Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Boden: Autumn/Fall 2015 Preview Picks! Dresses, Knitwear, and Tops!

Hi!  Since the end of the 20% off discount on preview orders ends this Sunday, May 24, I wanted to make sure to get the preview picks up before it expired.  BTW, to use it, put the code 7D4N in the box on the shopping bag page.

I wrote a whole lot about the preview and the billing for the preview here at this blog post.  I still feel strongly that this collection is not my favorite (to say the least), but I have warmed up to a few pieces, so there are a few items here, just not in overabundance like in my past preview picks. 

In that same post, a lot of blog friends commented, too, so read those, as well, since a lot of good thoughts were typed that day.  :-)

Onto the picks! Today will be part one, dresses, knitwear, and tops.  Friday will be the rest of the line.

To see everything, head on over to the Boden Preview site.

Ellie Ponte Dress. Might as well start with something we can wear as soon as it is dispatched, which will be in six weeks.  This is probably the only item from the fall collection that I could see ordering now, dealing with the hassle of the preview ordering process, and being okay with it, because at the end, I would receive a cute dress that could be worn in summer as well as fall and winter with appropriate layering.  That said, it is doubtful I will, but when it is rolled out, I will hope to buy it in the regular season. :-)

Harriet Shift Dress.  I love that at least one dress is so "Boden," and this dress is it.  The fabric reminds me a lot of what Orla Kiely puts out there, so it really is just a cute combo of both, which is okay in my book.  I will definitely be purchasing this one when the rollout on this dress occurs, in eight weeks.  Like the Ellie dress above, this one can easily be worn in summer.

Clementine Jacquard Dress.  I love the pockets, the fabric which is a bit stretchy yet structured, the interesting seam lines on the bodice, and the versatility of where this dress could be worn.  Very cute.  It says this color above is jade and pink, so be aware that this may be one the Boden "display one color and send you one that is distinctly different."  I can see the pink and jade, but something tells me this will be far more vibrant in real life.

Sixties Jacquard Tunic Dress. Though my hips can't go anywhere near a dress like this, I do have a friend that is OBSESSED with houndstooth fabric, and I could see her going nuts for this one, so I have to make sure she orders this one when the time is right.  This is NOT an item that can be worn when it comes out, unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere in your winter, as this item is a long sleeved, fully lined, cotton/poly blend fabric dress.  Ugh at wearing this in VA in August.

Abigail Tunic Dress.  I distinctly do not like the other colorway of this dress, but this one, in the teal and pink is really appealing to me.  It is a knitted dress, so it is bound to be super comfortable, too.  Length is sort of short in the long--38.5 inches, which on my frame would be at around two inches above my knee.

The Dresses I am not Loving:
Chic Full Skirted Dress.  I really don't like these colors together, though had there been a less ostentatious mixing, I may have found it to be pleasant.  I may be reacting strongly to the bright vivid crayon colors (blue and yellow) mixing with pastels (pinks) and the odd muted jewel tone (burgundy).  I love the shape, though, shame. (It probably has a pencil skirt lining, lol, so I probably am better off!)

Florence Dress.  I actually like this dress as an art piece, it is pretty, but on the model it looks kind of weird.  The other versions of the Florence dress are darn cute, but I can't warm up to this one.  I wonder if I would like it more as a top.

Victoria Dress.  Boden chose the wrong line for this dress, it should be in with Johnnie b.  I know that this silhouette is very difficult to wear if you are a woman with any hint of boob, and looks best on frames that are much smaller up top (the way the dress is meant to lay on the body--a bit drapey--can't happen with more of an ample bosom).  (This reminds me of why straight silhouette dresses should go nowhere near my frame as the big old bottom I have messes those lines up.)  Anyhow, I say this because on a teen, this would be darling, but I see a lot of women getting frustrated after receiving this in the mail and wondering why the dress isn't working for them.  Since I have no boobs, but a big butt, this dress would probably work on my frame, but I'll wait for a big sale since $95 is a lot to spend on a somewhat shapeless all viscose dress.

