Friday, October 31, 2014

Boden: Four Days Only! 20% Off with Free Ship and Returns!

Before I start, I just want to quickly remind you that my blog is not just one "kind" of blog.  I have been blogging for nearly six years and over that time I have added many types of post types to my blog.  The blog is probably best known for the Boden stuff I write about, so if you have recently joined my blog because I am a sewer, I just wanted you to know so you would understand why I write so much about Boden, and less about sewing.  You can read more about it the "About Me" page.  :-)

Textured Off Duty Sweater, Skinny Jeans, Boots.  Yum.
I mentioned the sale last night in my blog post, but I couldn't officially give you any links until this morning, which are at the bottom of this post and in the sidebar.  I am off to the doctor in thirty minutes, so I need to keep it brief.

In addition to the sale this weekend (the sale ends Monday, November 3, 2014), the folks at Boden rolled out some Christmas items and set up a Christmas shop.  There are some cute ideas for presents, including some non-clothing items, like pillows, blankets, and the cutest hot water bottle covers.

They also rolled out the sequin cable sweater (here) for a mere $418.  Eep.   

Okay, since most of you want the clothing they sell, I want to remind you of the BWRRs that you can look at to see reviews from other blogs out there, from some blog friends who commented here at this blog, and from myself. 

In the past few days, however, I have had a few reviews/ootds that feature items from the fall and winter collection, so if you would like to see those, head on over to the links below: 

I wore the Milano dress (here) to substitute teach, and posted a photo at my Facebook page.

I wore the Chepstow top (here) to run errands and meet up with a friend, and posted photos of the outfit here at this post.

Alrighty, must head off to get checked out to make sure I am still working properly, so we'll talk soon!

Enjoy (sale) shopping! Link below:
20% Off Everything plus Free Shipping & Returns - FOUR DAYS ONLY!