Monday, August 8, 2011

Boden: Our Best Loved Outfits, Day One!

If you love her outfit, Johnnie Boden wants you to have it.
Guys!  I *think* we may have a kind of "Catch of the Day" here, where if you recall from the spring, Mr. Boden put certain items on sale every day at a percentage off, and then, with any code (including the coupons in my sidebar), you would receive an additional percentage off.  Today's "Our Best Loved Outfit" includes the much loved Rainyday Mac for 10% off, and if you were to add my sidebar coupon of 10% off to that, you would be saving an additional 10% off the sale price (an extra $15.60).

Here are today's items from "Our Best Loved Outfit" and the ones that have the 10% promo price applied to it:
Rainyday Mac
Rainyday Mac.  The pattern you see on the model is the same as the skirt I reviewed last week.  (I also put this coat in my "bag" and the price turned up to be $140--$34 off full price).

Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans.  I suspect these hit higher on the waist than J. Crew's, but for many of you, I am sure this is a good thing.  :)

Chelsea Boots
Chelsea Boots.  They look practical, and if you get mud and guck when your fall and winters come (we certainly do), these look like they could be your "go-to" for walks, errands, and chores.  (But at least your feet will thank you!)

Fun Knit Hat
Fun Knit Hat.  I have never owned a hat from them, but I do love their wool products, and I think that one of the prints is cute and very Nordic (you can see it on the model wearing the Rainyday Mac above)...great for holiday photos at the ski resort (lol, like I know anything about that).

Shop at Boden!
Above is the sidebar coupon I am running, but if you are on a mobile device, you have to go to my "full" website, so I wanted to make your life easier and just include it in the post.

Enjoy...can't wait to see the rest of the outfits!!!

P.S. They have best loved outfits for all members of the family...including Baby Boden, mini-Boden for boys and girls, Johnnie B. for teen boys and girls (and their mommies, if so inclined), and Boden for men.  I just wish they would include Boden Maternity.  Let's be fair to all our baby bumps, too!  :)