Monday, July 13, 2015

Boden: Fall 2015 is Here!

Good Monday morning!  I am still in California, and like happens every time I come here, I get super busy and never end up on my computer like I thought I would.  I have been having fun (as my Instagram feed proves, lol, oh happy hour), so at least I *sort of* have an excuse.  My aunt's funeral on Saturday was beautiful, fitting and celebratory of an amazing life led.  I clearly would love more time with her, but the way we were able to say goodbye was exactly the way she would have wanted it to be.

Okay, so Boden has rolled out the Fall items today.  On July 13!  Years ago, the fall rollout would occur in August, so this seems so early, just like it did last year when they did the same thing.

Having said that, the fresher look of the website is appealing.  I also have to say that seeing the clothing from the fall picks that I did in their proper catalog shots makes the clothing look more alluring, too.  When the Boden preview was live back in May, they left out the catalog shots, which for many of us is what draws us in first, and so many of us were left not really loving a ton of their new items. 

This is a catalog shot.  For Boden. Yeah.  For real.
The catalog does suffer a bit, though, and I think some of you will agree that the shots with the blanker backgrounds and more muted clothing suffer the most.  It does appear a bit drab, those.  The turn does make me feel like there is a bit of "J. Crew 2011" going on here, which was not a great thing for J. Crew and unlikely to be amazing for Boden, unless all of a sudden a bunch of women have suddenly turned towards blah backgrounds and transparent looking greys and greens as their favorites.  ;-)

My favorites are the outdoor shots, but I also love the ones of the models with all the mid-century furniture everywhere.  Above is the Abigail Tunic on the model (not the color I picked in preview, but a great little dress overall) sitting in a chair I would *nearly* give my eye teeth to own.  She looks beautiful, like a 2015 version of Audrey Hepburn (what they were probably going for here).  Who doesn't want to be her, you know?

Okay, so what are your thoughts?  Any new favorites after seeing them with the catalog shots in place?  Or are you still firm in what you felt back during the Preview time?

I know that there will be some kind of banner coming for this new fall line through my affiliate program, but I don't know when the management will drop it in our links, so I will keep my eyes open, and when it does appear, I will throw it here in this post and in the sidebar.  I really hope it has a coupon attached to it (cross fingers, you all).  ;-)

Talk with you soon!
Boden USA