Monday, September 19, 2011

Backswept Away...

Ladies...thank you for all your sweet birthday wishes to my darling CW yesterday. :) She had such a wonderful day...evidenced by her big smile in the picture, of course.

So this post actually has to do with her birthday (really)!

She had a "Princess" party and since she basically considers any adult female in a pretty frock a "Princess," I knew that Corey Lynn Calter's Backswept Dress would fit the bill. LOL.

So yeah, I am not crazy NOR made of money, so I waited until (what?) August before I could get this pretty pretty lady on sale at Anthropologie.  Fortunately they had the size I thought I would wear on sale, so I bit immediately when it came up as "fresh cut."

Any of you who saw the catalog image (and those of you who didn't, it is directly below this photo), the image is from the back and pretty stunning (even for an Anthro catalog).  Obviously with a bow back and graceful cut out, the back is the back in the backswept.  Swoon.

I am glad this image turned out as well as it did.  Shots from the behind don't always promise to.  ;)

That is Edda, btw, my fave Icelandic model, wearing the dress in a field of vines.  Gah!  Wine, Edda, and that dress?  Per-fabulous-fection.

I chose to buy the size 4.  All the reviews said to size down if you have no "girls."  Yeah, they were right.  With the volume at the hips, I knew it would fit.  Gotta love no "girls." 

The baby on the floor is a Japanese Wii game called "Babysitting Mama."  It was a gift for CW.  It could possibly be the strangest game I have ever encountered.  You all should try it if you want to laugh you butt off.

Pretty little pockets with their own twee little bows!

The headband is J. Crew, and the shoes are Boden's Downtown Heels, and based how much I have worn them this summer, they may be my best buy of the summer. 

I would like to winterize this dress...any thoughts on how to do that?

You all, have a great night.  And go wear a dress and be a Princess!