Sunday, March 27, 2011

Silly Little Natalie Studded Sweater...

First things first, I had such a BLAST announcing the Boden Catch of the Day every day for the whole of last week.  Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and all we have left is the 15% off coupon.  I checked this morning, but there are no other coupons.  The best I could find *is* the maternity 15% off coupon.  LOL.  So you all be preggers now, okay?  {Wink, wink.} ;)

A few weeks back, I wore the Natalie Studded Sweater out in public.  I know.  My mind wondered, "would the public be able to handle it?"  Well, yes, as it turns out...with a comment here and there.

Did the women come up to me and say, "ooh, cool sweater?"  No...I don't think they even noticed.  It was the men who stood up and commented on my (admittedly) avant garde sweater choice.

I heard:

1. Mr. Dina said..."Ooh, you are like a superhero...a se*y superhero."  Really, Mr. Dina, a superhero.  That's what you see when you see a cotton striped, studded sweater???  Okay, then.

2. Nice manager at Indian place..."Oh, you look like a GLADIATOR.  That's awesome."  Umm, okay.  Well, then.  LOL.

I felt:

1. Rex touching all the studs.

2. Nice manager at the Indian place caressing one of the studs.

Haha, so if I ever lack for attention, I must remember to pull this sweater out.

From the front.  Remember, I have done a review of this sweater before.

The sweater held up well.  :)  No issues with the studs coming undone.  AND THEY BETTER NOT COME UNDONE at the price J. Crew wanted for this.

I am wearing a pair of INC. black pants I forgot I had.  I love the stretchy material and length.  To add a bit of fun, I put my hair in pigtails and pulled out a pair of satin bow aqua flats that J. Crew made a few years ago. 

You know they re-thought this sweater and created a less expensive non-studded version.  It is sequined and called the spangled stripe sweater (it is pretty, but the loosey-goosey sequins would have me in OCD overdrive plus the model is VERY VERY THIN).

Okay, all, have a great night. 

P.S. I have a few Arbonne-centered posts coming up.  I have been looking at my webstats and a lot of folks are coming over to my blog after entering keywords like "Arbonne RE9 Advanced" or "Arbonne blog reviews."  I would be cah-ray-zee if I didn't do reviews or tutorials, etc. with my Arbonne background as people are actively seeking out this information.  Even if it is other Arbonne consultants, I am 100% cool with helping out my peeps, ya know???  So if you are not really a skin care or cosmetics kind of person, I am okay with you all skipping over it, I get it.  LOL.  My first series will be on Arbonne cosmetics from a fresh face to all done up and ready to go, step by step.  It is meant to complement my next Arbonne giveaway with purchase over at my Arbonne web page, so that when people get the free sheer glow highlighter, they have an idea of what to do with it.  ;)