Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Animal Print. Roar. (Or in this case more of a neigh.)

Hee.  My animal prints on display today are definitely not the fierce jungle cats that are all the rage this season (and every freaking fall, it seems, definitely not a trend if it keeps. coming. back. people.).  Instead I took a milder approach to animal prints and wore a zebra and a giraffe.  Ah, how sweet.

One more thing before I get onto the outfits.  I was definitely shaken and stirred by the earthquake yesterday.  Very scary, and definitely unexpected.  This article from the Washington Post explains why it happened and why this area's response of being *freaked out* was okay.  LOL.  Looks like we have a hundred years or so to go before another big one...

Zebra Time.  I wore this while teaching summer school a few weeks back.  I had been going for themed outfits (here, fishy, fishy AND floral explosion) but that day I was just not feeling it, so I brought out my inner Africa.

This is the Blakely dress in zebra print that was a big seller back when it came out.  I like it and I am glad I got it, but I only wear this once a year or so.  I think a zebra print dress is one of those items you can't really parade around all the time, very noticeable.  :)

The Cleo platform sandals, however, I wear constantly in the summer.  Very comfortable and great at lengthening the legs without having to resort to stilettos.  I also paired the dress with a hot pink leather skinny belt that also sees quite a bit of action from me (and does especially in this post).

Another view.  This outfit was supremely comfy.  The cotton is a nice weight for summer, not too heavy.  The dress can also be worn with a jacket or cardigan in spring or fall if you wanted it to transition.

You all are going to have to open this pic up.  Not only are we at the Air Force Memorial in Arlington (very near to where I grew up, in fact), but my hubby captured a plane coming in for a landing at National airport, AND my daughter is making the best face.  Plus, if you open the photo up you can see my outfit a bit better and the now closed (thanks, earthquake) Washington Monument.  (Don't worry it won't be closed forever...just a bit, or so says the National Park Service.)

The dress is a Merona Collection piece from 2009.  The cardigan is J. Crew from 2008.  The shoes are the awesome neon pink strapped Dani heels from 2010 and the belt, see outfit above. ;)  The sunglasses are the wonderful Cutler and Gross #0930.

Rex loves the Air Force Memorial.  He has been talking about seeing the "swords" since he was pretty darn tiny.  And even though we only live just down the road a bit, we had not found the time (ridiculous, I get it).  This place is great!  When I was a kid it was just a big ole hill that people went to see the fireworks every July 4th (in fact, they still do, alebit with less space available).

That night no one was there.  It was AWESOME.  CW and Rex could fully enjoy it.  If you open the pic, you can see her running along quite merrily...

Before you think I am all too tame with my zebra and giraffe prints, I did bite onto a few of the jungle cat pieces from this fall...I have recently purchased the Tippi sweater in leopard (love, so soft!) and from Boden I pre-ordered the Leopard Tote (still not here, sigh) and the Animal Bow Flatsbow flats in the army green leopard print.  I am even contemplating another small piece, but I am on the fence.  (A great coupon would help!  Of course it would!)

Speaking of Boden, if you have a review for me, I will be doing the Boden Weekly Review Roundup this evening, so if you could get me the reviews before 6 pm Eastern time, that would be fab! ( Thank you!

Also on the Boden front, I will be doing a HUGE back-to-school post tomorrow that not only showcases my back-to-school picks from Boden's fab Autumn 2011 line, but I will be sponsoring a really nice giveaway, so please do be on the lookout for that.  :)

Okay, all, talk soon.  BTW, besides the Boden posts I mentioned earlier, I have all those themed outfits to go.  Here are some upcoming theme days...floral explosion; here, fishy, fishy;  and print passion.  There may even be another theme day, still working on my backlog of ootds.  (Which is just supremely irritating that I have let it get this bad. LOL.)