Low Tide Sweater.  This is so darling, and not really that in your face about its quirkiness, so really a nice mix of old Boden and "new."  The boat detail is embroidered, which is a nice touch.  It's all merino wool and a fairly good price, too.

Heritage Check Coatigan.  I will be ordering this.  I love it!  In a field of very boring knitwear this year, this is a real standout.  It will need to be styled well, but I hope to figure out the best way to wear it this fall and winter.

London Cashmere Sweater.  I could see this either being loved or loathed.  I love it, but I like critters and the like, but I won't be getting this since I already have more than enough "Britannia" items from Boden over the years.  It is a bit expensive, since it is all cashmere, but if you don't own much to show your Anglophilia, then I suggest this as a fun option.  ;-)

Helena Cape. Not sure why this is in knitwear, as it appears to be a woven wool fabric, but whatever.  Basically it appears they took a large swath of wool fabric, cut it precisely, edged it to prevent fraying and called it a day.  However, for the relative simplicity of the design, it does look awesome on the model, and I could see a lot of very stylish women wearing this well.

*It's hard to get mad at Boden for knitwear being boring, since their knitwear swings between the over the top with massive critters and very subtle with plain pieces that mix well with the other pieces in their collection (great for pairing with their very loud printed skirts, for instance).  I think it is the actual colors that are bothering me this season.  Outside of a very vibrant blue and a bright orange red, the rest of the line is very blah, pale lavenders, odd beiges, and some of those mid-tone colors that can be hard for most people to wear.

Hotchpotch Square Tee.  This one is cute!  The hotchpotch is done more thoughtfully than it has been in the past, so it works on women who are not necessarily into wearing "fun" items, but still has enough interest in it for those that do enjoy "fun" items.  :-)  I won't be grabbing this one as I think I can make a version for myself here (it is a very simple design), but I do appreciate this version since it is giving me ideas to try it on my own!

Square Tee.  I think this would be awesome on that chic full skirted dress!  Why couldn't they have used this fabric on that one?  Anyhow, I find all versions of this top very pretty, and though not crazy unique, they are items that I can't see other retailers carrying, which is why I go to Boden in the first place!  It looks really pretty on the "I look like Jenna Lyons Madewell" model.  (Glad to see her over at Boden where they style her up versus making her look like a depressed hipster.)

Printed Sweatshirt.  Okay, I am big fat liar LIAR.  I want this one!  It has York on it, which is my very most favorite city in all of England!  If it had Grantham, I would probably want two.  (Don't laugh, my British blog friends, but I lived in Grantham for a half-year in college, and I LOVED it!)

Ponte Sequin Top.  This is a very unusual design, and I wasn't sure it was working for me, but the more I look at it, the more I love it.  Maybe not for me, ever, but I want to see it on others.  :-)

Not Loving These Tops:
Felicity Top.  Well the colors make me sad, I feel like I am looking at the sartorial version of a "before" depression ad, but beyond that, the close-up shots make me cringe from a seamstress's perspective.  The stitching is very obvious, it may be that they chose a heavier thread and needle than needed on such a thin material (polyester, hey!).  The stitching is straight, but a bit puckered.  That drives me crazy!  I know that they can do better.  Probably cheaper to not worry about such a detail, but on a plain shirt in solid colors, you have to be careful with how you sew things up. The neckline is also puckering a bit, along with the hem.  The neckline would have been better with a proper facing, and the hem would lay better with a thicker, turned up hem versus a thin version.

Lace Sweatshirt.  It's not that it's not pretty, it's just that we all own this already, amiright?  I have a lace sweatshirt or two already, along with a few lace tees.  It is so ubiquitous.  But I guess on the off chance you don't have one or don't want to buy one for cheap on ebay (they're everywhere), this is fine.  The lace itself is quite lovely, but beyond already having and seeing lace sweatshirts everywhere, the colors are super blah, too.

Okay, that's all for now!  My Mom is in town, so I am off and on these next couple of days, but should be able to pump out the last part of the Preview Picks on Friday. 

What are you all thinking of the Dresses, Knitwear, and Tops?