Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Boden: Giveaway Winners and My Diminishing Discount Choices!

Yes, I agree.  A sparkly Boden scarf would look good on her neck.  :)

Hi, all. Happy BACK TO SCHOOL DAY! (Granted many of you went back far earlier than we do here in VA, but well, that's my perspective. LOL.)

I promised you some things this morning, but the evening still counts as the day, right? First up are the three winners of the Back to School with Boden scarves giveaway. After I announce the winners, I wanted to take a few moments of your (precious) time and show off my personal choices of some items that are seeming to be very popular at Boden that may be a good choice if the 20% off promo that is currently running is burning a hole in your pocket. I wanted to highlight the most popular, because if past seasons are any indication, once something is very popular, the item may not make it to the big sale at the end of the season, and truly the best you may get for pricing is a 20% off coupon. (Which is why I have done and will continue to do pre-ordering, as the pre-order ALWAYS has 20% off!) I also wanted to pick things that are currently sartorially interesting and/or will make it through the long run in your closet. :) Gotta think of my Boden babes, no disposable pieces here.

Okay, here are the three winners of the scarves!!! (Reminder, the colors of the scarves are purple, navy, and a medium blue. All come with sparkly sequins.) Winners, I will e-mail you tomorrow, hand on heart.  ;)

1. PLUCE--She gets first choice on colors.

2. SUSAN MORAN--She gets to choose from the remaining two colors.

3. SUMMERILLA--She receives the remaining color. (Still bound to be a lovely additon to her wardrobe, though. That I can promise!)

And now my choices for the diminishing discount at Boden.

BTW, if you are mobile user of this site, I have attached the coupon below this sentence. If you are on a PC, I have the coupon running in my sidebar.
Diminishing Discount for Boden - 20% off Mon,Tues, Wed, Thurs - 15% off Fri - 10% off Sat - plus Free Shipping & Returns!

Rainyday Mac
Rainyday Mac. Always a classic for Boden, this beautifully patterned coat will definitely keep you dry and definitely keep all eyes on you. :) (Of course if you are a bit shier, then one of the solid colors may be more to your liking.)

Snuggly Gilet
Snuggly Gilet. I am a huge fan of the insulated vest. Here in Virginia, we go from hot and unbearable to just kind of gross for a long time (say mid-October until December, easily, and then again from mid-March through to the end of April). These vests allow me to stay warm at my core, but leave my arms free to wrestle with children, hang a handbag on my shoulder, and not overheat in stores.

Cashmere Hoody
Cashmere Hoody. I know a lot of folks have not yet tried Boden's cashmere, but with 20% off, these prices are brought down a bit out of the stratosphere (and make them much less than J. Crew's prices, for instance). I have a cashmere tunic from them and every time I wear it, I spend half the time petting my arm, it is that soft. It also has yet to pill and washes and dries beautifully. I have heard from other Boden babes that they adore their cashmere pieces, as well. This hoody is not only bound to be soft, BUT very versatile. Definitely great for any mom on the go who wants to stay warm and cuddly.

Favourite V-neck Cardigan
Favourite V-neck Cardigan. I have a big crush on this particular cardigan, and I have three of them from past rollouts to prove it. They are wonderful wardrobe completers. Are you looking for a piece to finish off the pencil skirt and button-down blouse outfit you have put together? Why not try a bit of dottiness with the ruby spot version? Definitely will take plain pencil skirt to another (fun) level. Or do you need to tone down a patterned top? Try one of the solids on for a shot of conservatism.

Patent Wedge Boots
Patent Wedge Boots. These boots have a bit of a lift to lengthen the leg line but also have the water-wicking power to make it through any good downpour (can you tell we are being washed out here in NOVA today, lol?).

Stitch Detail Skirt
Stitch Detail Skirt. Sometimes you need a skirt that is able to go out but also be durable. This fits the bill. It has a bit of a fluted hem to give it interest, but since it comes in cord and denim fabrics, it will last and last and last all sorts of things you can think to put it through. (Be kind, though, no visiting the local dump in this, please.) ;)

Polkadot Shift
Polka Dot Shift. I end with what Boden (in my opinion, of course!) does best, the dress. It seems that retro dotted shifts are having a big comeback, and I definitely have seen this style from other companies, including Anthropologie. These are all on backorder (barring a few sizes), but it appears there is a reason. I am personally drawn navy version, but all look beautiful and classic.

All, have a great night. If I feel up to it, I have a few J. Crew reviews in the hopper, but they are all fitting room try-ons of current items, so I know it can wait a few hours. It's not like they are going anywhere. ;)

P.S. Boden Weekly Review Roundup tomorrow (sorry about last week, bit slow round these parts and all)...so if you have a review and would like me to use it, my e-mail is dinagideon AT aim DOT com. Thanks!!! :)