Monday, May 4, 2015

Boden: Diminishing Discount Time!

Hey, all! 

After weeks of seeing nothing good, coupon wise, at the affiliate program's directory, I finally spied something over the weekend, this Diminishing Discount Sale!  For anyone who has been buying from Boden for a while, you're probably familiar with the concept, but for those of you relatively new to the sale, Boden offers a certain percentage off your order (in this case 25%) for a few days, then reduces the amount off by a bit (this time down to 15% off), and the finally reduces it fully to a small amount (10% off).

This is what I usually recommend with this kind of sale, go after the items you want but are pretty popular, as they may not make it to a deeper discount, at all.  (As we have seen often, sometimes clearance prices are higher than what they would have sold for in the regular season with a good discount.)

Since this is a decent sale, I may even pick up an item or two that I have been waiting for a good discount to buy.  :-)

I am sewing my son's entire First Holy Communion suit and possibly two dresses this week (Mommy and Daughter), so I don't know what kind of internet presence I will have, but I am finding that even when crunched for time, I am able to get on Instagram or my blog's facebook page.  I will make sure to remind you when the 25% off ends, though, so expect to hear from me on Thursday!

Boden Weekly Review Roundups Link.  If you need help deciding, it is possible one of my blog friends or I have reviewed an item you are interested in at one of the weekly review roundups.

Happy (sale) shopping!