Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Boden: 15% Off Coupon Located.

Hey, all.  I just woke up here in Virginia.  Glad to be home, but because of all the craziness of travel yesterday, we didn't get into Virginia until 2 am and then into bed until 3 am.  You can see more on that here in this Instagram followed by this Instagram.  :-)

I promised you all that I would keep looking through the affiliate program until I found a coupon for a decent amount of savings, and late last night I spied them, the elusive 15% off new arrivals with free shipping and returns.  Could it be?  I haven't had one of those in my sidebar here at the bar in ages.  Woo!  Anyhow, I threw it up just a few minutes ago and hurrah, it works.  So enjoy the 15% off if you needed it.  (I know that I was like many of you and only received the 10% off savings, which is a bit too little to entice me.)

Boden USA

In other news, and only for those of you who use Amazon Prime (or plan on joining), Amazon is hosting Prime day today, for one day only.  I don't know much about it or why they chose today, but some of the deals do look decent.  I love my Kindles (we have two that we use regularly, and an old one that Rex gets to keep for himself).  I use them for everything from reading books and magazines, browsing the internet, listening to music (Prime also has a very large library of music for free for its members--and I love many of their playlists*), watching movies and shows, and for the kids having them on the planes or in the car when traveling is such a savior to keep them from melting down.

*My favorite is the Roadtrip: Long Weekend.  I play it nearly every time I am in the car, and enjoy it when not driving, as well.  It is probably the only reason I know any of the current pop stars (Bruno Mars, Foster the People, and Walk the Moon), since I tend to enjoy the likes of Rush and Pink Floyd more.  It's totally free for Prime Members, and it has been downloaded to my phone and kindle for months, and it lays happy in my cloud for future downloads to other of my devices in the future.  Speaking of Rush, there is a lot of Rush that is free in Prime, too. Yes, I have downloaded all theirs, too.  ;-)

So if you are a Prime member, definitely go check out the deals, there are others than just the Kindles (though that seems to be one of the better deals today), and if you are not but have always been interested in Prime membership, this may be the day to check it out for the first time.  I see that some items are sold out (and their waitlists are full), and many items are coming up for sale as part of this deal (meaning they are not "on sale" till later today).  Very interesting to watch the sale unfold, and for those really committed to good sale prices, I could see them keeping their eyes on the computer all day. 

BTW, my husband has the Prime membership, but we as a whole family can use his account, and we more than make up for the initial fee you pay to join up and/or renew.  The free two-day shipping alone is worth it, but like I said above, our constant viewing of Amazon prime tv and movies and my constant listening to Amazon prime music also is a draw.

Happy Amazon Prime Day - July 15 - Exclusive Deals for Prime Members - Shop Now

Okay, so that's it for now.  I have some ootd/travel photos to weed through, but hopefully I can get one of those posts published soon.

Have a great day, and enjoy {sale} shopping.