Thursday, March 24, 2011

Boden's Catch of the Day: Tops and Skirts for Women!

Hi!  Well look at that.  :)  Johnnie Boden has given us ladies quite a savings day with all skirts and tops on sale.  If it was tomorrow, I would for sure be biting (no funds in the bank until tomorrow) on the Jersey Top and maybe a skirt.  C'est la vie, I will live vicariously through you all.

No girl items or johnnie b. items are on sale today, but there is a handful of Baby Boden and boy items on sale.  To find them, go to the mini-Boden homepage and the link should be right there.

I definitely recommend using my sidebar link.  It appears that the maternity 15% off link still works, which turns the 20% off into 20% plus an additional 15%.  (Remember that the extra 15% only appears once the item is in your basket.  Also, an astute reader mentioned that her basket reverted to 10% off even with the 15% coupon, and the same thing happened to my basket.  To resolve this, I closed the tab with the shopping bag and re-opened the tab using my coupon, found my basket was still there, but now with the 15% off again.  I use Firefox so you all know.)  If you want to see an individual item, click on the Boden stock photos, it will take you right to the site.  :)

I will specifically choose items today that I know we have had reviews on...that said, there is a lot over there for sale, and what I am showing here is only a bit of what Boden decided to catch today.

Textured Cotton Skirt
Textured Cotton Skirt. Now $53.04. This skirt has a ton of fans, and we have seen it on Louise, Egyptomaniac, and Polly.

Printed Cotton Skirt
Printed Cotton Skirt. Now $46.24. This skirt is also popular, and has been reviewed by the darling Holly (whose blog is now private???) who said: This Printed Cotton skirt caught me eye in two colorways, the Multi Palm Beach and the Iris Paint. I went with the Iris Paint as blue is my favorite color and I have a lot to pair with it. The picture of the Iris doesn't do it any favors. I loved the print as soon as I opened the package. I'm pretty sure I'll go ahead and order the Palm Beach. It's lightweight, soft cotton. It hit at my knee, or slightly above if I remember.  Tiffany also ordered it and is the reason I first wanted it.  :)  Still do, darn you budget.

Santorini Skirt
Santorini Skirt. Now $59.84. Holly did a great review of it and fortunately I kept the text (Holly, I hope your blog comes back): First, the Santorini skirt looked so effortless and chic. And I LOVE the name. I will pretend I'm in Santorini while wearing this skirt. I hope. So here's the thing. Check the measurements before you order. I'm a size 4 (or 6 petite) in J Crew pencil skirts. I admit I don't get out often (meaning I mostly wear the Crew). I went ahead and ordered the US 4 in the two skirts I ordered. They fit higher on the waist-one's true waist. I really should have ordered the 6. I was able to get them on and zipped but I wouldn't leave the house in them. I thought about exchanging them for the 6. But I've decided they are both for spring and summer. I'm working on dropping some winter lbs and these skirts will be hanging up to remind myself not to snack too much;) I'll be leaving the house in them in no time. I hope;) Other than ordering the wrong size, the skirt is fantastic. It's linen-a good weight for spring and summer. It has pockets. The floral embellishment is darker blue. :)

Stitched Hem Mini
Stitched Hem Mini. Now $46.24. I reviewed this a while ago, and CANNOT wait until it warms up enough for me to wear it with sandals and a tank top!  Fiona (of the lovely blog Polly and Fiona) wore hers in NYC, and not only brightened up the streets with her colorful outfit but delivered quite a punch (you have to see the post to get it)!

Sateen Pencil Skirt
Sateen Pencil Skirt. Now $53.04. Louise looks divine in this!

Printed Jersey Top
Printed Jersey Top. Now $29.92. This is the one item I just wish Johnnie had waited until TOMORROW to have as the catch of the day. Sadness. If I were to go into debt for any one item, it would be this, but I will be strong. :) Louise reviewing it and looking so beautiful in it isn't helping my resolve, lol.

Gypsy Top
Gypsy Top. Now $46.24. I reviewed this a few weeks back. This is a very soft top, and a nice weight for summer.

Breton Top
Bretonn Top. Now $25.84. Egyptomaniac styled this top just the very preppy green on navy mix.

Printed Cotton Top
Printed Cotton Top. Now $39.44. Suburban Mom showed us why this top is a great staple to have in one's summer wardrobe.

Palazzo Top
Palazzo Top. Now $53.04. I thought someone had reviewed it.  My imagination must have been in overdrive.  :)  I do like the silk (Boden does silk SO WELL) and the neckline is really interesting.  I don't care for the color in the stock shot, but if I recall, I liked the other colorways much more.

Wow! That was just the items I know for a fact I have found reviews for...there is still quite a bit out there, so if you have anything to add about either the above items or another top/skirt, would you mind dropping it in the comments???

One more day left of the catch of the day feeding frenzy. I am betting tunics/dresses tomorrow!