Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BWRR Tomorrow. Preview Today. Smile.

Because I clearly am unable to come back from a vacation and properly time manage (if you have learned the trick of unpacking AND getting toddlers back on schedule, my hats off to you all), I am postponing what is promising to be an awesome Boden Weekly Review Roundup (lots of yummy goodies on lots of lovely blog friends) till tomorrow, when I am guessing life will be a tad bit less insane.

Okay, long run on sentence done, here is a preview of what I am reviewing tomorrow.

Lavish Tunic.  Size 8, Boden Limited Edition.  Definite love, but with some caveats.  Till tomorrow, know that this lovely lady will be with me in my night out with my friend Monica (from the awesome blog Momoberry).

Lavish Tunic
Lavish Tunic. Love the other colorway, too, but the lighter blue with "spring" colors works better for my coloring.

Okay, all, have a nice night.  :)