Friday, July 10, 2015

Boden: Extra 10% Off Sale Dresses, Tops, and Tees!

Hey, all!  I am going to keep this brief because I am in California right now for my aunt's funeral (tomorrow).  I want to get one more post done here at the blog, so I am going to write as little as possible on this post.  But I definitely wanted you to know that the Boden sale is now "up to 60% off" and starting today (though I don't know how long it will go for), you can take an additional 10% off all SALE dresses, tops, and tees.

I went ahead and grabbed one top, the Summer Sun Top, which appears popular enough that it won't get super reduced before I have a chance to wear it.  By no means is this top a great "super sale" kind of item, but based on the reviews, the white version could be a nice item to have in my wardrobe, especially for those days I am having a hard time matching a top to some of my more brightly colored and printed bottoms.

The three above are decent tops at great prices.  I have no experience with the Sleeveless Shirt (top) or the Miranda Top (bottom), but the reviews say they are lovely, but as usual, there are a few quibbles with sizing, etc., so definitely check out those items' reviews for more on that.  The Cecile Top (center) I do own, and while I want to wear asap, it is too long to properly fit over my hips (I wish this one had come in a petite so it would have hit higher on my torso), so I need to rehem it up by two inches.  No biggie, I just have had other sewing projects on my docket.  If you are not a sewer, and you are a pear shape, bear in mind that it is a straight up and down silhouette, which means you will need to size for your hips which will make the top too baggy up top, UNLESS you are willing to take it to a tailor to shorten it so it hits higher.  If you are more straight up and down, you should be able to wear it no problem.  :-)

I have reviewed a few dresses from Boden's spring and summer collection.  You can see these here at these links.  There are no working links, though.  Those links are all from when I was working with the other affiliate program.  The ones in this post, though, do work since they are from Boden's current affiliate program.

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Okay, that's it for me re: Boden sale news.  Enjoy {sale} shopping! (Reminder, the banner below says "up to 50% off", but it is now "up to 60% off" with an additional 10% off on sale dresses, tops, and tees.)
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