CW, at the very least! ;)

LIMITED EDITION ITEMS ON SALE (no additional percentage can be taken, so bear that in mind when trying for promos, that said, you can use free shipping and returns).
Silk Bubble Top
Silk Bubble Top.

Ribbon Embellished Jacket
Ribbon Embellished Jacket.

Silk Petal Skirt
Silk Petal Skirt.

Silk Feather Maxi
Silk Feather Maxi.

Above is the button you can use to go shopping. right. now. (just like it says!).  :)

Hope that helped some of you... Happy Shopping! Talk with you all soon!

P.S. Having said "talk soon," I will actually be away a good portion of this weekend from my computer, so it may not be so soon. :)