Friday, May 22, 2015

Boden: 30% Off! Memorial Day Weekend Only!

Heehee, the original image had way more writing.  Add words to the text box as you see fit.  I will add this, "...but only on items not already discounted."  ;-)

Okay, so after a L-O-N-G dry spell with no coupons, Boden's affiliate program brought out some discount banners for this long weekend.  It's a decent one, too, with 30% off everything (so long as it isn't already discounted).  You have to use the code 3M3M to receive the savings, though, so don't forget the code.

Here is the official word on the code from Boden (directly copied from them, word for word):

This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other Boden, Mini Boden, Johnnie b or internet offer.
The ‘30% off plus free shipping and free returns when you spend over $49' offer is valid until 23.59 PST on May 25, 2015, is not for resale or publication, and can be used once only. Previous purchases are not eligible for this offer. This offer applies only to personal orders. Orders that are considered to be commercial may be excluded from the offer. Free shipping and returns apply to your first order, only within the USA and only to orders where the total spend after discounts is greater than or equal to $49. Free shipping applies to standard shipping. If an item is returned that brings the total spend below the qualifying level, the offer value may be deducted from any refund. Boden gift cards, Preview, Men's Cheaney Shoes, Sale and Clearance items are excluded from this offer.

Blackberry Dress
Jacquard Tunic Dress
So what did I decide on to try?  I love my summer dresses, and I wear them a ton, so I decided to try both the Blackberry Dress in a 6 Long and the Jacquard Tunic Dress in an 8 Long.  I would have probably preferred the Jacquard Tunic Dress in a 6 Long, but the pink version was sold out in that size, and I figure that kind of dress is a substitute/church kind of dress anyhow, so a little less fitted will likely be fine.  If not, I know I can return!

I have published a few Boden Weekly Review Roundups over the last few months (not as many as I used to, but I still try to get them out!), and you can find all of them here

Florence Skirt
Selina Sunglasses
Mariella Tee
I have worn these three items above recently, but have not had a chance to formally review them.  My hope is to get them in a special sale roundup this weekend.

The Florence Skirt was in one my latest Instagram shots.  I wore it to a meeting on a very hot and humid day.  It is a puffy full skirt, and I made sure to grab the smallest size I could wear, which is a 6 Long.  If I had sized to an 8 or 10, the fullness would have been ridiculous.  The 4 Long would have fit at the waist and the puffiness would have been less noticeable, but I couldn't pull it over my hips when putting it on, so I opted for the 6 L instead.

The Selina Sunglasses I have worn once (and will likely wear them again today).  Normally Boden sunglasses are so big on my face, they must fit for a wider face, but these fit pretty well, so I am going to keep them.  I chose to purchase the nude shade and it is a great neutral, dark enough to contrast with my skin tone, but not so dark as to be too stark, either.

The Mariella Tee actually has a mini review here at this blog post, but when I publish the next BWRR, I will make sure to include more photos and information on it.

That's it from me!  Are you going to enjoy some (sale) shopping this weekend?

Remember, use the code 3M3M to receive the discount!