Thursday, May 7, 2015

Boden: Diminishing Discount Sale Ends Tonight! And a Quickie Mariella Review!

Hi, all.  I promised you a reminder on Thursday, and while knee deep in pants sewing for Rex (but, it's all good--they look great), I remembered I forgot the post this morning! 

So in order to kind of make up for it, I decided to do a very very brief review of the Mariella tee.  I was pleased that at least one item from my preview order didn't fall apart, especially since I really ended up liking this one a lot.

I chose the size 6 and I am so glad I did.  Though it is a linen knit, it starts off a bit snug, so I was glad that I chose a size up from what I thought I would need.  By the end of the day, the top was looser, owing to the linen knit, but it wasn't overly stretched out or anything.

The length might be short for some of you ladies, but I liked where it hit on me, right around high/mid hip.  The v-neck is continued in the back, and is not immodest, at all.

The colors are pretty true to what you see on your monitor (if you see what I see, anyhow).

Mariella Tee.  Running low in stock in this color and the other striped colors. 

All the info on this diminishing discount can be found at this post from Monday.  :-)  Hope you all have a great night.